A Podcast to Die For (2023 Lifetime)


A Podcast to Die For (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Kate Miner, Matthew MacCaull

Director: Nicholas Humphries

Writer: Jessica Landry

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We missed you! This month we are recapping/reviewing another Lifetime Movie with Dan and Bran! This month we talk about Lifetime's Kidnapping in the Grand Canyon. Starring: Gina Vitori, Philip Boyd, Katrina Rosita, and Ryann Bailey Will we "Pour it up" or "Put a Cork in it"??? Lifetime Uncorked and Deck the Hallmark collide on this monthly podcast covering your favorite TV movies! Brandon (Bran) Gray & Daniel (Dan) Thompson join Lifetime Expert Patrick Serrano to break Lifetime's TV Movie lineup for 2023. Follow us on social media for more content @LifetimeUncorked & @HallmarkPodcast Donate to Patrick's Cable Fund: https://ko-fi.com/patrickserrano Read Patrick's Recaps/Reviews: https://lifetimeuncorked.com/ Listen to Patrick's latest single: https://patrickserrano.hearnow.com Check out other Bramble Jam Podcasts: https://bramblejampodcast.com/ Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYuQwUKBmS2MouRnVhRLyig Watch Patrick's Lifetime Movie: Old Flames Never Die, starring PATRICK SERRANO! Business Inquiries | podcast@lifetimeuncorked.comFollow the Podcast @LifetimeUncorked & @hallmarkpodcastFollow the Host @PatrickMiguel Support Lifetime Uncorked with a monthly donation:  https://ko-fi.com/patrickserrano — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/lifetime-uncorked/message
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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When a true crime podcaster stumbles upon an unsolved local murder, she quickly finds herself entangled in a deadly game of cat and mouse that exposes the horrible truth behind the killings – a truth that lies closer to home than she realizes.

Pregnant Lacey has just moved into her new home after an impromptu wedding and whirlwind romance with a handsome man named Cam.

Cam is a widower with two teenage children, Kira and Maddie. Lacey fills the role of stepmother well and understands what it is like to lose a mother young. The teens think Lacey is cool because she hosts a true crime podcast. It is called “A Voice for the Silent.”

Lacey heads to the office and receives trolling messages about “profiting off murder.” (Specifically, her sister’s, who was murdered tragically.) She tells her co-workers Bianca and Valentine. Valentine researches murder cases and finds a possible serial killer.

At the doctor’s office, Lacey learns that she must be on bed rest because she is too stressed out, which is bad for the baby. Maddie and Kira offer to help with the podcast, but Cam refuses to let his daughters get involved with its disturbing material.

A stranger leaves a photo at the door of Lacey, and her sister Jocelyn with their faces scratched out. The stress is getting to Lacey, and she is extremely jumpy. The continues threatening messages continue.

Cam takes Lacey out for a nice dinner, but it is interrupted by a nosey fan, and Cam becomes overwhelmed when the fan goes into detail about murders. He thinks it is weird people talk so causally about death and had hoped Lacey would move on to something else. Lacey changes the subject and isn’t interested in stopping looking for the truth about unsolved crimes, specifically the murder of someone named Marisa. She was pregnant at the time of the murder.

Bianca and Valentine help research and learn that Marisa’s murder could be related to Lacey’s sister’s murder—a potential copycat.

Lacey talks to one of Marisa’s professors for the podcast. (She records the audio on a cellphone.) She gets more information and has a lot of work to do, so Lacey brings Cam’s daughter to a live podcast event to help set up.

While getting a box out of a closet, Lacey gets locked inside. This isn’t great because Lacey is claustrophobic. She freaks out but is saved by the janitor.

The podcast event planner, Tanedra, sees Valentine and shares her concerns with Lacey about her new co-worker. Tanedra says that Valentine is clingy and mentally unstable. Lacey worries that Valentine has become fixated on her and warns Bianca. Lacey interviews Marisa’s neighbor and learns of a boyfriend named Aaron Blake. Bianca helps track down information. The power goes out at the podcast studio, and there is a gas leak. Someone is out to stop them. (Valentine is conveniently not been seen since the podcast fest.)

Teen Maddie sneaks around and looks through crime scene photos. She is horrified, and Lacey apologizes for leaving the graphic images out.

Valentine calls and wants to have a meeting. Lacey isn’t sure if meeting after all the drama is worth it. Eventually, she decides to meet and sees something in the attic. Lacey falls down the stairs from a faulty railing.

At the hospital, the doctor is like, “Uhh, remember the bed rest?!?!” and Cam is like, WTF, and wants Lacey to stop working on the podcast and rest. Lacey decides her family is more important than finding her sister’s killer.

Valentine texts Lacey and tells her to come over to her house. When Lacey arrives, she finds Valentine dead, surrounded by true crime evidence and a note that says, “I’m Sorry.” The police determine that Valentine killed Marissa.

Marisa’s neighbor brings a picture of Aaron and his family. It is CAM. Lacey confronts Cam and admits that he kept it from her because he was hounded by detectives and changed his name to stay from being exploited by the press. Lacey kicks him out of the house.

Lacey tells the teens that she knows about Marisa. They seem relieved not to have to keep the secret anymore.

Valentine leaves a box of evidence for Lacey. Lacey goes through the box and realizes that the victims are all pregnant, and she is next. Lacey tries to protect the teens from their father, but he gets them out of school early.

Lacey rushes to Marisa’s unsold house and finds a heart locket and a missing bracelet in a air vent. Then she hides from Cam, who lurks around the house. Bianca shows up and demands to know where Lacey is; as Lacey calls for help, she is hit in the head from behind.

Cam cries to Lacey about his wife dying in a car crash and explains how he did everything for his daughters. (Who stand next to him.) He admits to killing Marissa and Sara. Lacey knows he is lying to cover for his daughter Kira because . She is the REAL killer.

Kira grabs a wrench and struggles over it with Lacey. The police arrive and take Kira and Cam away; Lacey and Bianca worry about Maddie who was left in the dark and whose whole family was a lie.

Lacey has her baby and takes care of Maddie. Lacey is happy being a mom, even if her family is very dysfunctional.

Side Note/Stray Thoughts

Minority Report: Bianca, Tanedra, Detective

Kate Miner doesn’t really do Lifetime so it was fun to see her in a movie. I would love to see her play a villian.

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Overall rating 

Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale)
🍷🍷🍷 (3 Glasses of Wine)

Number of Kills:
🔪🔪 (2 knives)

Should you watch it?

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