Labor of Lies (2021 Lifetime)

Labor of Lies (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Gina Vitori, Jenna Michno, Jonathan Stoddard

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

First time expectant mother Lara meets a “bump buddy” online. But the other pregnant woman, Jamie, hides a devastating secret that brings dangerous characters into Lara’s life. After the birth, Lara’s baby is stolen, and she must fight to get her baby back from the baby stealer. Gina Vitori, Jenna Michno, Jonathan Stoddard. (2021)


The movie begins in the NICU. A pregnant woman, Jamie, rubs her belly and watches the babies cry. She obviously steals a baby; oh wait, it is just a daydream. Jamie is casing the joint. A nurse catches the woman and kicks her out. She is working for some rich fat cat who wants to buy her baby from her for $350,000. 

Cut to a club where another pregnant woman, Lara, watches on enviously while her friends drink. (They practically take shots off her belly.) Then she comes home to make dinner for her busy husband, Sam. Lara feels alone in her pregnancy and joins a website called “Bump Buddies.” She is matched with Jamie, and they talk on video chat.

The new friends meet up for prenatal yoga. Cue a silly yoga montage. (It seemed like the start of a sitcom.) Jamie is shunned from the group because she is a single mother, which goes against Laura’s story the night before. Laura brushes it off. A stranger asks Lara if she is Jamie’s sister. He is mysterious and handsome.

Jamie quickly rents a house with cash in Lara’s neighborhood. The handsome stranger watches from his car. Lara comes over and brings w housewarming gift. The handsome man confronts Lara, he works for the fat cat, and tells her that she can’t change the deal. They want her baby and her baby only. Jamie offers him $10,000 for his cooperation. 

Jamie cooks a romantic meal for Sam and Lara. So she can drug Sam. Her plan doesn’t work out because Sam dips out on the dinner for work with his co-worker, Jake.

At the baby shower, Jamie is overly helpful and inserts herself into Lara’s family. When Lara faints, Jamie accompanies them to the hospital and takes pictures of the sonogram. She also makes teas and potions for Lara to drink. Christine, Lara’s dula, is suspicious of Jamie and invites herself over for a check-up. 

Christine starts asking Jamie questions, and it becomes too much. Christine sees a fake baby bump, but it is too late; Jamie grabs a knife from a knife block and kills Christine. (THIS is why I don’t keep a knife block in my home.)

Jamie orchestrates getting stranded in the desert to force Lara to go into labor. Lara flags down a van and is like, “Hell no!” Once they are home, Lara asks Jamie to leave until she goes into labor. Jamie is ready to get that baby out and steal it. The baby turns out to be the wrong sex, but Jamie steals baby Emma anyways. Sam catches her before she leaves and saves the baby. Sam and Lara realize that Jamie isn’t as helpful as it seems.

The handsome stranger knows that Jamie is faking her pregnancy now and wants half of her money. He will help her get the baby and keep her secret. They break into Lara and Sam’s house and take the baby while they are sleeping. They have trouble getting the car seat in the car, which is the most real thing to ever happen in a Lifetime movie. They leave a ransom note, and the new parents freak out appropriately.

While Jamie is packing up the baby to pick up her husband, who has been out of town the whole movie, she realizes she left a swab of something at the rental home. She rushes to get it and is confronted by Lara. Jamie gaslights Lara and says she had her baby too. Lara searches the home for her baby, but the baby is hidden in a closet. 

Sam and the mystery man fight outside, and Sam is stabbed. He screams like someone would if they were being stabbed, and Lara runs out to help him. This gives Jamie and the handsome stranger a chance to getaway. Jamie heads to the airport to pick up Tony with her new baby, “Sophie.”

Lara realizes that the house is fake, and she takes a photo of Jamie to one of her party friends, Wendy. Wendy scans the photo and does a quick reverse image search. They learn her name is Susan Ash and she is married to a man named Tony. Wendy gives Lara a weapon from self-defense class and sends her on her way. 

Jamie is settled in her home with her hot husband, Tony. He asks for a DNA test for the baby, and Jamie provides the kit. Tony sees a text from the fat cat. He freaks out on Jamie/Susan, and he calls the police. Jamie stops him by stabbing him too. 

Then Lara shows up, but Jamie quickly knocks her out. She takes the baby to the car and can’t get the damn car seat in properly. This gives Lara time to run outside with her stick and save her baby. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Nurse, Wendy,

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2021 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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