Charmed and Cheated (2022 Lifetime)


Charmed and Cheated (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Cameron Cipolla, Le’Priesh Roman, Jonathan Stoddard

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

High school student Annie is struggling to maintain good grades for her lacrosse scholarship. So, when popular student, Delia, introduces Annie to a clique that spends more time partying than studying–yet still has offers to attend the top universities–Annie eagerly joins. She soon learns the clique is a cheating ring. Under the clique’s influence, Annie starts a relationship with her lacrosse coach, Mitch, but is overcome with concern about getting caught. Annie tries to break free from the group, but Delia uses blackmail to prevent her from leaving and revealing the ring to the rest of the school. Desperate for help, Annie turns to her best friend and mom to stop the twisted scheme and redeem her reputation before it’s ruined for good. Cameron Cipolla, Le’Priesh Roman, and Jonathan Stoddard star (2022).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Annie and her friend Camille run through their high school with lacrosse sticks. They appear to be in danger.

Flash to two weeks earlier to the girls mid-game being coached by a hot guy with questionable sideburns named Coach Mitch. The girls on the team know they have a hot coach, and all laugh about it. 

Things aren’t going great for Annie at school; she is failing a class. At home, things are rocky as well; her parents are divorced. Anne only has lacrosse going for her, honestly. 

The school principal, Mr. Whitlock, is concerned for Annie. He has a meeting with her alone in his office. (Which is filled with trinkets from Caribean trips.) Coach Mitch joins them to tell Annie that she is off the team until her grades improve. (Annie is on a scholarship.) 

A popular named Delia, invites Anne to a party and tells her to “dress to impress.” Annie sneaks out of the house, past her passed-out drunk mother, and drags her friend Camille along with her. 

At the party, the mean girls drink martinis and make fun of Camille. Annie doesn’t defend her friend, and Camille storms off. The girl’s pressure into cheating to get into college. Then Coach Mitch shows up at the party. He drops off the booze and tells Anne to relax and have fun. (Creeper!) 

Annie and Coach Mitch talk on a bench about getting her back on the team. Annie asks him about his medical bracelet, and he shares that he has a severe sesame seed allergy. The coach tells Annie to do whatever it takes to get back on the team, and then they make out. Delia takes pictures of them from the bushes.

Delia shows Annie the photos she took and tells her that she is jealous Annie got to him first. Then she deletes the images to show Annie that she is a true friend and welcomes her into the inner circle of popular cheaters. 

The popular girls use a website called Rio that looks like it is straight out of 1995. It writes papers for them and uses it to help Annie write a paper on the war of 1812. It takes a few seconds, and then the girls go to a coffee shop to celebrate and buy designer clothes and handbags with their parent’s credit cards. (Or “something like that!”) 

The following day, Annie ditches school for the first time with Delia and Regan. They try on close and have a walking down the stairs in a slow-motion modeling show. They wear their new dresses to school after hours to steal a test answer key. 

A cheating montage happens inner cut with the girls dancing in a den. Annie is also still hooking up with Coach Mitch if you were wondering. They drink wine together and make out a lot. 

Annie’s grades go up, and she is back on the team. The partying and late nights are catching up with Annie, and she isn’t the same on the field. Camille notices that Annie and Coach Mitch are too close for comfort. 

Annie’s mother finally sobers up enough to be concerned about her daughter. Annie tells her mom that she is hanging out with friends and not to worry… because she is 18. 

After the fight, Annie looks at herself in the mirror as it replays all the out-of-character things she has done. She doesn’t recognize herself anymore. 

A teacher catches on that the popular girls are cheating. Regan gets spooked and doesn’t want to cheat anymore. The teacher interrogates Annie, who denies plagiarizing. Then Regan is attacked and her phone is hacked, the teacher ends up having risque photos of Regan on her phone and is fired for sexual misconduct.

Annie talks to Coach Mitch and thinks it was all a setup, which it was. Coach Mitch breaks it off with Annie to get her off his trail. He has been working with Delia. It appears that Delia is also working with Mr. Whitlock as well.

With no one left to turn to, Annie tells Camille everything. Camille convinces Annie to come forward and tell the truth to her mom. The mother doesn’t take the information well and sends Annie to bed without supper. 

Coach Mitch goes on a shirtless job and then jugs a protein shake out of the blender. As Coach Mitch showers, Delia dumps Sesame powder into the blender and sends the sexy man.

Annie tries to warn Coach Mitch as he enjoys his protein shake. He starts having a severe allergic reaction, and Annie tries to call 911, but he dies before they can get there to help. Annie leaves in a hurry because she is worried about being framed. Camille helps Annie look for proof that she is innocent. 

This all leads Camille and Annie back to the school with their lacrosse sticks. They key into Principal Whitlock’s office to look for evidence. (They find a hard drive labeled Rio.)They are unknowingly tracked by Annie’s smartwatch, meaning the principal knows they are in his office. 

Principal Whitlock chases the teens and we are back at the movie’s beginning. He tells Annie and Camille to hand over the drive before backhanding Camille. He started the cheating ring to keep students getting good grades and to keep parents happy with the school. 

Annie’s mom comes to save the day, which is kind of annoying because she sucked the whole movie. She takes the principal out with a lacrosse stick. 

Cut back to a lacrosse game where Camille and Annie are the MVPs and win the game. Annie’s mom is on the sideline cheering her daughter on; she suddenly cares. The end! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Camille, 


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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

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