Deadly Girls’ Night Out (2021 Lifetime)

Deadly Girls’ Night Out (2021 Lifetime)

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Cast: Gina Vitori, Emma Jessop, James Hyde, Josh Murray

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Willa heads to her hometown for the holidays for the first time in years. She and her high school friends Naomi and Tia decide to hit the town for a girls’ night out. The fun is cut short when Naomi meets an untimely death. All signs point to apparent suicide, but Willa doesn’t believe this. Desperate to avenge their friend, Willa and Tia try to dig up any piece of evidence they can find. But with no real leads, they are left hopeless and worse, it appears someone doesn’t want Willa to keep searching. Now in danger, with the clock ticking down, Willa must find the truth before someone puts an end to her search–and maybe her life. Gina Vitori, Ren Ashton, James Hyde, Emma Jessop, Josh Murray star. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

A Social media maven makes a post about staying safe in the bars and then gets home and has an unknown intruder inside. She hears a bang at the front door as she opens up free swag from companies wanting promotions. Then she is literally killed with a nutcracker and stuffed into a Christmas Tree box.

Cut to Willa, a Waitress/Christmas Elf who has an emotional breakdown. She gets a Christmas card from her dad before her power is cut off for being behind on her bills. Willa is forced to head back to her hometown. Where there are “Free Briana” protesters. (Like Free Britney? Oh, she is the social media girl.) 

Willa is surprised to see her dad is selling the house and is engaged to a woman named Darcy. Willa’s father apologizes for catching her off guard, but he promises he wasn’t hiding anything from his daughter. (Except the locked basement door he keeps in the house.) 

A next-door neighbor screams for her life at the top of her lungs. Willa calls 911, but it is just her high school friends Tia and Naomi practicing an audition for a horror movie. They drink wine and catch up. Tia is into makeup, and Naomi is an actress. 

The girls go out to the bars in town but opt for drinking cheap vodka while talking around their old high school. They run into an IT nerd classmate and the (kind of hot) janitor. Willa has flashbacks to karate and a car accident??? (IDK!) Willa takes a very drunk Naomi home and finds a gun in her glove compartment. Just as Naomi is about to admit something drunkenly, Willa’s car alarm goes off. She runs out to stop it and comes back to hear a gunshot upstairs, and her friend is dead. 

Willa is, understandably, upset and haunted by dead Naomi. Naomi’s HOT husband, Trent, visits and asks Willa some questions. He is explicitly looking for Naomi’s cellphone, which is missing.

Tia asks Willa about how her father is holding up. He used to help Naomi with household repairs when Trent was out of town. Naomi would joke that he was more of a husband than Trent. Milo, the IT nerd, also worked with Willa’s father over the summer. He awkwardly makes conversation with Willa while she gets ice cream. Willa goes home and interrogates her father, who gaslights his daughter. 

Willa breaks into Naomi’s house and finds a baseball bat used to set off her car alarm. Then Trent catches her inside and chases Willa with a fire poker. (He could poke me wherever!) The next night, Willa goes back with Tia playing back up and digs under the front porch, and finds Naomi’s phone while Trent takes a shower. (Is this movie trying to thirst trap me?!?!?) Trent hears them and comes after them with his gun. They make a run for it, but the police show up. Willa tells them Trent killed his wife, and they search the property. 

Tia has a random nightmare that she is being murdered by Trent dressed up as Santa Claus. 

Willa asks Milo to hack into Naomi’s phone. He agrees to help if Willa will have lunch with him in the gym on the bleachers. They have more awkward flirtation and are watched by the creepy/hot janitor. 

Naomi has videos on her phone with Brianna, the social media guru. Also, her father is in the video as well. When she asks him about it, he denies ever meeting Brianna. Then Willa FINALLY wonders what the hell is in the locked basement. 

Willa sneaks down into her father’s basement, and he catches her. She asks him if he killed Naomi and Brianna, but he denies everything. At the same time, Trent is arrested across the street for the murder of Naomi. The police found pictures of Trent with Brianna. Willa apologizes to her father for suspecting him. 

Tia attacks Willa knocking her out and staging Milo to look like the murderer. Tia also blackmailed Brianna after she gave her makeup line a bad review. Tia killed Brianna, and Naomi blaming it on Trent. The hot/creepy janitor interrupts Tia’s speech. Willa frees herself and tries to wake up Milo before running off.

The women fight in the locker rooms, and Tia gets out her gun, which is no match to Willa’s karate moves. The police show up and arrest Tia. 

Willa moves back to town, teaches karate, and dates Milo, which is cute! 

Side Note

The Christmas tie-ins were pretty dumb but entertaining. 

Minority Report: Tia, Police Officer, 

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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

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