Cyberstalker (2012 Lifetime)

Before Schitt’s Creek and Emmy acclaim, Dan Levy was just a Canadian stalker in a Lifetime Movie.

Cyberstalker (2012 Lifetime)

Cast:  Mischa BartonRon LeaMarco GrazziniDan Levy

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

An online stalker torments a young woman. (2012)


The movie starts with stats about cyberstalking and shares that this story is based on true events. Cue a bunch of dated computer technology and someone in a hoodie hacking. It is like The Net with Sandra Bullock but on Lifetime!

Aiden (“Teenage” Mischa Barton with a green hairstreak) is a high school student stalked online and in person. The stalker breaks into her childhood bedroom and lies on her bed while sniffing her pillows. It is creepy AF. The family comes home and have no clue that the stalker is in their home. They do know about the stalker because he calls and emails regularly. Aiden puts on some headphones to listen to some music while her parents are murdered. She manages to get away, alive.

Flash to thirteen years later, Aiden is an artist in PA with her friend or maybe therapist, Jill. (Oh wow, Misha Baron is a terrible actress!!!) Aiden is a successful painter and will be working with a hunk named Paul.

Dan Levy shows up in this movie as an IT detective in a wheelchair named Jack. He is helping another detective track down Aiden. Picture Dan Levy sitting in front of a large screen while talking in tech jargon (“E-Lator” is the search site he uses to find the location of one of Aiden’s paintings.)It is Like CSI Miami! Dan Levy is Canadain, so it was only a matter of time before I found him in a Lifetime movie; I just didn’t think it would be THIS. Detectives locate the GPS coordinates and trail Aiden.

Adien and Paul grow closer, and they almost kiss, but she pumps the breaks because she can’t be in a relationship. They say goodnight, and Adien is surprised to see Detective Page at her door. He tells her that if he found her, her stalker could too. The detective parks his car outside her house for protection and plans to change the locks. The detective looks into Paul and thinks he could be a suspect. 

The stalker trips the power (with an on/off slidey thing on his computer.) at Adien’s place because he found her home with the “E-Lator” too. He poses as a repairman and installs nanny cams all over Adien’s apartment.

Paul and Adien go on a date. It seems to be going well, until Detective Page calls and tells Adien that he thinks Paul could have murdered her parents. She has a panic attack and locks herself in the bathroom. Paul leaves the date confused and concerned. 

The stalker watches Adien online and messes with the lights some more. He looks at a highschool picture of Aiden and says “goodnight” in a distorted voice. Then he hears her talk to her therapist and books an appointment with Jill. Then his roommate bust in and calls 911. The stalker breaks his neck, grabs his computers, and rents an apartment in Adien’s building.

Dan Levy continues to look into suspects for Detective Page. They clear Paul but begin to suspect another detective on the team.  

With Paul in the clear, Adien invites him over for takeout and makeout time. They are interrupted by a call from therapist Jill, who calls to warn Adien about her new client. The hacker hacks into the traffic light system and causes Jill to walk into oncoming traffic and die. (She should have looked both ways.)

Adien goes down to the station with Detective Page and meets Dan Levy. He give her his card and tells her to call him if she needs anything. Paul is also there for Adien and decides to stay for the night. In the middle of the night the stalker breaks in and lays in bed with Adien. She gets spooked and runs around her apartment, screaming. For some unexplained reason, she asks Paul to leave, so she can be alone with the stalker.

The next day Paul receives a text from “Detective Page” and meets him in a parking garage. Paul is confused when a bunch of car alarms go off. (The stalker triggers them somehow.) Then he is run off the top of the parking structure by someone on a motorcycle. Paul survives the fall and tells Adien to check his text messages; they implicate Detective Page. Adien calls Dan Levy and gets up a meeting to see what her options are.

At her apartment, Adien and Dan Levy look at files on his computer. He confirms that Detective Page looks guilty. He was the first responder on the scene of her parent’s murder and obsessed over Adien ever since. Dan Levy feels terrible because he leads Detective Page right to Adien. He apologizes and “helps” Adien get answers. Even finding incriminating photos on his laptop.

When Dan Levy starts talking about how much her stalker must love her, Adien begins to get weirded out… but not enough to ask him to leave. Paul calls Adien, but her number has been disconnected. He leaves the hospital and rushes to help his maybe new girlfriend. 

Detective Page knows Adien is in danger and tries to warn her. It is too late. Dan Levy stands up in his wheelchair and tazes Adien and Detective Page. (Like A LOT!) Adien takes the laptop and runs upstairs to get her gun. She tries to call 911 on the laptop, but Dan Levy cuts the power. 

Dan Levy goes into his villain monologue and asks why she never loved him. He pulls out his gun and tells her he would kill himself for her. She hits him with a bad and says, “Please Do!” 

Paul rushes in and tries to stop Dan Levy, but he is shot. Detective Page comes to and shoots Dan Levy before he can kill Adien too. He dies dramatically on the floor.

Six Months Later, Adien and Paul are together and heading off to PARIS! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Paul, 

Dan Levy playing a character who uses a wheelchair is not necessary and problematic!

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