Stalked by my Stepsister (2023 Lifetime)


Stalked by my Stepsister (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Christa Rose, Eva Igo, Cait Collins, Kiki Yellam

Director: John Burd, Logan Giese

Writer: John Burd Chip Waldron

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When 17-year-old Maddy Andrews discovers her seemingly perfect new stepsister has a sinister dark side, she must find a way to protect herself, and her mother–or risk becoming the latest in a long line of victims. Stars Eva Igo, and Christa Rose (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts.

The movie starts off with a dead girl by a cozy fire; a gloved hand places a suicide note in the body’s well-manicured hand. 

Cut to athematic running college hopeful Maddy. Maddy’s boyfriend helps her train, and he is into her “sordid” past. When Maddy gets home, she is surprised to learn she has a new stepsister, Devon, who is studying abroad but is back in town. The surprise catches Maddie off guard, and Devon agrees the situation is strange and claims it wasn’t her idea.

Maddy vents to her friend Gia over the phone, and Devon listens from the doorway. Gia rushes over and crashes a family dinner. Laura and Short King Ken invite her to join them and encourage the girls to hang out together.

They waste no time. And go out for an after-dinner coffee. Gia thinks Devon is more like a Stepford Sister and super lame. Devon talks about her dad’s previous fiance, who killed herself in the house. Then she smashes a family photo of Laura, Kent, and Maddy because it doesn’t include her. She also gets weird when she learns Laura is decorating the house. (By weird, I mean she burns the design plans over the stove.) Then she tampers with Laura’s ladder while she paints and sends her flying off and down the stairs. Her injuries turn out to be minor.

Devon takes care of Laura or looks for opportunities to smother her will pillows. 

Laura was supposed to cook dinner for Kent’s bosses. Instead, Maddy offers to cook and enlists Gia to help. They are extra cautious not to include shellfish because his boss is allergic. Devon tries to help in the kitchen but can’t help making shady comments. When she sees a locket Keny and Laura gifted Maddy, she becomes jealous and puts shellfish in the food.

While eating dinner, one of the diners goes into anaphylactic shock. Kent’s boss is horrified, and they rush to the ER. He survives, and Kent’s relationship with his boss is severely damaged. Laura shames her daughter, much to the delight of Devon. 

Maddy asks Gia if she has anything to do with the shellfish incident. Gia tells Maddy to be more concerned about her stepsister than her. Especially after Devon slyly threatens Gia by telling her about her dad’s fiance, who died, and then saying that Gia reminds her of the dead woman. Gia calls Maddy and asks her to meet at the library at 10. (Devon overhears the conversation.) Devon locks Gia upstairs of the library and chases her in a black hoodie. Then she pushes Gia over the railing. When Maddy gets to the library, she finds Gia’s body lying on a table. 

Gia ends up in a coma in the hospital, somehow! The outlook doesn’t seem good. Police are looking into what happened, and a detective questions Maddy about their meeting. Devon talks to the detective first and does some table-setting about Maddy to make her look bad. The detective thinks that Maddy might have something to do with Gia’s injury, and it causes Laura to freak out on her daughter. (Her sordid past is coming back!!)

Kent and Laura argue about Maddy’s police record. As they argue, Devon listens outside and smiles.

At the hospital, Maddy finds an article that Gia printed out about the death of Kent’s fiance. It prompts Maddy to do her own online research and look into a woman named Maureen. She finds her business website and calls. Maureen tells Maddy that Devon is very dangerous and to be careful. They set up a meeting. Did Devon hear the details this time? 

Ian joins Maddy for a run before the meeting. She has an asthma attack, and the cartridge in her inhaler is missing. Ian calls the paramedics, and they miss the meeting with Maureen. Maddy is sure that Devon is behind the incident. 

Maureen visits Maddy in the hospital and tells her about Kent’s fiance, Teresa. Devon broke into her house, and Teresa told Kent. Even though the police ruled Teresa’s death a suicide, Maureen swears that Devon poisoned her friend. She tells Maddy to get her mother out of the house because they will be next. Maureen leaves the hospital but doesn’t make it out of the parking lot; Devon kills her from the backseat with a plastic bag. (ALWAYS CHECK YOUR BACKSEAT!!!) Devon plants Maddy’s locket at the scene of the crime to frame her for the murder. 

Maddy comes home and tries to warn her mother, but Devon interrupts. Maddy tells Devon to go to hell essentially, and Devon tells her to watch what she says. Maddy snoops through Devon’s room and searches for anything incriminating. She finds a box with photos of her and her mom’s faces scraped out, along with her inhaler cartridge, a creepy dolly, and Gia’s notebook. All the evidence is neatly packed up! 

Kent and Laura go out of town for a business trip, and Maddy is relieved because her mom won’t be around Devon. Devon talks Laura out of going so she can be alone with her. Devon calls Maddy and says she will take care of her mother.

Devon confronts Laura on the stairs and attacks her. Then she lurks around the house with a box cutter. As she does, Devon gives her villain monologue.

Maddy runs from work and stops Devon from stabbing her mother; then, she goes into an asthma attack.

Devon goes into the mirror to practice being sweet, and when she returns, Maddy smashes her over the head with a vase. The girls fight until Laura smashes Devon in the face with a ladder. The police show up as the mother and daughter rush out of the house. 

Laura drops her daughter off at college, and Kent is MIA. Devon isn’t; he is also at the new college, stalking her stepsister. 

Side Note/Stray Thoughts

There was a lot of talk about how Sweet Devon looked. I didn’t see it! She looks shady from the start.

Gia had some great comebacks in this movie. I could have watched her and Devon go at it the whole movie.

Overall rating

 Numbers of Kills: 🔪🔪 (2 knives)

Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale) 

🍷🍷🍷 (3 Glasses of Wine)

Should you watch it?

Pour it up! (Give it a shot)

Put a Cork in It (Skip It)

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  1. The lead in this movie reminded me of a young Kristen Stewart (back when she starred in the twilight movie saga). Also I’m glad they bought back the strangle in car scenes. Those are one of my favorite parts of watching Lifetime and it’s a shame we don’t see them as much.

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