How I Met Your Murderer (2021 Lifetime)

How I Met Your Murder (2021 Lifetime)

Cast:  Rachele Schank, Chris Zylka, Billy Armstrong, Nicole Jia

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Mack Meyer has built a large fanbase discussing true crime on her wildly successful podcast “How I Met Your Murderer.” However she finds herself the center of the story after learning her husband, Henry, was involved in the death of his high school sweetheart, Lily. With the help of her new neighbor, Oliver, Mack links Lily’s death to other murders in the area and fears she may be living with a serial killer. Rachele Schank, Chris Zylka, Billy Armstrong star. (2021)


True Crime Podcaster, Mack, loves the macabre and MURDER. She tells a story on the pod about a Prom Night 15 years ago when a girl died in the pool. Then Mack trolls murderers and invites them to her live show (Not the best idea.)

Cut to present day swim team, which means… men in speedos/shirtless hunk. Mack and her BFF/Producer June decide to write about the prom killing. The Blue Ribbon killer.

Mack’s life isn’t all work. She is trying to get pregnant with her hot husband and having trouble conceiving and is trying invitro. Henry is hot but is also a cheater with anger issues. Mack and Henry get into an argument over him sleeping with a co-worker named Evelyn. 

At a coffee shop, Mack receives an angry email from a listener claiming to be a relative of the pool woman. Mack is so enthralled with the email that she drops a coffee mug. A handsome man hiding behind glasses “She’s All That” style. His name is Oliver, and he seems like a nice guy. (Oh, and he is a cop.) Oliver and Henry went to high school the same year that the pool woman drowned.

While shirtless, Henry asks Mack to stop looking into the Blue Ribbon Killer. (Who favors Brunettes.) Then they have some sexy time. That would have been enough for me to drop it, but Mack can’t help herself. She learns that the pool lady’s name was Lily AND that she dated Henry in high school. 

Oliver and Henry were also friends in high school. Oliver helps Mack after someone throws a football through her window. She asks questions about Henry’s past and learns he was a suspect in the murder. That doesn’t stop her from letting him give her a sponge bath—a sexy one, not an old person one. The bath turns into a nightmare when he drowns her in the tub. Mack wakes up terrified and goes downstairs to ease her mind with some online research. Henry comes downstairs and AGAIN tells her to drop it because the whole thing was a long time ago. (A hooded figure watches them from the window…)

June is horny and into Oliver when they make a home visit with more questions. Then they visit Lily’s sister and learn that Lily was on anti-depressants. Henry cheated on her, and that caused her to kill herself on the night of the prom. 

It is Mack’s birthday, and when she wakes up, Mack is disappointed to find a Post It on her pillow that says “Happy Birthday.” (Worse than the “I can’t, I’m Sorry. Don’t Hate Me Post It.) Henry makes up for it by being shirtless in a party hat with a cupcake in the other room. Later, he throws a birthday party. June and Oliver are not a match. Neither are Mack and Henry. He freaks out on Mack for wearing a pair of his mother’s earrings. It spawns another nasty argument about cheating.

The next night, Henry stays in the city, leaving Mack home alone to do more research on “Younique Space Search.” The night in is cut short when Oliver knocks on the door and invites Mack out for a rooftop wine night (With Tiki torches.) Oliver admits that June is not the love of his life, but it is something that he wants.s He promises not to let anything bad happen to Mack.

Henry isn’t at work. He is doing his own research. He stops at Lily’s sister’s house and tells her not to talk to his wife. Then he goes back to the high school pool. 

Mack is given old love letters from Henry to Lily and an old photo. In the photo, Lily wears the earrings from the birthday dinner party. Mack confronts Henry, and he yells at her some more. He explains that he feels responsible for her death by cheating. He says after Lily’s death, he abandoned his mother and left for college. History repeats itself, and Henry leaves town for a couple of days. Mack continues her sleuthing. 

June lays down some truth before a book signing. She pushes things too far and says that Mack is covering up her problems by having a baby. June and Mack meet and greet. After the event, Mack is attacked by a family member in the alley. Oliver saves her, and in return, Mack sleeps with him. (Seems like a win/win to me.) 

Mack finds the pool ID of the women that have died in Henry’s things. She calls Oliver, and they plan to meet at the school. Henry is home early and admits he lied to Mack. She knocks him out with a blow to the head and runs into Oliver’s arms. He calls the police and uses a lot of jargen. 

While on a boring date, June thinks she sees Troy working as a busboy and chases after him. He was paid to attack Mack by Oliver who is NOT A COP. June rushes to tell her friend.

At the high school, Mack figures it out herself when she sees Oliver dialed 411 instead of 911. Oliver admits to being the killer and chases Mack.

Flash to 15 years ago. Lily and Henry did break up. Then Oliver came in and accidentally killed Lily during an argument. He then has spent the last few weeks framing Henry for the murder. He rolls out Henry who is duct-taped to a chair. Mack frees herself and they struggle over the gun. Oliver is shot and falls into the pool. Mack says “Au Revoir” for an inexplicable reason. (Oh it is the sign-off of her podcast) She is quick to record a podcast episode about The Blue Ribbon Killer. Mack and Henry are back together. He better be in anger management.

The movie ends with a coda. Mack is pregnant and there are two potential fathers.

Side Note

Minority Report: June, Kristen, Jackie, Andie, Doctor

Not, How I Met Your Mother. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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  1. I don’t understand the rating system 4 knives, 2 glasses of wine etc. What is a good/bad rating?

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