Honor Student (2014 Lifetime)

Niall Matter pre-Hallmark

Honor Student (2014 Lifetime)

Cast: Josie LorenNiall MatterShauna Johannesen

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

At a book signing for his best seller, Nicholas Howarth is confronted by sexy Teresa Smith, who says he stole the story when he was her teacher in a woman’s prison. Teresa has killed before and won’t be stopped as she sets out to destroy Nicholas’s reputation, his marriage, and his life in her goal to write the final chapter of Honor Student.



Nicholas Howarth is a SEXY AF English teacher in a woman’s prison. Prisoner Teresa is remarkably uninterested in the class and writes her own romance novels about an Honor student sleeping with her teacher and killing him. Nicholas encourages her to write more and doesn’t seem the least bit concerned. (He also steals the idea.)

Five years later, Nicholas’s wife Lana is pregnant. They have had trouble conceiving, so Lana keeps the pregnancy a secret from her husband. She tells her sister Shannon instead. Nicolas has been suffering from writer’s book since his last hit.

At a book signing, Teresa shows up and lets him know she is onto his idea thieving ways. Maybe, don’t plagiarize from a convicted felon. It won’t work out well. 

Teresa shows up at Nick’s house and demands that he give her half of the money he made off of her ideas that he stole. She deletes the manuscript he is working on and tells Nick that she will go to the press. Lana finds them together and thinks Nick is cheating on her. 

Nick agrees to give Teresa a $10,000 loan. She declines his offer and messes with his chicken coop. (Low stakes in this movie, I guess.) Then she plants a condom wrapper in the couple’s bedroom to make it looks like Nick is having an affair. Lana finds the planted evidence and accuses her husband of cheating. Nick comes clean about Teresa blackmailing him. The stress is too much for Lana and the baby, she moves in with her sister. They drink wine, and Lana obsesses over the situation she is in.

Teresa breaks into the house again and cooks Nick some dinner. He violently tries to kick her out, and they fight over a knife, sexily. The chemistry between the two actors is on fire! 

Nick goes to the police station and tells the Sheriff what is going on. The Sheriff looks up Teresa’s crime that put her in jail. She killed her professor. The Sheriff suggests “catching Teresa” in the act. Nick sets up a meeting with Teresa and then is inspired to write. Teresa is his muse. He writes all night long and saves the story to a flash drive.

The sting operation doesn’t go well. Teresa is onto him and doesn’t accept the $10,000. The Sheriff is sure that Nick is cheating and quickly turns on him. Teresa steals his new book’s flash drive and extorts him for half the money and co-writing credit. He agrees but then deletes her name and hides the flash drive better. (Haha, he tapes it to a picture frame.)

Teresa cooks for Nick while he writes. She encourages him and dotes on him like a homemaker. Over a meal, Teresa opens up about why she killed her professor. He was sleeping with another student, so she shot him. 

Contract negotiations happen. When things don’t go Teresa’s way, she angrily tells him to sign it and punches him in the face and threatens to kill his wife and baby in childbirth. YIKES! Then she kills a book store owner and submits the manuscript to the publisher. 

Nick learns of the news and screams that he is going to “kill that little bitch!” (Hearing Niall Matter yell bitch, multiple times, was amusing due to his Hallmark wholesome image he has today.) Teresa fakes an assault to get what she wants. 

Lana, remember her? She is back and angry with her husband for neglecting her. Lana tells him that she is pregnant and needs him to take care of her. Teresa finds Lana and Erica while they are on a shopping trip. She runs them off the road and holds them hostage while Nick writes his next masterpiece.

The Sheriff gets a call when shots are fired, and he heads over to Nick’s house. Lana takes matters into her own hands and puts blood pressure medication into Teresa, with an omelet. (The specificity here is super random.) Teresa continues to hold Nick at gunpoint while he writes.

The Sheriff is shot, and Teresa steals the manuscript. Lana and Erica make a run for it. Nick chases after Teresa leaving his wife to save his novel. Nick apologizes for stealing her idea. Teresa doesn’t shoot him because she doesn’t want to go back to prison and actually likes what he wrote.

Nick turns the tables on Teresa and holds her at gunpoint and forces her to write. Then the book is published?!?!? Teresa is a successful writer in prison. It may be the most random ending ever, but also… uplifting? 

Side Note

Minority Report: Wanda, Teresa, Doctor

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2014 Lifetime

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