My Sweet Audrina (2016 Lifetime)

My Sweet Audrina (2016 Lifetime)

Cast: India EisleyWilliam MoseleyJames Tupper

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Living in her family’s secluded mansion, Audrina is kept alone and out of sight and is haunted by nightmares of her older sister, First Audrina, who was left for dead in the woods after an attack. As she begins to question her past and her disturbing dreams, the grim truth is slowly revealed.


VC Andrews again. Yikes!

The movie begins at a funeral. Audrina is named after the first Audrina, who died when she was nine. Audrina isn’t like an average child. She doesn’t go to school and is banned from the woods. Her parents are incredibly overprotective. She has a crush on the caretaker’s son, Arden, but isn’t allowed to leave the house. Audrina is kept inside and taught to play the piano while living in Frist Audrina’s shadow. Cousin Vera bullies Audrina and tells the town how strange she is.  

Her father takes Audrina to a room full of dolls and maybe molests her? He tells her to be sweet like First Audrina, and she has visions of her death or being kidnapped in the woods. Then Audrina is drugged and in a constant hazy state. 

Time passes, and Audrina is a teenager. Her mother died in childbirth and lost the baby. Her father lets her leaves the house to take piano lessons with a handsome teacher named Lemar Rensdale. He tells her of New York and is impressed with her piano skills. Vera learns that Audrina is taking classes and seduces the piano teacher before Audrina can.

On her way home from a lesson, Audrina runs into Arden, who invites her on a date. He fishes while shirtless and makes a picnic for her. He is sweet and Audrina’s first friend. Vera interrupts that too and steals Arden’s attention with a sexy bikini. Audrina’s father finds her in a bathing suit and drags her into the woods to the spot where First Audrina was murdered. He tells Audrina to be sweet and obedient like First Audrina. 

That is where the movie ends on streaming! I have no idea what happens after that. If Lifetime Movie Club fixes the issue, I will come back and finish the recap! Sorry, Y’All! I was surprisingly kind of interested.

Side Note

Minority Report: None

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime

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