Open By Christmas (2021 Hallmark)

Open By Christmas (2021 Hallmark)

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Cast: Erica Durance, Brennan Elliott, Alison Sweeney, Patrick Rinehart, Jarrod Evanyshyn

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

When Nicky finds an unopened Christmas card from a high school secret admirer, she and her best friend Simone search to find and thank the anonymous author.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Decidedly single, Nicky is a business consultant who is celebrating another successful presentation. She may work hard, but Nicky loves her family and is very close to her best friend Simon, who has a handsome fiance, Jeremy, and pre-teen son, Anthony. 

When Nicky arrives home for Thanksgiving, her parents trepidatiously tell her they want to sell the house and downsize. Nicky supports them wholeheartedly, which is a nice change! They ask Nicky to stay and help pack because they’ve already been working with a hunk realtor, Derrick.

While packing up her old room, Nicky finds a high school love letter from an anonymous person that she has never seen before. Nicky is touched and even cries; she wishes to have found that back then because she was a social outcast. (She sang in a presentation and was ridiculed by her classmates.) 

Nicky visits the flower shop and shows her friend the letter. Simone tries to assure Nicky that everyone felt awkward in high school, and she was and always has been loved. They decide to play detective and find out who wrote the letter. Then they drink wine and talk about Simone’s ex-husband/Anthony’s father. They also talk about how her son is adjusting to his new stepdad. Which is pretty well; Jeremy and Anthony are secretly buying a new house for Simone for Christmas. (Can I get that gift?)

Derrick unexpectedly stops by Nicky’s parent’s house to prepare for a last-minute showing. She recognizes him but can’t place him. Derrick is awkward around Nicky, so he probably wrote the love letter. When Nicky overhears him talking about Simone’s new hows, she begs him to see it.

Nicky and Simone search for the mystery man and focus on local artist Reggie. He didn’t write the note. Then Nicky’s parents do some sleuthing a determine the author must be left-handed by the way he crosses his T’s. 

Finally, something Christmasy happens; Nicky and Derrick look at Christmas decorations and talk about his divorce… so halfway, Christmasy! 

At a holiday party, Nicky continues her search and shows some guys there the letter. They tell her that they aren’t surprised someone wrote her a love letter because she always lifted others up in high school.

After the party, Nicky goes out for margaritas and pozole with Derrick and exchanges embarrassing high school stories. 

Simone’s mother-in-law comes to town and clashes with her daughter-in-law. Simone takes everything very personally and vents to Nicky. She tells Nicky that Anthony and Jeremy have been leaving her alone during the holidays. Nicky tries to reason with Simone, but they end up getting into an argument. 

The friends quickly makeup and show Simone’s mother-in-law. She recognizes the penmanship; it is Jeremy’s handwriting. They ask Jeremy about the note, and he admits to writing it on behalf of someone else, but he won’t tell them who because he promised. The whole ordeal brings Simone and Jeremy’s mother together more. 

It is the night of the big reveal of Simone’s new house. Nicky and Derrick help him by cooking a meal together. Jeremy rushes around and apologizes for not being able to tell her who wrote the love note. Nicky shares the story with Derrick, and he is shocked to hear that she just found the letter and is giving up searching for the writer.

Simone is confused when Jeremy takes her to the house and shows her a surprise party. He tells her that he was dreamed of a perfect life with her and wants to spend it in her dream home. It is sweet, and again, if anyone wants to buy me a house. I’m cool with that!

Outside in the snow, Derrick and Nicky get some fresh air. She tells him that she has what she wants and needs to learn to be grateful and enjoy the moment. Derrick gives her a Christmas card that is empty with just his signature this time. He was the mystery writer all along. They kiss in the snow, and Simone and Jeremy kiss right behind them. It’s a little weird! The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Elaine, Treyton, Elvira

The movie taking place for over a month was a refreshing change of pace! Made the film more grounded and less manic Christmas romcom.  

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Overall rating

Christmas Feels

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Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine.)

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