Her Deadly Night in Paris (2023 Lifetime)


Her Deadly Night in Paris (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Shifra Zuckerman, Charly Do,

Director: Lane Shefter Bishop

Writer: Paul A. Birkett

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

An American exchange student in Paris falls in love with her host family’s handsome son, but when she witnesses a murder, the couple must go on the run to prove her innocence. Starring Shifra Zuckerman, Charly Dô, Laurent Maurel, Lucile Jaillant (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Inspired by True Events

The movie starts in Paris, where a foreign exchange student named Lucy naively is picked up by a man on his boat. She isn’t well-traveled and carries an impossibly large suitcase.

The man’s name is Antoine, and who brings Lucy to a partisan estate. His mother, Madeleine, and father, Remy, welcome their guest. Lucy will stay with them for six months in a French immersion program. Remy wants to become the mayor of Paris and in very obsessed with keeping up appearances. The parents express to Antonie that he is to think of Lucy as a sister ONLY.

That doesn’t go well when Lucy and Antoine stroll romanticly through the Paris sidewalks and chat while enjoying espresso in a cafe. Antoine shares his dreams of being an artist, and Lucy supports him, even if his parents think it is the worst thing ever!

The college students blow off some steam at a Paris disco tech. Antonie is possessive of Lucy and tells off a guy who hits on her. Then her introduces her to his sketchy cousin named Vincent. (The guy wears a jean jacket with a hoodie in 20203!) His parole officer crashes the party, and Vincent has to stay with him. Lucy and Antoine hide because he can’t be seen in a strange nightclub because it will ruin his father’s mayoral campaign.

He is so 2008

Lucy and Antoine make out while in hiding, and it is still pretty early in the movie, which means he will probably die. (Right?) They spend the whole night together and walk back to the house by early morning. Lucy walks up on Remy arguing with a man and witnesses him stab the man to death. (Uhh, awkward!) He tells her that it as a burglar and says the “stand your ground law” applies in Paris too. Remy begs Lucy to forget that she saw anything.

A detective with bangs shows up the next day and arrests Lucy for the murder of the man. They found her DNA on the body. Lucy requests a lawyer and to talk to someone from the US Embassy, but then continues to answer questions. Lucy tells Bangs Detective that Remy killed the man in self defense. They take away Lucy’s cellphone and take her into custody, but Lucy pulls the fire alarm and makes a run for it. She gets a burner phone and tries to explain everything, but he is not getting it. He tells his daughter to go to the Embassy and everything will be fine.

“Oh, you know, I just found this burner phone!”

The embassy isn’t helpful and the lady there tells Lucy that she will have her day in court.

Wait. WHY are the cops in this movie so hot? WTF?!

Lucy pretends to have to go to the bathroom and tricks the hot dumb cop. She knocks him with the bathroom door and steals a key card to make her escape. Detective bangs chases after Lucy, but as a stroke of luck would have it, Antoine pulls up and provides Lucy with a getaway car. They drive around as Lucy recaps everything that has been happening and Antoine confirms that his father is the worst. They hideout in his secret studio he rents to do his painting. They rest and he wraps Lucy in a blanket that is straight out of the Golden Girls. They weirdly talk about not wanting to pretend to be sister and brother anymore, which isn’t really an issue because THEY AREN’T! She asks him to sleep with her in a twin bed and he agrees. (And that, my friends, is true love.)

Blanche Devereaux is missing her comforter

Lucy has terrible nightmares about the murder and wakes up to Antoine sketching her as she sleeps. He tells her that she is beautiful and inspiring to him. They kiss again and are falling in love while on the run.

Lucy’s dad comes to Paris and works with the foreign exchange program coordinator to try and track down Lucy. He asks her to meet him in a cafe so they can figure out what to do. When they met Catherine turns out to be BANGS DETECTIVE. (I really should have known!) Lucy and Antonie makes a runs for it while Lucy’s dad grabs Bangs Detective’s gun.

The bangs weren’t even hidden! I should have known!

Antoine’s mom is really going through it. Madeline helped set Lucy up for the murder and is upset that her son is helping Lucy. They meet in a funeral and she admits that the man who was murdered was Antoine’s REAL father. The family moment is interrupted by Remy and his henchmen, who knock Antoine out and kidnap Lucy.

Remy starts tazing everyone when they yell at him. IDK!

She was really screaming!

Meanwhile, Lucy is thrown in a trunk of a car and taken to the woods by the henchmen. He digs her a grave and makes her watch him. Lucy sobs and says she doesn’t want to die as the man raises the shovel. He asks her to stop crying and she does. Lucy knees him in the balls and runs through the woods with her hands zip tied. She makes it back to the car and gets away and. the first thing she does is call Antoine on another phone she finds. (Remy intercepts the message.)

Lucy’s dad lawyers up and calls his friend Reuben. He also talks with the US embassy to get things straightened out with his daughter.

Lucy goes to Vincent’s apartment and asks him to help her. He hides her because, of course, his parole officer shows up. He tells Vincent that they will wait for Lucy to show up and kill her at Remy’s request. Lucy knock the parole officer out with a beer bottle and they go to Antoine’s house. Vincent picks the lock and they get inside.

Antoine and his mother are tied up in the study. When Antoine come to, the frees himself and prepares to fight Remy himself. Vincent holds Remy with the taser and Remy tries to win Antoine over with a sob story about fatherhood. It doesn’t work. Detective Bangs shows up and it turns out she has been working with Remy all along. She has been doing his bidding to get the commander position.

Lucy tells Detective Bangs to just shoot her already. When she can’t do it, Remy kills her and then comes for Lucy and Antoine next.

Why is Lucy serving it here?!?!

There is a struggle over the gun and everyone is saved!

One week later, Lucy is heading back to the US with her father. Antoine gives Lucy a picture he made of her. I’m not sure if it is good, but she seems to like it! He promises to study abroad next semester in America. Hopefully that will be a better experience than Lucy had in Paris, which was NOT just one night as the title of the movie suggests.

Side Note/Stray Thoughts

Also Known as: From Paris with Danger

The actors speaking English in French accents was really weird. Like, I know its a movie, but we all speak English for Lucy’s sake?

Overall rating 

Numbers of Kills: 🔪🔪 (2 knives)

Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale):🍷🍷 (2 Glasses of Wine)

Should you watch it?: Put a Cork in It (Skip It)

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