Are My Friends Killers? (2022 Lifetime)

Are My Friends Killers? (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Jalina Brown, Shaylaren Hilton, Jackie Kay, Cami Storm

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Zoey is devastated when she learns her best friend, Lauren, has been found dead of an apparent heart attack. Wanting to keep Lauren’s memory alive, her mother, Mrs. Price, offers to place Zoey at the same college Lauren attended, plus cover her tuition. Shocked but grateful, Zoey accepts her offer. When she arrives on campus, Zoey meets Samantha and David, who invite her to join “The Select,” an elite campus club where they’re members. Checking in on Zoey, Mrs. Price reveals her suspicions that The Select killed Lauren and asks Zoey to investigate them. Unwilling to believe her new friends are capable of such a thing, Zoey reluctantly agrees to investigate the club. But could digging into The Select’s history put Zoey in danger? Jalina Brown, Cami Storm, and Shaylaren Hilton star (2022).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts with a college running slowly around a track. She takes a water break and notices it doesn’t taste right. Then she grabs her checks and falls to the ground, and dies.

Zoe calls her friend, Lauren, for her birthday. (Which is funny because today is MY 8th grade best friend Lauren’s birthday also.) After Zoe doesn’t get a callback, she keeps calling for weeks until finally, Lauren’s mother, Mrs. Price, calls to tell Zoe that Lauren died on the track. 

At the funeral, Zoe and Ms. Price talk on the veranda. Ms. Price offers to pay for Zoe’s college tuition, room, and board in full. Mrs. Price even pulled strings with the admission department to get Zoe into Woodford Univerity, which was where Lauren was attending. 

On campus, Zoe makes friends with a blonde named Samantha in a cold shoulder sweater. Samantha invites Zoe to join a networking club and helps her find her dorm room.

Zoe’s roommate is named Ming, and doesn’t seem to be interested in getting to know Zoe. Ming literally says, “I’m not here for friendship; I’m here to get a degree.” 

The networking event seems pretty lame. Everyone stands around on a stage? Even still, Zoe makes an appearance and takes to a cute college hunk named David. He tells Zoe that people are in the networking club because their parents are notable alumni. Later, he offers to walk Zoe to her dorm room. He clarifies that he is single before kissing Zoe while someone watches from the bushes. They are pretty obvious, and Zoe waves at them before the hooded figure runs off. 

Mrs. Price confronts Zoe on campus and demands that she figure out who killed her daughter. The death was suspicious, and Mrs. Price felt like the police and the university were complicit in a cover-up. Zoe tries to get out of it, saying she wants to focus on school until Mrs. Price reminds her that SHE is paying for her education. 

Zoe does some research, and by research, I mean she looks at one online article for hours in the library. She is there so long that she is almost locked in the library by a library nerd named Adam. He asks her out for coffee sometime, and is generally awkward. 

Ming starts to ask questions about Zoe’s admission to the university. Zoe doesn’t want to share that Mrs. Price is paying her tuition in exchange for Zoe solving Lauren’s murder.

David asks Zoe out on a date, he is disarmingly handsome, so Zoe can’t say no. On their day David asks prying questions until he gets distracted by his reflection in the mirror. THIS REALLY HAPPENS! 

Zoe invites David back to her room, and they start hooking up. The next morning Mng angrily leaves the room because she was there the whole time. Zoe looks through her roommate’s things and finds pills and a picture of Lauren and Ming together!!!!

Ming tells Zoe that Lauren was her roommate and friend. Zoe had no idea that Lauren knew Ming. Zoe, being placed in that room, was arranged by Mrs. Price. Later, Ming shares that Lauren was working on an expose about the university and The Select, but Ming stops short of elaborating when she gets a threatening text. 

Adam runs into Zoe, and they get coffee and talk about Lauren. Samantha rudely interrupts them and invites them to a Select Party. Adam warns Zoe that The Select is a dangerous organization and then slut shames Zoe for sleeping with David. 

At the party, Zoe sees David putting the moves on a girl who looks similar to her. Zoe is a buzz kill and asks David and Samantha about Lauren. They tell Zoe that Lauren came to a few Select events but stopped showing up. They also mention that Ming was a suspect in the investigation. Then a dance montage happens, and it is awkward.

The Select comes through when a member named Chloe gets Zoe an internship. The job is strange, and Zoe is forced to give envelopes of cash to strange men. Zoe is uncomfortable and tells Samantha that she wants to quit, and Samantha turns on Zoe. 

David stalks Ming in the library while she reads Lauren’s unpublished article. He tries to intimidate Ming, but she leaves, promising David that the truth will come out. She doesn’t make it out of the library alive and is thrown over a ledge by the hooded figure. The article is stolen along with Ming’s laptop.

Now realizing that The Select is corrupt, Zoe tells Adam everything, and he agrees to help. He sneaks into Samantha’s room and finds Ming’s prescriptions.

Zoe talks to the detectives and shares that the pills were used to kill Lauren. The detective says that Zoe has no evidence and she will need to get a taped confession.

Zoe seduces David at another Select Dance and suggests that they have sex while Samantha watches. While she is seducing him, she asks questions about Lauren, which is pretty obvious! Samantha stops Zoe and finds the phone planted on her. Adam records from the wings of the stage and catches Samantha and David arguing. His phone bigs, and Adam is held, hostage.

Samantha and David take Adam to the football field and lure Zoe to them. They Zoe and Samantha fight on the field with the stadium lights on, which is a signal for the police who show up to see what is going on and arrest Samantha. 

One year later, Zoe and Adam are dating, and she is still in school. Mrs. Price apologized for being the WORST and a straight-up byotch. Zoe invites her to a vague lunch someday before moving on with her life!

Side Note

Minority Report: Zoe, Lauren, Ms. Price, Ming, Chloe, Detective, 

If you have to ask yourself this question, you should make new friends. 

This movie did Ming dirty! She didn’t deserve to go down like that! 


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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine.)

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