The Serial Killer Seduced Me (2023 Lifetime)


The Serial Killer Seduced Me (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Tess Cline, Allen Williamson, Ali Zahiri, Kristi Murdock

Director: Dylan Vox

Writer: Jeremy M. Inman, Naomi L. Selfman

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Chloe, an aspiring artist, accidentally takes credit for a mysterious painting of a murdered woman, she is forced to uncover the truth of its origin before the killer sets their sights on her next. What she finds is a history of murdered models all leading back to the unknown painter, a serial killer with a grudge against the young artist who stole their work, whether intentionally or not. With no one to trust, Chloe must avoid the nefarious interests of the high stakes art world and discover the truth before the killer decides to Picture Her Dead. Starring Tess Cline, Ali Zahiri, and Allen Williamson (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts. 

The movie begins with a mysterious woman floundering around in a frock as a man paints her. After she tells him she is fine being his muse, she just wants to be his favorite one; he kills her.

Cut to an aspiring artist with boots, Chloe. She doesn’t have time to meet with essential art people because she works as a nurse’s assistant in a nursing home. It is very time-consuming work, and elderly people are a lot to manage. (Especially because they all hate Chloe, haha!)

Lillian is the one resident who has taken a shine to Chloe. They bond over art galleries and their favorite artist. Chloe gives Lillian a painting she made, and in exchange, Lillian gives Chloe a key necklace to her home and tells her to “be careful” before coughing and taking a nap. (Old people are so weird!)

Chloe uses the key to visit Lillian’s home. Inside she looks for whatever it is she is supposed to be finding. Chloe comes across a painting and takes it out of the house. She brings it to Lillian and shows her the illustration. It is of the woman in the frock pre-murder. Lillian doesn’t want the painting near her because it is too valuable.

The artist didn’t even paint the FROCK!!!

In the middle of the night, a masked figure sneaks into the nursing home and smothers Lillian to death with a pillow. Chloe finds her dead the next day and gets very upset. Her grieving is interrupted by an Art dealer/Manager named Chase, who wants to sell some of Chloe’s art to a high-end client putting on an art show. Chloe tells him it isn’t a good time but hurriedly signs a contract and gives Chase keys to her home to pick out whatever.

Chase looks through her artwork and finds the picture of the Frock woman. He selects that and a few others for sale, unknowingly putting himself and Chloe in danger. She gets a showing in a major art gallery based on the painting.

At the showing, Chloe is horrified to see the Lillian painting and tells Chase it isn’t her work, but she goes along with it when Gallery Owner, Marcel, sings her praises. Chase tells Chloe they signed a contract and must go along with it. The painting has a buyer, and it would look bad for both of them. Things escalate even further when an art-magazine reporter named Ariande interviews Chloe. They are interrupted by the woman’s husband in the photo, Marissa Goss, who screams that Chloe is a fraud.

A handsome man, Luke, talks to Chloe and congratulates her on an impressive first showing. She is obviously not in the mood for flirting.

The husband meets Chloe outside and asks how she got the painting of his murdered wife. Chloe tries to explain, but Chase shouts over her, and the scene becomes chaotic. Then a car runs a stop sign and hits the husband.

They say acting is reacting

Chase has strange mood swings. (That I thought would pay off into something, but he is just a jerk.) One minute he supports Chloe and her new career; the other, he is possessive and controlling. Chase holds the secret of Chloe being an impostor over her head to make her do his bidding. He wants her to paint portraits of murdered women.

Luke runs into Chloe “randomly,” and the two go to lunch. She offers to teach him how to paint. As she leaves the impromptu date, the art reporter, Ariande, questions Chloe about her upcoming collection. Chloe promises she won’t be painting dead girls anymore.

Then she realizes that the signature on the painting is a Roman numeral, not letters, and Marissa Goss, AKA Frock Lady was the 5th victim. Chloe goes to Lillian’s house and finds more portraits of women in an air duct. Chloe calls Chase and asks him for help.

