Don’t Sell My Baby (2023 Lifetime)

Don’t Sell My Baby (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Devin Cecchetto, Fallon Bowman, Thomas Vallieres

Director: Roxanne Boisvert

Writer: Michael Perronne

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

High school senior, Nicolette, has bounced around from foster home to home. When she finds herself pregnant by the school quarterback, she quickly falls into despair until her sympathetic teacher, Sandy, takes Nicolette under her wing. But, when Nicolette disappears after deciding against the idea of putting her baby up for adoption, Sandy begins to worry that the soon-to-be teen mom may have been taken against her will. Stars Devin Valentina Cecchetto, and Fallon Bowman (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts with a pregnant woman, Brooke, running through a bus station until she goes into labor in the parking lot. She tries to call someone named Nicollett but is abducted in plain sight. 

Cut to Nicolette (Lifetime rising star Devin Cecchetto) handing out flyers for her missing friend Brooke. The man who kidnapped Brooke tracks her every move. Nicolette runs into a woman named Sandy, who is rushing home to her husband, Mark.

Sandy just moved to town to start a new job at the high school where Brooke and Nicolette are students. Sandy and Mark are trying to get pregnant.

Speaking of being pregnant, Nicolette throws up in class. (Which means she is pregnant in Lifetime.) When Sandy tries to talk to Nicolette about her situation, she gets a LOT OF ATTITUDE!

Brooke delivers her baby and screams that she wants to keep the baby. The Doctor tells her that wasn’t her signed agreement and forces her to have the baby in a locked room. The baby is given to a new couple in exchange for a bundle of cash. Brook attacks the Doctor and runs for it with a bag full of money.

Jack is the school-rich kid and is the father of Nicolette’s baby. When she tells him, he calls her a liar. He later tries to get her to sign an agreement (This guy sucks!)

Sandy sees an upset Nicolette and helps her take a pregnancy test from the nurse’s office as a gesture of goodwill. (The attitude continues! Nicolette is RUDE AF! She also says Adult as “Add-Alts.”) Sandy shares about her teenage years and says she was pregnant and put the baby up for adoption. 

Brooke frantically calls Nicolette and tells her to meet up at their spot. Nicolette gets there just in time to witness Brooke run over by a car. (Yikes!) It messes Nicolette, and she has to see the “Mrs. Hannagian at her orphanage. Rachel. Rachel also worked with Brooke and seems to be in on the whole selling baby thing. 

Rachel, sets up a meeting for Nicolette with an adoption agent named Abigail. It is the same agency that Brooke used, which doesn’t raise any red flags.  

Dr. Claudia has a breakdown and meets with Abigail to try and get out of the baby-selling business. As she leaves the office, Alex, the man who has been killing everyone, kills her too!

Sandy continues to care for Nicolette and sets up a dinner date. Nicolette trips outside of the diner and falls on her belly. She worries that she hurt the baby and is rushed to the ER. 

Trent, Brooke’s boyfriend, finally shows up and wants to know where his baby is. He is upset and shows up at the group home and demands answers. Rachel convinces him that she knows nothing about Brook or the adoption. Then she sets up a fake meeting to have Alex kill him. (Damn, Rachel is worse than Mrs. Hannagian!!!!!!)

Rachel is starting to crack because Detective Holmes continues to look into the possible homicide. Abigail tells Rachel to keep it together and visits Nicolette in the hospital. (With a “Get Well Soon” balloon!) Abigail also buys Nicolette a rideshare home.

Vanesha, another girl in the home, learns about another pregnant girl from the boarding school named Misty, who also went missing. She starts piecing everything together. Jake helps, even though he has been rude to his baby mama. 

The rideshare, driven by Alex, picks Nicolette up from the hospital. Then he stops the car and chloroforms Nicolette in the back seat while she screams. 

Nicolette wakes up tied to a hospital bed and is confused when she sees Abigail. Abigail lets her know that she plans to sell her baby. (Nicolette, unfortunately, doesn’t yell, “DON’T SELL MY BABT!” 

Misty works in a cafe and rambles about a cappuccino in some bad writing/actor improv. Vanesha and Jake ask her about the adoption agency, and Misty tells them that it is a shady operation and that she wants to say out of it. 

Sandy worries about Nicolette after she doesn’t return from the hospital. Sandy talks to Abigail about adoptions and doesn’t get the answers she is looking for, so she follows her to the baby jail warehouse.  

Abigail sees Sandy and pulls out some pepper spray to take her out. Sandy grabs the pepper spray and calls the police. Then she casually goes inside to save Nicolette.

Alex stops the two from leaving and holds them at gunpoint. He makes Nicolette tape up Sandy with duct tape. Nicolette fumbles with the tape and grabs the pepper spray for Alex this time. (Rachel gets away?!?!) the police sirens blare, and the police Abigail and Alex off camera.

Nicolette has her baby and names him Michael. Jakes wants to be involved in the baby’s life. Sandy takes Nicolette in and is pregnant with her own baby. They are one big happy family. 

Vanesha also has a family; she moves in with her aunt! (Where was this woman before, haha!) Yay!

Side Note

Best title of a Lifetime movie, so far! Originally titled “Danger Rocks the Cradle.” (Which is awful!)

What was up with the cheese sandwiches in the baby jail? I know pregnant ladies can’t eat deli meat, but damn! At least make a grilled cheese! 

Minority Report: Brooke, Sandy, Vanesha, Dr. Claudet, Detective Holmes, Trent

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