Killer Advice (2021 Lifetime)

Killer Advice (2021 Lifetime)

Cast:  Kate WatsonMeredith ThomasSteve Richard HarrisEric RobertsGigi GustinGina Hiraizumi

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Beth (Kate Watson) suffers a traumatic attack, her family and friends suggest she see a therapist to help her cope. However, her new therapist gives her more than she bargained for. Also stars Meredith Thomas, Steve Richard Harris, Eric Roberts, and Gigi Gustin. (2021)


LA gal, Beth, works late and barely has time for her family and friends. She leaves work and is attacked by a masked assailant. They steal her phone and bang on the car windows while Beth is locked inside. Her co-worker Simone rushes to her rescue and scares the attacker off. (The masked figure steals Beth’s phone.) Beth talks to the police and starts to have nightmares about the attack. 

Beth doesn’t want her daughter to know about the attack and asks her husband, Nick, not to tell. While at work, Beth continues to have PTSD flashes to the attack. She even gets an escort to her car for safety She is struggling. Simone suggests that she talk to a therapist. 

When she gets home, Beth thinks she sees the masked figure in the house. She freaks out, and her husband and daughter ask Beth to talk to someone. 

At therapy, Beth meets Marsha, not the therapist that Simone recommended. They talk about the attack, and Beth agrees to twice a week sessions. Beth goes home and double-checks her credentials, just in case. Everything checks out. (Except for the fact that Marsha killed the real therapist…)

Eric Roberts is Nick’s boss. They work in the business! Marsha shows up and poses as a client, and arranges a dinner meeting with Nick. At his house! Nick asks his wife to prepare dinner for the meeting. (What is this Bewitched?)

In her next session with Marsha, Beth opens up about her daughter getting in a drunk driving accident. On her way out, Beth mentions the dinner she is making, Salmon and Risotto. A patient waits in the lobby and demands to see the therapist. Beth is concerned, but Marsha assures her everything is fine. When Beth leaves, Marsha threatens to give Jacob’s file to the police. Then she stabs him in the neck with a pen and kills him.

At Dinner, Beth is shocked to see Marsha at the door. Marsha explains away the awkwardness. Something about inheriting her father’s business. Simone is over helping cook dinner and is not impressed with Marsha’s unethical behavior. Marsha overhears the conversation, and Simone better watch out!

Beth tells Nick about the awkward situation, and he offers to drop Marsha as a client. Beth assures him they can keep a professional relationship, and there shouldn’t be a conflict of interest. Nick disagrees and offers Marsha to Eric Roberts, who laughs in his face. 

Marsha calls Beth and sets up an unofficial coffee date. Beth doesn’t see anything strange about this and meets in the park. Marsha pushes for a group therapy session with Beth and her daughter Jess. Beth draws the line, and flat out says no. (Good for her!)

Jess leaves school and literally trips over Marsha, who is lying on the sidewalk. Marsha asks Jess for some coffee. (This woman loves her java!) They go to a coffee shop, and Marsha breaks the code of conduct, bringing up confidential things Beth shared in therapy. Jess starts to think her mother hates her and will never forgive her for getting a DUI. To add insult to injury, Jess comes home, and her mother gives her a rejection letter from a college.

After getting major intel from Beth about Simone, Marsha has all she needs to take her out. Simone takes naps in her car during work, and Marsha takes the opportunity to drop into the office and tamper with a presentation from Beth’s computer. 

In the presentation, one slide reads “I Quit.” Beth is horrified and blames Simone. Simone is rattled and calls her therapist. She is murdered at her appointment by Marsha. The body is moved to the parking garage and left for Beth to find, further adding to her trauma.

Beth goes back into therapy with Marsha and tells her that she wants to mourn in peace and vents about Nick. He is next on Marsha’s hit list. Marsha visits Nick at his offer and, instead of killing him, butts herself into his relationship. Nick takes her advice and tries to talk to Beth, which only pushes her away more.

The detectives come to Beth’s house and tell her that they caught the attacker. The attacker admits to assaulting Beth, but was out of town during Simone’s murder. They begin to suspect Beth of murdering her friend. 

Beth goes back to therapy and catches Marsha in a lie. She is putting it together that Marsha might not be helping her. She isn’t; Marsha mixes Beth’s DNA from a coffee cup with the murder weapon used to kill Simone. (That is some CSI shit right there.)

Marsha then stages an intervention with Beth’s family. Beth tries to explain her side of things, but Nick kicks her out of the house. (WTF! This is terrible.)

Beth buys Marsha’s book and notices the picture on the back of is not Marsha. Then she finds a news article online about a missing therapist. Beth gets in her call and calls the police and then her daughter to warn her about Marsha. Nick also gets a call from Eric Roberts, who informs him that Marth’s story about her father doesn’t check out either.

Marsha hits Nick in the head with a skillet and then chases Jess around the house with a butcher knife. Jess makes a run for it but slips on the tile floor. Just as Marsha is about to stab Jess, Beth arrives and knocks her over the head with a wine bottle.

Marsha comes to and goes through all her mental diagnosis. She killed her therapist because she didn’t like her. The two women struggle on the ground. Jess, who was knocked out, wakes up and strangles Marsha with a dishtowel. The police arrive, and Nick is taken to the hospital. Marsha gets away.

One month later, Jess and Beth eat ice cream on Wednesday. (And wear pink…) Jess gets into Price University. Marsha is in therapy with a new therapist. I’m sure that won’t go well.

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Minority Report: Simone, Detective, Jacob,  

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  1. I hate these movies when the people get away at the end. Here’s a question, they know she was the bad person and killed people so why was she not cuffed to the gurney? Also, when are they ever going to make a movie where the wife or husband, in this case the wife, ends up divorcing the husband because the husband didn’t believe her and turned against her? “I’m sorry, I should’ve believed you” IS NOT ENOUGH!

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