Hiding from My Husband (2023 Lifetime)


Hiding from My Husband (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Kayla Fields, Mike Markoff, Sam Schweikert, Anne Patterson

Director: John Murlowski

Writer: Not Listed

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Fleeing her abusive husband Peter, Jess takes their son Noah and finds refuge in her sister’s place in California. Yet a paranoid Jess keeps thinking she sees Peter following her everywhere and can’t shake him. When Peter is unexpectedly pronounced dead in an accident, Jess thinks she is finally free of him yet sights of him still persist. Is Peter really dead? Or is he still out to find her? Stars Kayla Fields, and Mike Markoff (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts. 

The movie begins in a luxury San Francisco home where things aren’t as nice as they seem. Jessica is in an abusive relationship with her slick, controlling husband, Peter. 

After a particularly (off-screen, thankfully) bad argument that leaves Jessica with a black eye, she packs her bags. She seems to have an escape plan for herself and her son, Noah. Passports, cash, clothes, stuffed animals, trophies, and family photos are ready. (Wait, what? Jessica, stop packing and get out of there.) Jessica calls her sister, Rachel, for a ride. Rachel declines because she has a big lawyer case.

It was the trophy that sent me

Just as Jessica is about to call a rideshare, Peter comes home. He has flowers delivered and sends a note, but when he sees they haven’t been put in water, he knows Jessica is leaving him. Peter screams after her and is like, “JESSICA! Wait, why r u leaving?”

Jessica goes to Noah’s school and creates a scene dragging Noah out of class. His teacher says she needs to talk with the principal and call security to stop them. They get away and head towards the train station. (THIS IS SO SUSPENSEFUL FOR THE FIRST FEW MINS!)

Noah asks what is going on, and Jessica explains, “Sometimes… sometimes, moms and dads fight.” Noah puts his phone in airplane mode. They make it to the train station and then on a boat to head to an island town where Rachel lives. (So how was Rachel going to give them a ride?)

Rachel shows them around the house and is excited to have people stay with her. Peter is already blowing up Rachel’s phone. He knows exactly where Jessica and Noah are. Peter also leaves Jessica 25 new voicemails, and she listens to them all. Then, she throws her phone and Noah’s phone in the ocean, along with her wedding ring.

Jessica works with Rachel to get an order of protection, a new home, and a job, all within 24 hours of getting there. “Sisters are doing it for themselves!” (Amiright?!)

Noah explores the island and talks to a man named Cory. (Who looks like a younger version of Peter.) Cory just happens to be the handyman for their new house. He installs security cameras and is generally helpful/cute.

As Jessica gets settled, she randomly learns where the electrical box is in a creepy basement. She wakes up in the night and feels unnerved. Then she finds the security cameras in the trash.

At the new school, a student named Todd inappropriately hits on Jessica since she is a younger substitute. Jessica puts him in his place and impresses another teacher passing by named Matt. Matt asks her to join him for lunch.

He could objectify me! That would be fine.

Noah spends more time with Cory, and Jessica sets a boundary with Cory because he is not an age-appropriate friend. Little does Jessica know that Noah has lots of random friends online from playing video games.

Peter “died in a car accident,” Rachel shares the news with Jessica, who is overwhelmed with conflicting emotions. Shock, relief, and sadness all play on Kayla Fields face. (She is a good actress.) Matt comes over to listen to Jessica and help her deal with how she is feeling. They were supposed to go on a date, and he understands that she needs some time. (Jessica continues to have flashbacks and panic attacks about Peter’s abuse.) The feeling still remains that someone is watching her, and Jessica goes to the library to confirm that Peter is dead. The article says the body is unidentifiable.

I love how to the point this article is, haha!

Noah learns that his dad is dead and cries in his mother’s arms. Jessica had been holding off on telling him because she was convinced that Peter faked his own death and is alive, but the kid found out. Noah is really looking for a father figure and even talks with Matt.

Rachel gets the will, and Jessica and Noah stand to inherit millions. Jessica doesn’t believe it and continues to research online for clues. Then she receives a letter full of dead bugs and a threatening letter! Noah is also missing; the family photo has Jessica’s eyes scratched out. Then the power goes out in the house. Jessica is convinced that It is Peter and grabs a knife. She gets into a scuffle with Peter, and Matt shows up just in time to knock him out.

The police arrive, and Jessica is surprised to learn the home intruder was NOT Peter; it was Cory. (Who is a vagabond and has been robbing homes for months.) Matt offers to let Jessica and Noah stay at his place while the cops figure out what the hell is going on. Then Noah doesn’t come home from school. Peter picks him up from school, calls Jessica, and asks him to join him for some quality family time.

Jessica and Rachel drive to the hiking trails on the cliffs to meet Peter. When they arrive, they find Peter basically holding his son over the edge. Peter tells Jessica that she looks terrible. Noah stands up to his father and calls him poison. Rachel walks up and informs Peter that he is in violation of his restraining order. (Not helpful, gurl!!!!)

Rachel and Jessica wrestle with Peter to give Noah a chance to get away and get help. Then, Peter charges at Jessica, and she steps aside, sending Peter flying off the cliff like a Loony Toons Cartoon. (We all saw that coming, right? I literally slow clapped.)

WHAT I DIDN’T see coming was Rachel calling the cops to report a murder. Rachel claims that Jessica pushed Peter off the cliff. (TWIST!) Rachel has been bitter her whole life for being left at home to take care of their sick parents. Rachel lost her job and needs money really badly. She calls her sister ungrateful and plotted the whole thing to become Noah’s legal guardian after killing Peter and her sister. Noah records the whole villain monologue after getting Matt and the police to come help. Rachel is taken into custody.

For a backstabbing sister, she still looks great!

Jessica, Noah, and Matt all hug and look over the cliffs happily. The end!!!!

Never mind the fact that Peter just died here!

Side Note/Stray Thoughts

I really liked how this movie didn’t glorify or fetishize the abuse that Jessica suffered. Most lifetime viewers don’t need to SEE the abuse portrayed on film to understand the torment Jessica went through. Leaving it to the viewer’s imagination is a better choice.

Lifetime KWEEN Olivia Olivia Buckle makes a small appearance as the school principal.

Aww, man, Mike Markoff is the bad guy! He is so hot. Can he at least be a shirtless bad guy? Come on, Lifetime! 

Minority Report: Toni, Security Guard,

Overall rating 

Numbers of Kills: 🔪 (1 knife)

Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale): 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 Glasses of Wine)

Should you watch it?: Pour it up! (Give it a shot)

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  1. The movie was very meh for me the entire time, then the super cartoony jump and fall of the husband made me list this as a skip,

    1. OMG that fall was straight out of a cartoon, only missing that “Yahooooooooooo” sound effect as he fell. Thank you for the comment! I love to hear your thoughts.

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