The Single Mom Conspiracy (2021 Lifetime)

The Single Mom Conspiracy (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Allison McAteeSamantha CopeRicco FajardoAubrey StevensAndrew Spach

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Recently divorced single mom, Grace, is struggling to manage her new home and restaurant venture, plus raise her teenage daughter, Charlie. She’s also navigating a new romance with her much-younger employee Alex and a difficult relationship with her estranged, alcoholic husband. Feeling increasingly overwhelmed, Grace agrees to let a woman named Lilith move into her guest house so she can get extra help organizing the house and restaurant. But as things start to unravel in both Grace’s personal and professional life, she begins to question if Lilith is there to help or hurt her. (2021)


A blonde woman in an oversized men’s button-up screams for her life. She is stuck in the neck with a needle by a female masked assailant. Then she is thrown in the pool to drown.

Cut to Grace, who is gabbing with her girlfriends, Kristen and Jaclyn at the new beachfront restaurant that she recently was awarded in a divorce settlement with her alcoholic husband, James. Grace is having a tryst with a younger bartender named Alex. (They are super horny for one another. Much to the disgust of a woman watching them from her car.)

Grace enjoys some wine and cheese while her daughter, Charlie, is away at a sleepover. Grace drinks red wine in the sauna. (Which I would NOT recommend. Stick with a crisp white.) When Grace goes for a wine refill, she runs into a massed assailant and runs out of the house screaming in her bathing suit. 

Rattled, Grace listens to her friend’s suggestion to get a roommate for safety. She interviews potential roommates while she is at work but doesn’t find any winners. That changes when she hears a woman order a “Dirty martini, ice-cold like my heart.” The woman’s name is Lilith, and she immediately starts doing shady things like going through Grace’s purse, taking photos of her driver’s license, and stealing perfume from Grace’s bedroom when they tour the house. Lilith loves the place and wants to move in right away. She is also so bold as to haggle the rent down. (Who does this woman think she is!?)

While helping Lilith unpack, Charlie has an asthma attack. Lilith rushes to find her inhaler but acts like she can’t find it. Grace rushes to save her daughter, and Charlie is ungrateful for the rescue.

Lilith comes out to Grace and opens up about her previous relationship. Then she watches Grace and her hunky man make out in the kitchen.. Lilith isn’t alone. Kristin also watches from the yard while drinking wine angrily. The next day, Kristen calls Grace to tell her that she doesn’t like a renter being in the neighborhood. It “devalues” the neighborhood. Lilith and Kristin argue the next day. Kristin tells the homeowners association, and Lillith must vacate.

James shows up at the restaurant and creeps Grace out. Lilith calls the cops secretly and escalates things to a ridiculous level. Lilith helps with rebranding the restaurant and is a professional organizer. She gains access to Grace’s laptop and inserts herself into Grace’s life. Grace is very thankful. 

Lilith frames Charle for stealing some bottles of wine from the restaurant. Then she kills Kristin with a hammer. The force of the swing is so strong Kristin does a triple axel into the bathtub and dies. 

Detectives show up to question Grace about the murder. Lilith rolls up with a gun behind her back like she is going to murder the detectives. Then she roofies Grace’s wine at dinner, and she gets sloppy. (There is so much wine in this movie, it was bound to happen at some point.) Alex notices and lays out by the pool with Grace to help sober her up.

I’m not really sure what is going on, but James and Alex get into a fight.

While on a walk, Jaclyn and Grace talked about Lilith and realized that they hadn’t checked her references. Jaclyn calls the references and learns that Lilith isn’t who she says she is. Jaclyn tries to warn Grace, but she is murdered too. (Correction, she survives.)

Grace talks to Lilith about her past and finds out that Lilith grew up in foster care and her foster parents died in a car crash. Lilith ran off with her foster brother, but he broke her heart and her trust in men. Causing her to become a lesbian. (Which is problematic.) Then Grace and Lilith kiss.

It’s is Grace’s birthday, and Charlie is throwing her mom a surprise party. Lilith holds Charlie at gunpoint and forces her to call James and invite him. Then Charlie is locked in the sauna with the heat turned up. Lilith blows her a kiss goodbye. James is next to be thrown into the sauna. Lilith records a video of them and sends it to Grace.

Grace and Alex rush home, the surprise party is totally ruined. When they get there, Lilith tells Grace that Alex is her FOSTER BROTHER. He has been in on it the whole time.

Everybody fights. (These fight sequences are brutal. Props to the fight choreographer.) James calls 911 while Grace rushes to find an inhaler for her daughter locked in the sauna. Charlie is saved, and the family is safe. Detectives arrive on the scene but do not find the messed up siblings. 

James and Grace are friends again because he is six months sober.

Alex and Jaclyn set their sights on a new rich woman to take advantage of next. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Jaclyn, Dr. Todd, Detective, 

The fake lesbian thing pissed me off.

Also Known as An Organized Killer

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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