Keeping Up With the Joneses- The Wrong Letter (2021 Lifetime)

Keeping Up With the Joneses: The Wrong Letter (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Vivica A. Fox, Arie Thompson, Ciarra Carter, Jasmine Aivaliotis, Shellie Sterling, Eric Roberts, Allison McAtee, Meredith Thomas, Jarret Janako, Rib Hillis,

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Robin Jones and her four stepdaughters have just survived several attempts on their lives by a family member who they assumed they could trust. Moving on from the ordeal, they realize that their problems haven’t disappeared: their business empire may still be under attack and their relationships are as complicated as ever. While some of the sisters become entangled with new love interests and others attempt to untangle the romantic webs they are already caught in, the family receives news that their biggest deal was canceled by the city zoning board. Just when it seems like the empire might fall, something worse happens. (2021)


The movie begins with Ms. Vivica A Fox being kidnapped and held for ransom. The video is sent to her stepdaughters for ransom. 

Cut to two weeks earlier; the women are heading into the detective’s offices to go over the murder events in the previous movie— Carlos, the bastard child with the daughter’s father, and the housekeeper killed a PI named Jess. Ms. Vivica A. Detective Murphy questions Fox, or is she questioning him because she is such a badass. She tells him that he is blaming the victims, and she killed Carlos for messing with THE WRONG FAMILY. 

Kayla recaps everything to William, her two-timing fiance, who is curious about Carlos’ inheritance AND if anyone asked questions about him. Which are red flags, if you ask me 

The sisters meet without Ms. Vivica A. Fox and they agree to work together to prevent her from selling Jones Enterprises. The sisters have the majority shares in the company unless Ms. Vivica A. Fox can sway some of the sisters. After the meeting, Tara tells Pam that she doesn’t want to return to boarding school and help run the family business. Pam thinks it is a terrible idea and then has foie gras with Webb. She accuses him of sending threatening family letters and plans to play everything out in the press to ruin his reputation. 

At a party, Tara tries to convince Carrie to let her stay with her. When Carrie declines, Tara runs off as only a teenager can. Carrie receives a mystery drink at the bar from a handsome stranger. His name is Lance, and he works for a small real estate company. He seems VERY interested in Carrie and more in her family’s company. Lance kisses Carrie and makes her fall for him. Too bad he is working with Webb, his father, to get intel on the company. 

Tara hooks up with a girl at DA CLUB, who is just Carlos’s sister in a blonde wig. She drugs Tara and makes a copy of her keys. Damn, Maria is savage because she spends the night and tells Tara that someone must have roofied her at DA CLUB. 

Ms. Vivica A. Fox calls a family meeting, and Pam is prickly towards her. Carrie tells them about the new boy she is dating and asks Kayla if she can bring him as a date to the wedding. That is until she learns Lance is Webb’s son. SHE SLAPS HIS FACE! Lance tells her that he hates his father and has real feelings for her. Carrie gives him another chance, and Ms. Vivica A. Fox overhears the conversation and knows about Lance and Webb.

Someone in a mask breaks into Pam’s house and steals some files while Tara is smoking some weed. Tara is hit over the head with a house plant and can’t stop the intruder. Detectives tell Pam that whoever broke into her house used a key. They also are all acting like it is nighttime when it is obviously daylight. 

Kayla has a miscarriage and is told that she can not have children. William is nowhere to be found. 

Maria is back, and she is a fan of twirling her hair. She is also working with Webb. Maria was the intruder and stole Pam’s files. 

The city cancels the development. When Pam finds out she is stressed… like pit stain stressed. (No one on set noticed?) Pam, Carrie, and Tara go to tell Ms. Vivica A. Fox, but she is missing.

The sisters all get the ransom call from a robot. Then Ms. Vivica A. Fox shows up and cries for help. Pam starts working on getting the money for the ransom. Ms. Vivica A. Fox is unceremoniously returned. She tells them that she didn’t see her captors or hear their voices. She refuses medical attention and the police but accepts a scotch.

Ms. Vivica A. Fox makes a call while drinking her scotch. She was in on it the whole time.

Side Note

Minority Report: Most of the cast features Black or LatinX actors in principal roles. 

Kind of nice to see what happens after the Lifetime movie is over… with an even more wild Lifetime movie.

The sequel was even more boring than the first movie. The third one should be good. Looking forward to seeing an evil Ms. Vivica A. Fox,

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2021 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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