Keeping Up With the Joneses: The Wrong Nemesis (2022 Lifetime)


Keeping Up With the Joneses: The Wrong Nemesis (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Vivica A. Fox, Kandi Burruss, Ciarra Carter, Jasmine Aivaliotis, Shellie Sterling, Arie Thompson

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

With new husband Webb now deceased, Robin stands to inherit a fortune with a little help from Sheldon, the family’s lawyer. Carrie’s philanthropic endeavors have always taken a backseat to the family’s business ones, but now, with Lance at her side, she plans to expand her role. Kayla is enjoying the single life until she meets Carter whom she quickly falls for, and lest she be overshadowed, Tara begins an affair with her college professor. Pam begins a friendship with Stephen Napoli, the CEO of the construction company building the family’s new water facility and becomes even closer to him when the facility is vandalized. But she has bigger problems when the child whom she gave up for adoption years ago suddenly returns!

Recap/Wine Thoughts

After a MUCH needed recap, the movie begins with a cleaning crew up to no good? Two women swap clothes and search through files haphazardly, looking for something in Jones Enterprises high rise offices. 

Ms. Vivica A Fox is back as Robin Jones, the step matriarch of the family. She is a widow for a second time after killing her husband, Webb, with a wine bottle. He turned out to be double-crossing the family and was trying to kill her. (REMEMBER?!?!)

Lance isn’t grieving his father’s death and is happy to still be associated with the Jones family, dating Carrie. (his stepsister) Ms. Vivica A Fox and the oldest daughter, Pam, are skeptical of Lance’s intentions. 

Ms. Vivica A fox has a meeting with Sheldon to discuss the Webb estate and her business endeavors. There are some legal tie-ups with declaring Webb dead, meaning Ms. Vivica A Fox doesn’t have the money she is spending.

Lady detectives (I like seeing a female Captian for one!) are on the job, which means they will probably figure out that Webb didn’t just “fall off a boat.” (Natalie Wood Style.) 

Something about a water crisis and predicting money happens. 

Tara Jones is a community college and has witty banter with her professor. He asks her out on a date, and she teases him about the code of conduct. (Which is cringy!) They, of course, have sex immediately after the study date. The professor turns out to only be sleeping with Tara for access to her family’s money. Later the professor won’t leave Tara alone, and she practically breaks off his finger.

Kayla spends most of this movie (episode?) at a bar talking to different men about her father and family. She seems to hit it off with a boring soy bean guy. They sleep together also, and he snaps photos of Kayla while she is sleeping.

Pam breaks ground on the new family/company with the help of a contractor named Steven. Leo (Eric Roberts) is disappointed that Pam didn’t go with his recommendation. 

Things don’t continue to go well when Eve Prescott shows up and tells Pam that she is her daughter. For some reason, Pam is surprised… did she not know she had a baby? Pam clarifies while she tells her family that she got pregnant while “studying abroad” in college. She gave the baby up for adoption, and now she is back! The sisters think that Eve could be lying.

Some table setting for the next movie/episode happens in a barn. There is a guy who looks like an off-brand Ryan Gossling. Mother Earth is said a lot, and I’ve lost the thread or just totally stopped caring. Webb is alive, apparently. 

I’m sorry Ms. Vivica A Fox! You are still my queen and are amazing.

Side Note

Minority Report: The cast features Black actors in all primary roles.

Lifetime merging “The Wrong” movies with Keeping up with the Joneses is confusing. I personally prefer the wrong series of campy thrillers to the soapy drama of KUWTJ. Can Ms. Vivica A Fox not lead two successful franchises on the network?

Since this has become a very looooong TV series, I will no longer be covering these movies (series?) on the blog/ 

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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

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Enjoyment Level: 🍷 (1 glass of wine.)

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