My Husband is Missing (2016 Lifetime)

My Husband is Missing (2016 Lifetime)

Cast: Daphne ZunigaAaron PearlNicole Muñoz

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A woman finds herself and her teenage daughter in danger when she helps the police investigate the kidnapping of her husband


Ann is a harried mother who works late shifts as a dental hygenist. She is raising her teenage daughter Casey with her husband, Dale. Dale rushes off to work, and an unmarked black van follows his car. (That is not good!) Allegedly hunky, Detective Barry finds Dale’s car on in a suburban side road with the window smashed and the engine running. Oh god. We get some CSI millennial tech wizard named Mike (complete with beanie and headphones!) review the footage and run the plates for the masked figure who abducted Dale. 

Ann is annoyed that Dale didn’t pick up Casey from school until Detective Barry tells her about Dale’s kidnapping. He is no-nonsense and shows her the footage that they retrieved. Then a ransom message comes in on Ann’s laptop, and she is horrified. Dale’s business partner, Mel, is there too. After seeing the video, he offers for Detective Barry to have access to their financial accounts. Detective Barry finds evidence of money laundering. Mel feigns ignorance and shock!

Ann and Detective Barry go on the hunt for evidence and suspect the Mexican cartel. (Eyeroll.) They get very close and talk about their relationships. Ann and Dale were heading towards divorce. They hold hands and then make out hardcore. WTF! 

A redheaded lady detective named Sarah shows up and suspects Ann. Sarah worries Detective Barry is too close to Ann to see things objectively. Sarah meets with Mel, who shows her footage of Anne and Detective Barry kissing. It confirms her suspicions. Sarah reports Detective Barry, and he is off the case.

Millennial Mike is murdered with his own damn headphones. Everyone is a little too upset about this. Like, the characters care more about Millennial Mike than Dale. 

With Sarah in charge, things don’t get better. Mel leaks the makeout footage. Sarah tells Ann she is disgusted with her. Ann screams at Sarah, “WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH ME!!!!” (I’m wondering the same thing, Chill, Sarah.)

Ann and Casey wonder why Mel would like the footage and shrug it off as weird. They would call him, but detectives have their cell phones. Good thing Casey has a “burner” phone, and they call Ann’s assistant to pull Mel’s medical records, which indicate he was prepping for international travel. 

Ann sneaks out of the window with Sarah patroling downstairs and drives to Dale/Mel’s office to gather more information. On her way, she calls Detective Barry to tell him about her suspicions. Mel attacks Ann and pulls out a gun. He ties her up in the warehouse, but lucky Detective Barry arrives to save her. Sarah is also there and STILL thinks Ann is in on the whole operation and kicks Detective Barry out before he can find Ann.

Casey is worried when her mother doesn’t come home and calls Detective Barry. He sneaks her out of the house and out of Sarah’s custody. An amber alert is issued for Casey, and she is thrilled she is famous. Casey recalls a lake house that Mel owns, and they head up that way. 

Ann realizes that Mel is responsible for kidnapping and ransoming Dale way later than she should have. (I knew the moment that redheaded goof showed up o screen.) 

Detective Barry arrives and unties Ann, he is shot by Mel. Casey calls on APB Radio and gives THE EXACT COORDINATES of their location. Then she knocks Mel out with a wrench, giving Ann the opportunity to grab the gun.

Dale shows up and calls Casey “quesadilla.” (Which is weird.) Dale has been working with Mel the whole time, and it was all staged to get away with the money. Dale gets the gun from Ann but then is shot and killed by Mel. Ann wrestles the gun from Mel and kills him. Sarah shows up and realizes she was wrong the whole time.

With Dale dead, Detective Dale and Ann are free to make out in her dentist’s office. Horray? 

Side Note

Minority Report: Casey, Tammy,

Also known as Abducted Love.

So many redheads in this movie!

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“Devil’s Got Your Boyfriend” by Tracy Bonham

Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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