My Husband’s Worst Mistake (2023 Lifetime)


My Husband’s Worst Mistake (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Matt Wells, Sarah Cleveland, Scott Gibson, Jinesea Bianca Lewis

Director: Roxanne Boisvert

Writer: David DeCrane, Elizabeth Stuart

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Brad Collins is happily married to Amy, the love of his life. His love for her has become an all-encompassing obsession, and he’s grown more and more controlling of her with each passing year. When Brad finds out that Amy had an affair with a colleague, Brad is crushed and devastated. A huge fight ensues, and when Amy pushes Brad, he instinctively pushes back… causing her to fall and hit her head. Brad has accidentally killed the thing he loved most in the world. Starring Matt Wells, Sarah Cleveland, Scott Gibson, and Jinesea Bianca Lewis (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts. 

The movie starts in Washinton, DC, where we meet the titular husband, Kent, getting a post-conference drink with a flirty colleague named Amy. A co-worker, Miguel takes pictures of them going up to his bedroom. Immediately after sexy time, Amy and Kent regret their infidelity. 

Cut to Philadelphia, where a mother, Sarah, and her college-age daughter enjoy a movie night. Sarah worried about being an empty nester and her marriage with Kent. (She should be since he is hooking up with co-workers!)

Amy’s husband, Brad, also has his suspicions about his wife. (She didn’t take his last name when they married, and he seems bitter about it.) Brad texts Amy all the time and checks her text messages, and finds messages from someone named “K.” Brad interrogates Amy and demands the truth. This argument happens on the stairs, and, of course, Amy ends up tumbling to her death. 

Sarah and Lucy welcome Kent back home. Lucy plays referee to her parents, whose marriage is very strained. 

Sarah throws herself back into work, and so does Kent. Kent learns that Amy died after returning home and worries that people will look into her life. (Sophie Gendron plays boss Jackie and is the OG Lifetime Movie KWEEN!)

Miguel’s photo from the hotel ends up on Kent’s car windshield. Then he gets a threatening text from Miguel at a family dinner. He is rattled. Checking his phone at dinner blows up into a HUGE deal. Lucy and Sarah storm off angrily.

Kent confronts Miguel, and they bicker back in forth. Miguel sucks for no other reason than professional mobility. 

Kent comes clean with Sarah about the infidelity and harassment from Miguel. Sarah blames Kent for everything and tells him he must move out. “You’re a realtor; it shouldn’t take that long.”)

Brad tracks Kent down and looks into his background. He targets Sarah, goes to her work, and poses as a client needing a home decorating. Then Sarah receives a copy of Miguel’s photo on her windshield. She calls Kent and tells him he is a POS.

Kent confronts Miguel again and things get physical. Miguel tells Kent that he is on security cameras and will tell HR. 

Lucy learns about the affair and calls her friend Madison. Then Lucy has a teary talk with her father with an insane-looking scrunchie in her hair. (Like I Dream of Jeannie style!!!)

Sarah walks through Brad’s house to decorate. He tells her that he is a widower and leaves out the part about his wife having an affair with Sarah’s husband. Brad asks Sarah out for a drink/date. 

The date goes well! Brad and Sarah talk about their past relationships, his job as a lawyer, and their shared love of opera. Sarah is into him! (Which I am surprised by, like you JUST got separated and are jumping into a relationship with a client?!!? Do you, gurl!)

Brad tampers with the house thermostat in a house that Kent is selling. His co-worker Joe calls to have him fix things before an open house. Kent has to ditch his daughter’s college tour, and Lucy has a teen freakout. “Daaaaaaad!” 

Kent blows off some steam at a local bar, and a beautiful woman comes on to him. She is a tequila-drinking lady who has had a bad day and is horny. (Or someone Miguel/Brad hired to seduce Kent for more scandalous photos.) 

Lucy meets Brad and immediately dislikes him. She looks the man up online and sees some red flags. Sarah isn’t hearing it and is more worried about pictures someone sends her of Brad making out with the bar girl.

Sarah calls her friend Cerly to vent, and the power goes out. Brad “rescues” Sarah and fixes the power. He then tries to stay the night, but Sarah wants to take things slow.

Brad breaks into the house for sale again and finds Miguel there. Miguel thinks nothing of it because it’s Brad’s house that is for sale (apparently, even though it looks completely different.) Brad stabs Miguel to death and leaves the body for Kent to find. Kent calls 911.

FINALLY, a detective shows up and asks Sarah some questions about the TWO co-workers. Kent is the number one suspect, and the murder weapon appears to have come from Sarah’s home. The detective arrests Kent for Miguel’s murder.

Sarah goes to Brad for legal advice, and he offers her services. Kent is upset that Brad will represent him since Sarah is dating him. 

In jail, Brad and Kent talk. Kent tells his lawyer that he is innocent. Brad says he will do what he can, but if they get a female judge.. they are screwed. (Which is so rude, like a female can’t be impartial!) 

Gen Z daughter does some more internet sleuthing with her friend Madison and puts everything together by Brad’s address. Julie tries to call her mother and warn her, but it is too late. Brad is already at Sarah’s and deletes the message. 

Lucy then calls the detective and tells him what she found out. Then she jumps in an Uber and heads to save her mom. Lucy also calls her dad in Jail to let him know what is going on. (That’s how that works, right?)

Brad confronts Sarah on the stairs, very similar to when he talked to Amy. Brad tells Sarah that he is Amy’s husband, and he plans on killing Sarah in the ultimate act of revenge. Brad tries to force Sarah to OD on medication, but Lucy distracts Brad long enough for Sarah to throw him down the stairs. 

The police sirens blare as the mother/daughter “superhero team” escape. As they talk to the detective outside, they are wrapped in the comfiest police blankets I have ever seen. 

Julie has a graduation party/maybe a baby shower with pink and blue balloons. The end! 

Side Note/Stray Thoughts

Hmmm, not sure if Sarah and Kent are together in the end, but hopefully not. They were a mismatch. 

Lucy’s Character here was the prototype for they typical Lifetime Teen. 

Minority Report: Amy, Miguel, Joe, Carly,

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Overall rating 

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🔪🔪 (2 knives)

Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale) 

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  1. For some Reel One retitled this “Her Husband’s Revenge” “`? At least outside the US.

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