My Husband’s Secret Brother (2021 Lifetime)

My Husband’s Secret Brother (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Joey Lawrence, Matthew Lawrence, Charleston Lawrence, Samantha Cope, Jennifer Taylor

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Jackie, the heiress to her husband’s fortune after his death, finally finds love again with a plastic surgeon, Kevin. As tragedy continues to strike around her, secrets about Kevin and her late husband’s family nefariously come to light, placing Jackie and her daughter in fear for their lives, and casting doubt on who Kevin claims to be. Samantha Cope, Matthew Lawrence, Charleston Lawrence star. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts in a dance recital; Ballerina Jacqueline twirls around while Andrew Lawrence goes on a run and is hit by a car… VERY CASUALLY. (He is also the movie director, so he killed himself off early to focus on other things.) Jacqueline talks to her friend Kat and goes over the exposition. She lost her husband, Jon. (I guess he was the one in the hit and run.) and is raising her daughter Madison alone. Jacqueline is also running a dance studio.

As Jacqueline brushes her hair in her insane vanity (Jon was from a wealthy family), she thinks of her dead husband. Until Joey Lawrence shows up as his replacement, his name is Kevin, and he is moving his stuff into her house. Jacqueline is thrilled; daughter Madison is less so. It doesn’t matter, though, because Joey Lawerence and Jacqueline pour up the wine!

Joey Lawerence is VERY interested in the inheritance and Madison’s irrevocable trust for $150 Million. This is strange because he is a plastic surgeon and clearly doing botox on himself. When Joey Lawerence learns of the prenuptial agreement from the lawyer, he stabs him with a syringe full of potassium, and he sings a little diddy. (Joey Lawerence has a good singing voice! Who knew!)

Madison snoops through Joey Lawrence’s things and finds an email with another woman. She is onto him and tells her mother about his date with someone. Jacqueline/Jackie thanks her daughter and snoops through his laptop again, and finds the same message. Joey Lawrence catches her, but he is in a tank top, so it’s all goooooooood! 

Jackie doesn’t think so. She follows him around all day and sees him with the other woman at the bakery, flower shop, and jewelry store. (Hmmm, could he be proposing?) Kat doesn’t think so and tells Jackie that Joey Lawrence wouldn’t cheat on her and recognizes the woman as a local estate attorney. 

Joey Lawrence (Duh) proposes to Jackie, and she says “yes,” as long as Madison approves. Madison is too busy to notice because she is staying out late and being a teenager. Jackie is pissed and almost grounds her daughter, but Joey Lawrence covers for her. He might be able to help Madison, but he can’t help his business. (Which is struggling. He pays his nurse practitioner in face filers, and THAT is a payment that I would accept!) 

Madison again comes clean and tells her about Joey Lawrence covering for her and being a try-hard. She also admits to going out with a boy, NOT a study group. Jackie isn’t too concerned and asks Madison to help pack up Jon’s things. She finds a picture of Jon with his brother, but the picture is torn.

Kat calls an old friend Maya, a journalist who can help get publicity for the dance studio. Maya is more interested in the hit and run and Jackie’s new engagement to Joey Lawrence. When Joey Lawrence finds out about the interview he isn’t into the idea of someone snooping around in Jon’s past. (He really doesn’t like when Maya’s article comes out and says Jon’s family is cursed. He kills Maya in the bathtub while she listens to records. Then he plays the piano?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!)

Joey Lawrence tells Madison against Jackie’s wishes and it causes a lot of tension. Madison reluctantly approve and demands to get a dog for letting them get married. 

Jackie talks to Maya about the article and Maya has the contact for William, Jon’s brother. Jackie visits him to get closure and William is not interested in talking with her. She leaves him her number in case he changes his mind, which he will. (Like in the next scene.)

William meets with Jackie in the hills, except he doesn’t show up and just hides in the bushes. Joey Lawrence does and is apprently stalking Jackie. William calls Jackie and set up another meeting at a bar with out Joey Lawrence. He shares a letter with Jackie from Jon talking about a third brother. JOEY LAWRENCE! (Or Kevin) He gives Jackie a computer chip from a car or something, the movie is losing me at this point. 

Jackie plays the car video footage and sees her husband being run over. Joey Lawrence was the driver and is the killer. Jackie calls Kat to warn her and tries to locate her daughter. It is too late and Joey Lawrence cloroforms Madison and shoves her in the trunk of his car.

Kat hears someone in the dance studio and walks around very slowly, she finds Joey Lawrence dragging Madison into a supply closet and isn’t phased. She has been in on it the whole time and was working with him. Joey Lawrence has other plans and crushes her heart medicine. Kat isn’t going down like that and shoots him point blank.She will stand to inherit the money because she is Jackie’s buissness partner. (Ummm, okay!?)

The two woman fight in a silly chorographed fight scene set to classical music. (Cause Ballet) Jackie knocks Kat out with a disco ball and has one last altercation with Joey Lawrence, giving him a dose of his own medicine. (A deadly syringe, that should have been the title of this movie.)

William, Jackie, and Madison share some hugs as a family reunion. Then Jackie has a dance recital and wears too much eye make up. THE END!

Side Note

Melissa Joan Hart isn’t a producer, and I find that shocking, TBH. 

Minority Report: Maya, Esmeralda, 

This is the most invested acting I’ve seen from Matthew Lawrence in a long time. He was always my favorite.

Also known as: A Deadly Deed

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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

🔪🔪🔪🔪 ( 4 Knives)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷🍷 (3 glass of wine)

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