Trapped in the Cabin (2023 Lifetime)


Trapped in the Cabin (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Tiffany Smith, David James Lewis, Travis Burns, Michael Perl

Director: Derek Sulek

Writer: Eric Durham, Derek Sulek

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Popular romance novelist, Rebecca Collins, is running out of inspiration and concentration to finish her current book. Her editor decides to send her to a cozy cabin in the country, far away from any nosy fans and distractions. After a brief issue with the hot water, she builds a charming romance with the local handyman, Nathan. Things get steamy fast, but soon he’s missing, the doors have been left ajar, and someone’s been reading her unfinished draft. Rebecca is left uneasy as she notices more items out of place and the unshakeable feeling that she’s being watched. Starring Tiffany Smith, David James Lewis, Travis Burns, and Michael Perl (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts. 

Inspired by True Events 

The movie starts with someone hacking into a cabin security system and checking the live feeds. The looks empty

Rebecca is an author who is burnt out. Her manager, Jason, sends her to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. The upstairs is being remodeled, and there is no cell service, but Rebecca is excited to spend some alone time with wine. 

Calls come in while Rebecca drives, including a Facetime from her mother, who worries. Someone has been stealing Rebecca’s mail and workout clothes? Rebecca reassures her mother by telling her the cabin is gated and has security cameras.

The cabin has modern touches but still features signature wooden walls/floors. The fridge and wine fridge are fully stocked, and Jason has even put a welcome basket full of chocolates and treats. As Rebecca looks through the home, she finds a locked room upstairs but seems unconcerned.

While on a snowy run, Rebecca meets a handsome bearded hunk gathering wood. His name is Nathan, and he gives Rebecca tips for tending off a bear. As he walks away, she admires his A$$! (A woman after my own heart!)

Maddi from Idaho Facetimes and Becca gushes about the hunk she just met. Maddi tells her friend to go for it and encourages her to get some rest and relaxation.

Becca draws a bath, but the hot water is out. (Much to the disappointment of whoever is watching the security camera placed in the bathroom!) Boss Jason promises to send over a handyman in the middle of the night. The handyman is, of course, Nathan A$$.

It doesn’t take long for Nathan and Becca to get it on in the shower once the hot water is back on. They cuddle by the fire and drink wine. She asks him to stay with her while she is in town. He admits to having a drinking problem randomly. (In his arms, I honestly wouldn’t care!)

The following day, Nathan is MIA, and the house is trashed. Rebecca finds the front door wide open and a smashed bottle of wine on the floor. She assumes it is because he was wasted and sends him an annoyed text.

Rebecca has trouble focusing on writing and calls her mother. While her mother warns Rebecca about identity theft, a masked man lurks outside and peeps into the windows.

Another snowy jog happens, and Rebecca runs right past a tent where the creepy masked figure stands next to it. She slips on some snow a twists her ankle. Rebecca hobbles back to the house, but it takes so long she burns the dinner she left cooking in the oven. (The fire is huge, but the veggies don’t look THAT burnt,)

After having the worst day ever, Rebecca checks her email on her laptop and receives an iMessage from Nathan saying, “Hey, baby, did you miss me?” Then photos of Rebecca from the security cameras come in rapid succession. Rebecca is creeped out and becomes terrified when the masked figure stands by the sliding glass door and writes “I Miss You” in lipstick.

The masked man is obviously Jason; you can tell by his thin lips and red hair! He bangs on the doors and cuts the power. (Typical stuff!)

Rebecca walks outside and confronts the man with a knife. He holds out dead flowers and slowly follows her through the woods like he is Michael Myers. Rebecca runs into Nathan, and he claims he is NOT the masked man. He says he got into a fight with the masked man and wants Rebecca to go to his place to call for help.

She can’t trust him and doesn’t believe Nathan’s story of the masked man attacking him and holding him in a tent. Rebecca makes a run for it and drops the knife.

The masked man finds Rebecca and smashes her cell phone. She tears off the mask and is surprised to see what we already know; IT’S JASON!!!! Nathan tries to stop Jason, but Jason’s ninja stars him and then stabs him to death. (Maybe!)

wants to care for her. Rebecca tells him she doesn’t love him and kicks him so she can hobble back to the cabin. (There is an hour left in this movie… How!?!?!)

Rebecca tries to defend herself with a fire extinguisher, but Jason smashes her with a door repeatedly and knocks her unconscious. Then he drugs her while she is out of it.

When Rebecca wakes up, she is in different to clothing and makes up. Jason tries to pretend everything was all just a dream, but when that doesn’t work, he lays down some rules.

1) Do Not Try To Run
2) Do Not Try to Hurt Him
3) Be Nice

Then he shows her his serial killer room! He also admits to the cabin being his, duh.

Jason is possessive and angry with Rebecca for sleeping with Nathan. He calls her a “whore” and a “tease” and takes credit for her whole career. The man get very violent slapping Rebecca across the face. Jason has been obsessed with Rebecca ever since they drunkenly hooked up one time. It clearly has driven him insane. His plan is to keep her in the cabin, forever. (Then he smells her hair, which is creepy!)

Rebecca decides to distract Jason by asking him to recreate the perfect night. The night they first made love. He thinks she is coming around and ties her to a chair while he prepares to cook the same meal. The stroll down memory lane is cut short by an uninvited guest. The police.

A cop straight out of The Sopranos questions Jason about reports of disturbances. Instead of calling out for help, Rebecca sobs quietly and doubts her own success believing Jason is responsible for everything. Then she decides she is not a quitter and tries to free herself with some bathroom scissors. She makes it outside just in time to see Jason stabbing the cop.

Rebecca lures Jason in side for a game of cat and mouse. Then she beats the crap out of him. Multiple times. She uses the good old fire extinguisher, a vase of roses, and her good leg! All the while clarifying that he doesn’t love her, he is obsessed with her and wants to control her.

Rebecca stabs Jason and limps out of the house. She takes the keys off the dead cop and radios for help on the dispatch radio. She calls for help to an unfazed police officer. Jason comes to and shoots at the car. Rebecca runs his ass over and then hobbles back into the house and through the back door while the police pull up. She tells herself that she is done with romance novels and has a good thriller to write now.

The end!

Side Note/Stray Thoughts

Rebecca has my favorite travel bag! BUY HERE #AD

Tiffany Smith played Megan Markel in a Lifetime movie a while back; she was pretty good and is even better here. 

Minority Report: Rebecca, Maddi

Overall rating 

Number of kills: 🔪🔪🔪 (3 knives)

Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale)
🍷🍷🍷 (3 Glasses of Wine)

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  1. “The masked man is obviously Jason; you can tell by his thin lips and red hair!”

    This is why I live for your reviews! I saw the exact same thing. And then immediately came her to read your thoughts. She sleeps with one guy and sees the other guy all the time and she couldn’t see what was blatantly obvious to us. Was wondering should I even continue watching.😅

    1. She kicks the crap out of Jason and leaves the big hunting knifes on the floor next to him. Ugh!

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