Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret (2013 Lifetime)

Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret (2013 Lifetime)

Cast: Tania RaymondeJesse Lee SofferLeah Pipes

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Based on the disturbing murder trial that gripped the nation, this Lifetime Original Movie tells the story of a seductive, aspiring photographer found guilty of killing her former lover


Jodi takes sexy nude pictures with her hunky shirtless man. Then we cut to a bloody bathroom and Jodi calling 911. There is a man dead in the shower.

Las Vagas 2006 at a conference for success. Motivation speaker, Travis Alexander. Jodi Arias is in attendance; she is blonde now and listens in to Alexander and Nick talking. Jodi follows Travis into the men’s room and tells him that she liked his talk. They flirt and have a lovely evening. He is Mormon, so he turns down her sexual advances. Jodi plays it cool but quickly becomes obsessive and jealous. She seduces him with “dancing” sexy. (It is hilarious.)

An artistically shot sex scene happens with strong male back and lots of hair flipping. Afterward, Jodi takes pictures of Travis while he sleeps and looks at him intensely. 

Jodi visits Travis in Mesa, Arizona. She throws a party and plays the hostess, even though she doesn’t live there. Jodi gets angry that Travis isn’t more interested in her as a person. She wants more alone time that doesn’t revolve around sex. Jodi asks him if she is his “Dirty little secret.” He takes her around the world on lavish trips and takes more pictures.

Jodi isn’t wrong; she IS Travis’s dirty little secret. Members of his church judge him for being with Jodi; he won’t even acknowledge Jodi as his girlfriend and talks about marry a Mormon woman someday. His friend Nick calls Jodi a “three hold wonder.” Jodi calls during a bible study and hears GIRLS. Jodi is very jealous and smashes her phone on the dashboard and then has serious road rage. 

The two fight terribly; the only time they don’t is when they are having sex. Travis is sexually addicted to Jodi. She tells him she will become a Mormon and then goes down on him in a hot tub. When she comes up, she is baptized. It is a funny edit.

Jodi overhears Travis’s friends warning him not to get too serious with her. Travis doesn’t want to marry Jodi and tells her that she is too much. He breaks up with her, and she pretty cries. 

The producers spent a pretty penny on Evanescence, “Bring me to life.” for a good old fashion, stalking montage. Jodi to town and takes pictures of him going on dates with Mormon Katie. Then she puts on the most booty featuring shorts and “runs into” Travis at the store. He hired her as a sexy maid, and they have sex. Travis immediately regrets his decision and asks her not to tell anyone they are hooking up again.

To prove to Travis how “cool with it” they are friends, she sends him explicit pictures of her having sex with another man. Then she leaks shirtless pics of Travis and sends them to his work clients, slashes his tires, and later breaks into his house and finds Travis and Katie sleep on the couch. She takes pictures of them and tapes them on the bathroom mirror.

Nick tries to warn his friend that the behavior is not normal, and he should involve the cops. Travis promises to have things under control. He calls Jodi and sternly tells her to leave him alone.

Threatening notes start finding their way to Katie, and Travis knows Jodi is behind them. He meets her in a park and screams at her to get out of his life. Them he says that he liked her and he NEVER loved her. That is too much for Jodi to hear. She dies her hair black, and plans her next move.

Katie breaks up with Travis, and he takes Jodi BACK?!?!?!?!?!? What the hell. They have sex… again, and she takes pictures of him. Afterward, Travis takes a shower and sings, Jodi sees a text message from Katie. The women start messaging back and forth, and Jodi realizes that she is being used again. She takes the camera and takes pictures of Travis in the shower naked. He thinks she is joking and goes along with it; then she stabs him multiple times. (29 to be exact.) He is too stunned to fight back and holds up his hands in self-defense. He tries to crawl away from her, but she drags him back and slits his throat. (Almost decapitating him.) As if that wasn’t enough, she also shoots him. It is one the most gruesome murders I’ve seen on Lifetime, EVER.

Detectives investigate and find a camera in the washing machine. Six weeks later, Jodi Arias is arrested. They recover the photos from the camera, pictures of the killing as it is happening. Detectives question Jodi, who is more focused on her appearance and working out. She denies everything and says she isn’t strong enough to stab him like that. 

Court happens, and Jodi claims that it was self-defense. It becomes a media circus, and their sex life is fair game in the press. Jodi claims that Travis was a sexual deviant. The lawyer shows evidence that the murder was premeditated, and she is found guilty of first-degree murder. 

Jodi sits in a cell and asks over and over why Travis didn’t love her back. Then she sings a Christmas song randomly. (O Holy Night for those who are wondering.) She is serving life in prison without the possibility of parole. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Sheri (In the token BFF role), Detective Flores, 

The amount of shirtless Jesse Lee Soffer was very nice!

I knew nothing about this case before watching this movie. Read more about the real-life case

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 (5 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2013 Lifetime


  1. i hope travis family knew and got money from this !!!! i don’t understand why ppl want to to make murder enertainment . it’s horrific . i haven’t seen the show as it’s hit out anymore.

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