Desperate Widows (2021 Lifetime)

Desperate Widows (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Allison McAteeJustine EyreKate BondOlivia Stuck

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Tragedy can be a burden, and a woman who recently became a widow takes what’s left of her family to a commune-for-moms in hopes of a fresh start. Eventually, the mother-daughter duo find that much more is going on there than what meets the eye.


Two women are tied up and duct-taped in the back of a van. They are chloroformed and carried into the woods.

Flash to a funeral. Paige (The mother) and Allie (the angsty daughter) do not get along, and things have gotten worse since Allie’s father died. (Heart attack. Allie found the body.) Allie is acting out by hooking up with guys with GUYLINER. Paige wants to relocate her family.

Her therapist, Dylan, is against the move but recommends a grief support group in the town she is moving to. Paige isn’t very interested and wants to focus on finishing her thriller novel she is working on. 

In the rental home, Allie continues to be the worst. Paige decides to go to the support group and meets someone named Willow. (When you meet someone named Willow, you can be sure… they are probably in a cult.) Willow gives Paige a number for a woman named Dianne. Dianne invites Paige and her daughter to move onto a farm full of women. (She jokes that it is a “Mommune” Mom/Commune.)

Paige and Allie pull up to the farm. Allie mentions that it looks more like a prison than a farm. (If it looks like a prison. It probably is.) Dianne welcomes the mother and daughter. She has her assistant, Kianna, take Paige’s car keys to “park her car” and then shows them to their separate rooms. There is a teen dorm and a mom dorm. All the women on the farm are doing chores. There is a hunky handyman on the farm, so that is a reason to stay! That is good because Paige and Allie are not allowed to leave the premises for three months.

Paige has second thoughts and wants out. Tessa, a woman who has been there for six months, warns Paige not to cross Dianne. Paige doesn’t listen and tries to escape via a fence that might be electrical. Paige doesn’t get the chance to find out because the Hunky Handyman tackles her. Then he goes and polishes a gun. Paige catches him, and he tells her that Dianne is strapped for cash. He also tells her he pretends to be non-verbal while he tries to find his wife and daughter. They left him for the commune a few months ago. No one else knows he talks.

Allie gets in trouble for not working hard enough and is sent to room number 7. Dianne tells Allie that she is selfish and locks her in solitary. She isn’t alone for long because her new lockpicking friend, Samantha, breaks in and checks on her.

Hunky Handy sneaks Paige out of the commune when he leaves for the day. Instead of going to the police, Paige finds Willow and questions her. Willow admits to getting paid by Dianne to recruit single women who were recently divorced or widowed. Dianne then sells women into human trafficking. Paige contemplates going to the FBI. Instead, they go back to the commune and hack into Dianne’s computer and makeout when Dianne almost catches them. (Ummm, this movie. What is happening.)

Tessa has been working with Dianne and Kianna as a spy. She warns them that Paige is asking questions about the Hunky Handy Man’s wife and kids. 

With 30 mins left in the movie, Paige remembers she has a daughter and visits Allie’s room. Paige tells her that she wants to leave. Allie loves the farm, but trusts her mother’s judgment. Paige sneaks out in the middle of the night to meet up with Hunky Handyman and devise a plan. She finds his wife and daughter chained to beds in a remote cabin.

When Paige brings the Hunky Handyman to his wife and daughter, they freak out. He is their abuser. The Hunky Handyman, named Greyson, pistol whips Paige, punches his daughter in the face and carries her away. Leaving Paige and his wife, Elizabeth, behind. 

Paige and Elizabeth ambush Kianna and tie her up to make their escape. Paige takes out Greyson and sends Elizabeth and Melissa running to safety. Greyson attacks Paige, but Tessa stabs him in the back. Tessa and Paige decide to get out of there together and take their daughters with them.

Allie and Samantha break into Dianne’s office to call 911. Dianne catches them and locks them in her van. Paige and Dianne struggle. Paige punches Dianne in the face and chases after the van. The van is stopped by the police and everyone is saved.

Eleven months later, Paige and Tessa move in together and raise their daughters. Paige’s new thriller arrives in the mail it is called The Mommune. (Eyeroll.)

Side Note

Minority Report: Kianna, Willow, 

Also known as “Mommune” (Terrible title.) 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

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