An Unexpected Christmas (2021 Hallmark)

An Unexpected Christmas (2021 Hallmark)

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Cast: Tyler Hynes, Bethany Joy Lenz,

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Jamie (Hynes) hasn’t told his family that he and his now ex-girlfriend Emily (Lenz) broke up. After an inopportune run-in with Emily at the train station in his hometown, Jamie convinces her to pretend they’re still a couple to avoid ruining Christmas for his family. Jamie and Emily engage in a week-long ruse of engaging in his family’s holiday activities together. While they’re stuck in his family’s home together, the pair discovers their relationship might still have some potential, resulting in a very unexpected Christmas.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Emily plans on spending Christmas on a beach vacation; her plans are put on hold for a big work opportunity. She is sent to Fulton, IL, for a marketing work assignment. It happens to be the hometown of her ex-boyfriend Jamie. 

Jamie works for a local politician and writes copy for the campaign. He gets tasked to write her next speech. Jamie works on the Christmas day address while riding the train home to see his family for the holidays.

Emily and Jamie arrive on the same train, and his sister thinks they are still dating. Emily reluctantly goes along with Jamie to his family’s house and can’t break their hearts face to face because they are so excited Emily is visiting. 

The following day, Emily attempts to sneak out of the house but is stopped by Jamie’s family making breakfast. Jamie sleeps through the whole thing due to some sleep aids, leaving Emily alone to juggle the family and the lies!!! The morning is chaos, and the Christmas tree even falls over.

Jamie asks Emily to stay with him the week to avoid the family drama. He promises to introduce Emily to the governor for her troubles. 

Some terrible caroling happens at a Christmas festival. Like, what is up with the awful singing in Hallmark Christmas movies this year????? Jamie’s annoying parents dangle mistletoe above Jamie and Emily and force them to kiss. Leaving Emily feeling confused and sad. 

Emily focuses on her marketing campaign and promises that the governor will appear in her new pitch. Only she doesn’t know that Jamie hasn’t secured the politician.

Becca, Jamie’s sister, sees through the charade and grills Jamie in her “She-Shed.” Becca tells him that the deal is a terrible idea. She later blackmails them into spilling the secret in exchange for them performing in Christmas recital. 

Jamie and Emily grow closer as they spend the week together. They look at old homemade Christmas ornaments, play by a fountain, and even see a shooting star. She thanks him for coming through, especially with the governor. 

Gina, Jamie’s boss, comes to town and secures the governor to give her Christmas address in the small town. Gina and Becca start vibing, and we have a lesbian b-storyline romance people! 

Jamie does the play and is adorable, but he overhears Emily talking about Cayman Island. She tells him she is still in love with him, and he has broken her heart again. The family overhears and is disappointed. To add to Jamie’s bad night, he hasn’t completed the speech for Gina. 

Family members give Jamie a few pep talks to allow him to admit how he really feels for Emily. (Oh, and also to bang out that governor’s speech.) Then they guilt him on Christmas morning for breaking it off with Emily. 

Jamie rounds up the family, and they rush to get Emily back. It’s too late because Emily has left town since the governor canceled. Jamie runs to the train station to stop Emily before she can leave town. 

They apologize to one another and then kiss passionately. The family all run in for a group hug. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Governor Wayward, Gina, Scotty, Rissa, Darell, Jackie, 

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