Chase is an asshole and blackmails Chloe into giving him the paintings to sell rather than solving any murder mystery. (He also calls her Nancy Drew, which…. really? There is no other female detective by now?!) She fires him later after another outburst.

Chloe blows off some steam on a date with Luke, and she is very into him. Too bad he is very into Lillian’s house key and steals it during an intense makeout session.

Then we see the artist/killer painting his next portrait. It is of Chloe!!!

Luke continues to hang around and help Chloe bring some art supplies to her apartment. Luke is surprised to see Chloe’s art because it looks nothing like what she showed at the art gallery. Chloe is stuck artistically and doesn’t know what to paint anymore, and Luke tells her to slash the painting. So she does it with a butcher knife. He is freaked out but maybe turned on. They have sex, and NOW Chloe is inspired and starts painting frantically. (What turns out is really dumb looking. I think Chloe shouldn’t quit her day job.)

Remember Chloe’s nursing home job? She didn’t either and just ditched work. Chloe goes back to work to see if Rona knows anything about Lillian. Rona tells Chloe that Lillian had a hot son, and all of her stuff moved into storage in the basement. There she finds some creepy dolls and Ariande! Ariande tells Chloe that she knows about the paintings and serial killing connection. Finally, Chloe comes clean and tells Ariande everything while being recorded for the story. The reporter asks Chloe not to go to the police until she can break the story. (Suspicious!)

Chase stands over the bed with a knife as Chloe sleeps and steals her key necklace. He finds the paintings in Lillian’s house, but the killer kills him.

Chole realizes that her necklace is missing and that Chase stole it the last time he saw her. She thinks he stole the paintings because they are no longer in their hiding spot.

Luke takes Chloe on another date, and this time he brings her to his apartment, where he has an impressive art collection and an old-school record player. He has a lot of antiquities. He has a present for her and takes Chloe to his bedroom. She misses a text from Rona telling her that Luke is Lillian’s son. The gift is her portrait in the serial killer series.

Luke/Julian tells Chloe she is his muse, and when he tries to kiss her, she stabs him with a paintbrush. Chloe escapes via one of those old-school elevators.

Ariande is downstairs and wants to take a picture for evidence. She convinces Chloe to GO BACK WITH HER?!!??! They look at the picture, and Ariande starts crying when she sees her portrait; she asks Chloe which one is her favorite.

Luke rushes into the room screaming and tries to explain, but Chloe won’t listen and stabs him again with another paintbrush. This time it is fatal? (HOW SHARP ARE PAINT BRUSHES?!)

Ariande was his original muse, and she became jealous when he replaced her. The murders were an act of revenge, and she had been looking for Luke ever since he went into hiding from her. As Ariande tells Chloe all of this, she pulls out a gun, and just as she is about to pull the trigger, Luke knocks her out and saves Chloe. He says all the blood was red paint, so they planned the whole thing to entrap Ariande? (It seems a bit convoluted)

Chloe eventually has a painting in an art gallery, and it is of Lillian. Rona is there to support her friend, and Luke/Julian is there as her boyfriend. (Paintbrush stabbing forgiven!) The End!

Side Note/Stray Thoughts

Also Known as: Picture Her Dead (Better title IMO!)

I wanted Rona to save her friend in the end! Rona needs her own movie!!!

Kristi Murdock playing a villain was fun here; the justification for her killing was understandable. I mean, who hasn’t been replaced as a muse?!?

Minority Report: Mrs. Gifford, Rona, Marissa Goss, Marissa’s husband,

Overall rating 

Numbers of Kills: 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 (5 knives, maybe 10 if you count the painting victims!)

Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale) 🍷🍷 (2 Glasses of Wine, need to see more of Luke and Chloe planning to take down Ariande.)

Should you watch it?

Pour it up! (Give it a shot)

What did you think of the movie? Let me know in the comments or on social media @LifetimeUncorked & @patrickmiguel 
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  1. Weird movie. Explain the ending for me. So both Chloe and Luke knew all along that the reporter was the serial killer? I was really hoping that Chase guy would be the killer.

    That title is also deceiving.

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