Framed by My Husband (2021 Lifetime)

Framed by My Husband (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Christine Chatelain, Dan Payne, Rebecca Roberts

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When June’s wealthy husband Rick becomes the target of an extortionist who claims he sexually assaulted her, Rick convinces his wife it’s an act of revenge by a spurned suitor, and enlists her help to prevent the accusations from going public. June agrees to help him pay off the extortionist, but when the woman is found dead, June becomes the prime suspect. Christine Chatelain, Dan Payne, Rebecca Roberts star. (2021)


The movie begins with a woman, June, making a money drop. It doesn’t go as planned because the people she is meeting have been murdered. 

Flash to three days earlier. Rick Lowe is working on a book signing, his wife June recuses him from his overzealous fans. June also a less successful writer who is resentful of her husband when he asks her to have a baby and quit her day job.

The next day, Rick and June receive a blackmail letter. A woman claims to have been sexually assaulted by Rick and threatens to go to the police if she does not receive $50,000. Rick has the money from a book advance and asks his wife to make the drop for him because he doesn’t want it to “look bad.” (What a jerk.) June agrees to make the drop!?!?! This is when she finds the dead bodies. She rushes home to tell Rick and burns the evidence instead of going to the police. Rick tells June to trust him and will handle this like one of his novels. 

Detectives are quick to come to their house, and June tries to cover for Rick. The detectives think that June found out Rick had an affair and killed the woman and her husband. Rick goes along with the story and sets June up to take the fall. June is arrested and resists arrest. She wakes up in the hospital with her sister Maggie by her bedside. (Who thinks June is guilty of murder.) 

Rick has already gone to press and speaks out against his wife, ruining her public image. Worried about her sister, June breaks out of her handcuffs with a paper clip and sneaks out of the hospital in a nurse’s uniform. She follows Rick in a ballcap and black coat, Seeing him meet with her sister, Maggie. Then she sees him meeting up with a woman he met on a dating app. He gets rough with the woman and rapes her while June is snooping around?!!? (This is too messed up.) 

THANKFULLY, June helps the woman who was attacked. Then June fakes her own death. She recruits a woman online to meet up with Rick to get evidence of him being a sexual abuser. He wears a terrible wig when meeting these women. Like, he looks like a member of an Oasis cover band. The woman fights for her life and runs out of the motel room. I’m not sure what the plan was here, but I think June failed. 

Well, apparently, she didn’t because articles come out about Rick’s sketchy past with female fans. Rick meets up with Maggie again, and while she is in the bathroom, he sees texts (That are hard to read, come on filming a phone is not cool anymore. Pop up that text!) coming in from June. Rick knows!

June meets up with Rick in a blonde wig posing as an app date. Rick knows it is her and brings a knife. He knocks out June and tasers Maggie.

The sisters wake up in the trunk of a car, and June convinces Maggie that she has everything under control. Rick drags them out of the car and promises to kill them. He slashes June wrist to make it look like a suicide. The sisters fight back with pepper spray then she begs her sister to kill Rick.

June kicks Rick into the way of the car that Maggie is backing up, and they are safe. They cry in one another’s arms. 

June gets a book deal with Rick’s publishing company and she promises to donate the proceeds to help Rick’s victims. Cheers to that, I guess!

Side Note

Minority Report: Detective Channing and Deangelo, Ava, Reporter, 

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