Vehicle for Revenge (2016 Lifetime)

Vehicle for Revenge (2016 Lifetime)

Cast: Danielle SavreJackson DavisFrancia Raisa 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When a law school student hails an app-based car service and is assaulted by her driver, she becomes a NetCar driver herself and goes on a vigilante crusade to find and catch her assailant.


A woman leaves a bar and gets into the wrong Uber-type car (NetCar.) The driver offers her a bottle of water and wakes up in a motel. Her name is Trudy, and she reports the assault. Det. Jackson tells Trudy that she was most likely, drugged. They conduct a rape kit, and then Trudy is picked up from the station by her friend, Gretchen.

Frustrated things aren’t moving along quicker, Trudy heads back to the station and talks with Detective Jackson. The detective says the rape kit did come back positive, and they have DNA. Trudy tells the detective that 98% of rapists are never charged with their crimes. Trudy decides to take matters into her own hands.

Trudy becomes a NetCar driver, with the help of her friend Charles, and gives rides to rude college girls. She scolds them about safety when getting into rideshares, and they laugh her off. At night Trudy picks up a hunky man with a five-star rating named Donovan. He asks for her number, and she turns him down.

With Gretchen’s help, Trudy drives around town and retraces her steps from the night of the assault. The memories come back in flashes, and they are disturbing. Trudy was handcuffed and abused. She can’t recall his face. (Because he was wearing a creepy, angry baby mask?) Then she remembers that she gave the driver her address. Her rapist is following her.

Trudy is out for another night of driving and another night of rude customers. Trudy picks up a pair of misogynist party boys who are on the way to the strip club. They pull a gun on her, force Trudy to end the ride, rate them five stars, and give them a ride off the clock. They pick up their injured friend. The gun wound is bad, and Trudy insists on taking them to a hospital. Trudy doesn’t turn them in because she has bigger fish to fry.

Serendipitously, Donovan ends up in Trudy’s rideshare again. He invites her to a lunch date with his clients. They end up going to a diner instead, and Trudy opens up about her assault and the crazy night being held at gunpoint. Not very romantic. 

Trudy and Gretchen stake outside of the car and see a black car similar to the one that Trudy got into waiting to pick up drunk girls. They follow the car, and when the driver gets out, Trudy is shocked to see he is Donovan. They call Detective Jackson, and the police show up to question Donovan while he is in a towel. Nothing suspicious is found. 

Disappointed, Trudy doubles down and obsessively follows Donovan’s car all over town. She finds the woman that was assaulted and asks her to go to the police. With two women accusing Donovan, he is brought in for questioning. Donovan isn’t talking and lawyers up.

Donovan confronts Trudy about stalking him. He tells her she should be afraid of him and grabs her by the neck. He tells her she has no evidence, and it is his word against hers. That is what he thinks.

Gretchen goes undercover at the bar. When she stumbles out, pretending to be drunk, Donovan picks her up. He gives her roofie water. Gretchen pretends to drink it and passes out. Trudy is waiting with her backseat boys (Carlos and Juan) for back up at the motel. They take photos of Donvan paying off the motel clerk, dragging Gretchen into the motel room, then they force the clerk to give them the master key. Then they come into the room, Trudy pepper sprays Donovan and sees someone standing over a terrified Gretchen in the creepy baby mask. The masked rapist is Charles. Trudy tells him he is going away for a long time and calls the police.

Trudy drives around, and the movie ends with one of my favorite songs “Devil’s Got Your Boyfriend” by Tracy Bonham

Side Note

Minority Report: Detective Jackson, Gretchen, boys in the backseat Juan & Carlos. (Not into the “gangbanger” description for those too.

Formerly known as “The Wrong Car.” LOL.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime


  1. I wish this was more of an review instead of a plot synopsis with the occasional question mark thrown in. This movie was slightly higher quality than some other Lifetime films I’ve seen, there’s a lot of commentary that could’ve been found for it like some of your other reviews

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