Secrets of an Escort (2021 Lifetime)

Secrets of an Escort (2021 Lifetime)

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Cast: Sheena Peña, Jim Klock, Pauline Egan, Autumn Federici, Mike Capozzi

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Having an alter ego becomes a deadly game when a single mother who works at a hotel during the day and as a high-end escort at night discovers her daughter is missing. Unsure who from her various lives would take her child, she takes matters into her own hands to repair all the damage she and her alter ego have caused before it’s too late. Sheena Pe a, Jim Klock, Pauline Egan star. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

 The movie begins on the streets of Hawaii. “Veronica” orders an espresso martini from Vince, the bartender, and meets her john for the night. The following day she does the walk of shame and heads home barefoot. Detective Terri, Connie’s sister, scolds her for being out too late. (if she only knew.) They are interrupted by an irate teen daughter Christine, looking for her an outfit and bracelet-making kit. (The girl is giving me Alicia Silverstone in Clueless vibes here.)

Connie avoids her ex-husband Jason’s calls. She isn’t looking for a relationship, but her co-worker Leo didn’t et the memo and tries to flirt with her. Connie isn’t having and trains the new girl/old sorority sister, Alison. (Who is also going through a breakup.) 

At night, Connie meets up with William. (A regular John.) He offers to take Connie to Paris because he is getting divorced and off the wagon, which seems like a bad thing. Connie, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to notice the red flags.

William calls Connie the next day and asks again about Paris. Connie is annoyed, but she is the one who gave him her REAL cellphone number. (Has the girl never heard of a burner phone?) 

Jason shows up and creates a scene at work. Detective/Sister Terri shows up with her gun prominently displayed and deescalates the situation. That doesn’t help with William, who continues to text “Veronica” incessantly. 

“Veronica” meets up with William again, and he showers her with gifts and promises to pay her by the hour on their Paris trip. Connie shuts him down and tells William that he has a lot to process with his divorce. He kicks her out and apologizes for “bothering” her. 

Alison joins Connie and Detective/Sister Terri for a brunch date. Alison vents about her divorce and wanting to have kids. She seems very thankful to have Connie and Detective/Sister Terri as a friend. (But, I’m not trusting it.)

While out with a John, “Veronica” is caught by her boy Maya, who is an overly curious boss. The John doesn’t get the memo and almost blows Connie’s cover by asking how much it would be to sleep with both of them. Connie hides the money she made in an envelope in her room. 

The next morning, Christine goes missing. Detective/Sister Terri has known the whole time about “Veronica” and the escorting. She asks Connie if it could be William out for revenge.

Connie visits William and shows him her taser. She accuses him of kidnapping her daughter, but he denies everything and tells her to check the security camera. Connie rushes out of William’s house and almost forgets her purse. 

Alison makes Connie some tea and tries to reassure her that everything is going to be fine. Then they decide to do their own detective work without the Detective/Sister Terri. They head to Jason’s house to look for Christine. Jason catches them in his house and doesn’t know where Christine is. Jason goes into a rage and attacks Connie. They struggle in the yard, and things get brutal. Detective/Sister Terri breaks up the fight with a taser and is SUPER mad at Connie for doing her job haphazardly without her.  

Connie literally runs into William and tells him what is going on. He asks her for one more date and promises to help her find her daughter. He is excited to meet the real Connie, not Veronica, and wine/dine her. Connie excuses herself to go to the bathroom and finds a bracelet that Christine made!!!!! Connie confronts William and tells him to drop the act. She demands to know what is going on. 

Before William can speak, he vomits foam, poisoned. Alison comes around the corner and screams at Connie for ruining her plan. Alison is getting revenge for William divorcing her. She knew about “Veronica” and kidnapped Christine to get back at Connie. 

Alison chases Connie around with a golf club, of all things. The police break it up and drag Alison away. Christine is saved!!! Mother and daughter embrace. Connie leaves Veronica and her escort life behind. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Connie, Maya, Detective, Danny, Maid,

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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

🔪 (1 Knife)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine.)

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  1. This movie was terrible. The only redeemable part was her cry on command, well done. The rest…

    The plot was a nightmare. Happy, cheerful, positive Connie out of a recent… abusive relationship? Not the least bit believable. Her ex left her in debt, supposedly, yet she lives in a large single family home that she just moved into, not financed by her escort lifestyle because she keeps that in cash envelopes in a drawer, but by her waitressing job? And the ex, who she left because he was “dangerous”… the daughter has sweet letters and pictures from him she’s hiding from her mother. So he only abused the mother, and the daughter never knew because she’s clearly not afraid of him?

    The cherry on top of this trainwreck was the obligatory police sequence/magic timing happened not once, but twice in this film. Throw this woman off a building because she Won’t Die.

    Acting 1/5 Story line 0/5 Lifetimeness 5/5

  2. Contrary to the above commenter, I thoroughly enjoyed this flick! My girlfriends and I sat down with popcorn and wine and had absolute ball trying to figure out the plots twists and turns of “who done it”. The scenery was lush and lovely to watch. But I have to say the start of the show was, well, the star of the show! The lead actress who played Connie absolutely knocked it out of the park. She brought the DRAMA and the TEARS to all the intense scenes (and boy are there plenty!) and looked stunning doing so! I wish I could look red carpet ready when I cried!! I hope to see her in more film, and I have this feeling that we all will! Now go pour a glass of wine and enjoy this Lifetime movie! You know you want to.

  3. I agree with Scarlett—this movie is pure enjoyment from start to finish! In fact, it’s exactly what I want: scenery to sink into. Dewy, nostalgic lighting. High drama spiced with LEGIT fight scenes (that bottle!!! across the face!!!) AND a lead actress who makes a genuine emotional connection with her audience.

    I’m gonna go watch it again.

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