With this Ring (2015 Lifetime)

With this Ring (2015 Lifetime)

Cast: Regina HallJill ScottEve

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After attending their friend Elise’s (Sudano) wedding on New Year’s Eve, Trista (Hall), a career-­driven talent agent, Viviane (Scott), a successful gossip columnist, and Amaya (Cooper), a struggling actress, make a pact to get married within the year to either a new love or a man waiting in the wings. But the close friends face their own set of challenges – Trista has not gotten over her commitment-­phobic ex-­boyfriend Damon (White), Viviane is secretly in love with Sean (George), the father of her son, and Amaya is desperate to break up her boyfriend Keith’s (Sanders) unhappy marriage so they can live happily ever after. Each woman starts the year with high hopes and dreams of what will happen over the next 12 months… but will they all make it to the altar?


Trista is a single a perpetually single woman and high-powered LA Agent. (1 in 2 black women will never get married.) People casually bring it up to her often and make matters worse; she is a bridesmaid. Trista hooks up with her ex-boyfriend after the rehearsal dinner. (Woah, that towel he is wearing the next morning was low, and I was okay with it.) 

Amaya and Vivian are Trista’s college friends. They help her pull herself together and get the wedding going. The bride, Elise, is very drunk, but the wedding goes off without a hitch. Until it is Trista’s time to give a speech, she sees her ex-boyfriend has a fiance and freaks out. Then Amaya (Eve) sings a terrible version of “Ol Lang Syne.”

Trista can’t understand why a college-educated, gainfully employed, and a beautiful black woman is having trouble getting married. Vivian and Amya also can’t understand it and agree to make a vow that hell or high water, they will be married or engaged… or else. 

Amaya is dating a music executive named Keith… who is married. Vivian is co-parenting with her doctor/baby daddy Shawn, but no ring on that finger. Trista is married to her work but has a sexy co-worker (who she hates) named Nate. 

The friends make online dating profiles while drinking wine. Cue a looking at dating profiles suspiciously montage. Then the dates start happening. Trista’s date seems promising until he is arrested at the table for grand theft auto. The bad dates keep coming. She is negged by a dater, meets a male stripper who doesn’t wear condoms, the final dater has blood on his shirt. Things aren’t going well for Vivian either; her date is obsessed with Jeopardy and calls her fat. 

Tarrence is a MAJOR movie star, and Trista is assigned to represent him. The professional and personal line is blurry, and her co-worker Nate is jealous. He tells Trista to keep things professional with Tarrence because he can take advantage. Nate also knows about the vow, because Trista sends him an email by mistake. Trista lands a large role for Tarrence and visits his house to tell him. She walks in on Tarrence with strippers and a gay male masseuse. Tarrence fires Trista, and she is let go from her agency. Nate helps her get back on her feet after she is so depressed she resorts to eating RAW PANCAKE BATTER.

GABRIELLE UNION IS IN THIS MOVIE? She plays Kitty, who is married to the man Amaya is trying to steal. Kitty tells Amaya off; little does she know that Amaya has pictures of Kitty hooking up with another man. 

Meanwhile, Viviane and Sean continue to co-parent, and she continues to pine over him. She takes the girls to Ohio and has a pool party. While the friends are arguing, Viviane calls Sean, and his girlfriend picks up the phone. Viviane is so upset that she has a heart attack. Sean rushes to the hospital to take care of her. Once she is out of the hospital, Vivian comes clean about her real feelings and plans to move to NYC. Before she moves, they have a hot sex scene. 

With Nate’s encouragement, Trista decides to start her own agency. Her first client is Amaya. Nate gives Trista a tip and lands Amaya a high profile audition. Amaya blows the audition but somehow lands the part.

Trista’s ex-boyfriend comes back and proposes to her, AND SHE SAYS YES?!?! Mostly because of the vow. At the engagement party, Trista hyperventilates while her new fiance sings terribly to her. Nate chases after Trista and gives an emotional monologue about happiness, and they kiss. 

Keith (Deion Sanders) comes to the party and asks Amaya to keep dating him without the title. She tells him to kick rocks and sends him on his way. 

Sean also proposes to Viviane. A lot of things happen at this party!!!!!

Christmas time happens, and Viviane and Amaya tell Trista to call off the wedding. She doesn’t, and an elaborate wedding happens. As she walks down the aisle, Trista gets cold feet and breaks up with her ex-boyfriend at the alter. Viviane asks to use the wedding for herself and Sean instead. We get a wedding, so I’m not mad.  

Amaya dates a teacher named Jeffery. Trista gives herself a motivational speech in the mirror and makes a vow to herself to choose happiness. Nate and Trista makeup and ring in the new year together.

Side Note

Minority Report: The entire movie featured Black actors in leading and supporting roles. Plus an LGBTQ Character. 

I liked that the child actors in this movie had no lines. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives, these should be hearts becuase of love.)

🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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