Nobody Will Believe You (2021 Lifetime)

Nobody Will Believe You (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Jenna Rosenow, Emily Topper, Lowrey Brown, John William Wright

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Melanie and her teenage daughter Hannah are ready for a fresh start after a tough year. Hannah, a budding pianist, is eager to fit in at her new school, but the popular kids don’t warm to her and she feels like an outcast. Things start to spiral out of control when someone hacks her phone and leaks her private photos. Despite some counselling from the school, the constant bullying gets tough for Hannah and her mom worries too. When a stranger starts stalking her, it’s all too much. But danger lies much closer than she thought. Jenna Rosenow, Emily Topper, John Wright, Lowrey Brown, Lauren Ledger (2021)


Does the movie begin with a house fire? Cut to a mother and daughter moving into a new home. (As mothers and daughters often do in Lifetime Movies.)

At school, Hannah has trouble making friends. (Probably because she is an actor in her late 20’s pretending to be in high school.) Or because she listens to classical music and becomes BFFs with the school guidance counselor Mr. Williams. The students aren’t the only ones who hate Hannah, a random man in mask chances Hannah around the theatre with a taser after she plays some classical music.

Meanwhile, a popular girl named Amber gets in an argument with her stepdad and sneaks out of the house. The taser person then murders the stepdad, and it is made to look like a suicide. 

Things start looking better for Hannah while popular Amber mourns her stepfather’s death. Hannah makes a goth friend AND gets text messages from a cute boy at school named Tanner. He talks Hannah into sending sexy photos to him via TEXT like it’s 2012.

The movie randomly goes all Bring It On. Hannah goes out for cheerleading against her new friend’s wishes. The emo friend is right, and it is just Amber pulling a mean prank on everyone. (They are going to post tryout fails on their social media.) Do these girls not have a coach to keep them in line? Hannah goes to the counselor Mr. Williams and cries. He listens and offers her a private tutoring job at his home and gives Hannah his personal cellphone number. (Crossing a major line.) 

Since this movie is random as hell, Hannah saves a girl from being murdered by an AC unit falling from the sky. 

Mr. Williams meets with Hannah’s mother, Melanie, and makes sure it is cool for him to have her over to his house. Melanie is less interested in her daughter and more about getting people to her new spa in town! Melanie is quick to drop off Hannah at Mr. William’s house. 

Springing, Mr. Williams has a curious wife who wants to know if Hannah is a cheerleader. (Reliving the past.) There is also an actual daughter who needs piano lessons. Hannah gives the kid some lessons and has a green raincoat that is featured prominently for some reason. 

Hannah is in with the cool kids, Amber and Gretchen, and leaves emo Zoe behind. Well, that is until her sexy photos leak. Tanner event calls Hannah a slut and tells her he is saving himself for a “good girl.” Hannah runs home and cries and looks at old family photos while calling her absentee father. (I thought he was dead, but maybe he isn’t?)

After someone vandalizes her locker with the thoughtful “Easy” in red spray paint, Hannah overhears her music teacher breaking off his affair on the phone. AWKWARD! He skips town abruptly and has been following Hannah around.

Hannah heads over to the Williams family home for more piano lessons and is surprised to find no one home. After adjusting the thermostat, Hannah finds Mrs. Williams murdered in the house. She rushes upstairs and grabs Katie. (Who is sleeping in the middle of the day.) Mr. Williams comes home and has a nervous breakdown. He vows to find his wife’s killer. 

Mr. Williams or now Garrett asks Hannah to help out more around the house and pack up his wife’s things. Cue a packing montage?!?!?!?! Then he gives her his dead wife’s old jewelry, and they makeout in his car. Garrett asks Hannah to keep their new relationship a secret. 

Emo Zoe is hit in the face with a shovel, I guess she is dead.

Hannah realizes that the music teacher and Mrs. Williams were having an affair. It is too late because a detective suspects Hannah of the murder of Mrs. Williams. Hannah is interrogated and arrested by the hot detective while her mother just kind of watches. Thankfully she bails her daughter out, but she almost forgot to because she was too busy thinking about that spa! 

At the said spa, Hannah admits to having a relationship with Garrett. She tells her mother that the music teacher was having an affair with Mrs. Williams and the mother, reluctantly, starts investigating. She follows the music teacher and sits down with him after a jump scare moment. Who knows what they talk about but I gather the scene is to get to Mrs. Williams’s exposition sister. This movie is all over the place. 

The exposition sister shares the back story of Elenor and Garrett. Elenor was also a young student seduced by her teacher, which seems like something the school should fire him over. The exposition sister gives Melanie evidence that should have probably gone to the police a long time ago. 

Hannah and Melanie review all the evidence and piece everything together. Garrett was framing Hannah and killed his wife while wearing the green raincoat. Then he turned up the thermostat to keep the body warm. He was throwing off the time of death. There is lots of Scooby-Doo explaining here. “If it wasn’t for those meddling kids!”

Garrett shows up and sets the house on fire, he tries to kiss Hannah, and it is just the worst. Melanie beats him with a stool. Then the cops come.

Hannah nails her audition and Melanie nails the music teacher. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Jenny, Cop, multiple extras, 

Also Known As: Pretty Little Victim 

This movie was a MESS. Enjoyable but also terrible. 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2021 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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