The Secrets She Keeps (2021 Lifetime)

The Secrets She Keeps (2021 Lifetime)

Cast:  Zoe Cramond, Emily Miceli, John William Wright

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

It seems like everyone can find a date except for Amara–even her mother Diane has a new boyfriend. Pretending to be 18 instead of 16, Amara uses a dating app to find boyfriend Shane, though Diane disapproves. Soon, Diane and Amara are being stalked and harassed. At first, they’re unsure who it could be, but when Diane digs a little deeper into Shane’s past, she discovers that he’s every mother’s nightmare–and she’ll have to use all her cunning and courage to save her daughter! Zoe Cramond, Emily Miceli, Keller Fornes star. (2021))


The movie begins with a woman tied up in the middle of the woods. She escapes and is shot by a man with a bow and arrow.

Cut to a girl named Amara and her mother, who move into the burbs from the city to open an art gallery.

Amara meets a cute guy named Jake and some mean girls at school who argue about Homecoming themes.

A “teenager” named Shane buys a knife from Amara at a yard sale the family throws to raise money. A fire happens and was set by someone wearing a hoodie. That person follows around the mom, whose name I don’t know yet; she makes friends with a restauranteur named Paul. 

The knock-off Regina George and her knock-off Gretchen Weiners accept Amara into the Homecoming committee. The only problem is, Sam is also a member of the committee and Fake Regina George’s boyfriend. When Jake seems too into Amara, Fake Regina George sets up a dating profile for Amara to catfish her later. 

More strange things happen at the art gallery. (See a robbery at the store. The intruder knocks out the mother.) Paul shows up and offers to take the mom and Amara out to dinner… at his restaurant. Amara is not appreciative and messages her catfish, Shane, on the dating app. (Oh damn, Shane is real and a grown-ass man trying to date a teenager, which is even worse than a catfish.)

Back at school, Fake Regina George gets jealous of how nice Amara is and fires her from the Homecoming committee. 

Shane takes Amara on a date and comes clean about his REAL age. He based his whole dating profile on lies, but Amara isn’t phased; Shane is interested in Amara’s father, a painter. Maybe a little too interested. 

Amara comes home from her date and sees her mom making out with Paul in the backyard. Amara confronts her mother and calls them “horny.” Amara vents to Shane, who asks her to lie to her mother to see her. We meet up at a bar, and we are gifted with a pointless dance montage.

The mom finds Amara’s fake ID and cuts it up in front of her daughter. She hires a private detective who tells her (and Paul) that Shane is dangerous and has been imprisoned for… harming animals. Shane also used to own the building that is not the location for the art gallery. 

Amara continues to talk to Shane, who tries to get Amara to show him her boobs. The mother calls Amara and tries to warn her daughter, but Amara is not listening.

The mother arrives at the art gallery, and all the paintings have been stolen. She blames Shane and tells him to stay away from her daughter. 

Shane does stay away and goes to his partner in crime named Dallas. (The arrow guy from the beginning of the movie.) Dallas yells at Shane for dating teenagers because it is illegal and gross. Shane shoots Dallas off camera because this movie has no budget. 

The mother, DIANE (She is finally named!), is taken to ID Dallas’ body because the police suspect him of being the art thief. They also think that he was involved in the disappearance of a teen named Lacey. (Not Chabert.) When Diane tells Amara, the sassy teen turns things on her mother and blames Paul instead of Shane. (Which makes no sense.)  

Shane tells Diane that there is nothing he can do to keep Amara from him. He drives to school and tells Amara that he loves her to get her into his truck. They go to an ATM and withdraw cash. Then they drink beers on the back of Shane’s truck, and he tells her about their new life. Amara finally freaks out and then passes out because the beer was roofied. Shane calls Diane and asks for ransom.

Amara wakes up in the cabin in the woods where Lacey died. She goes along with Shane’s crazy rambling long enough to throw hot coffee on Shane to getaway. She runs through the woods, and Fake Gretchen Weiners happens to be driving by and picks her up. She is Shane’s sister and brings Amara back to the cabin. 

 The detective shows up and is shot through the heart, and you’re to blame; you give love a bad name! (Sorry, I’m so bored watching this movie.) Diane also shows up and calls the police before going to save her daughter herself. Oh wait, never mind. The police show up and send Diane home.

Diane goes back to the art gallery with her tree boyfriend, Paul. She finds Shane in the studio dumping gasoline on Amara. Paul and Shane get into a fight, but it is Diane who knocks Shane out with a fire extinguisher. They hobble out to safety but Fake Gretchen Weiners jumps out with knife. Amara knocks her out with a vase, naturally.

The art gallery is restored and Amara is going to date Jake now. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Detective, Cop, 

The movie makes me want to give up on dating apps and Lifetime movies. This one was bad. 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷 🍷🍷 (1 glasses of wine required.)

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  1. I watched this movie and it’s a learning experience. Online dating can be fun but it’s also can be very dangerous! Here’s my advice to all you people no matter how old you are be careful on who you’re texting you don’t know who you’re talking to believe me I’ve been down that road before because I to was a victim of dating sites scamming

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