Pretty Little Addict (2016 Lifetime)

Pretty Little Addict (2016 Lifetime)

Cast: Andrea BowenScott LysterChelah HorsdalKeenan Tracey

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Teenager Jennifer Phillips loses her father in a long battle with cancer. She’s devastated, and one night, after heavy drinking, she crashes her car into Colin, a college-bound track star, who now may never walk again. Jennifer is taken into rehab, and when she thinks that the worst is over, Colin’s brother is looking for her and ready to take revenge.


Jennifer and her mother, Donna, head into a rehab center while being watched by a man in a blue hoodie and sunglasses named Alex. Through flashback, we learn that Jennifer runs over his brother in a hit and run. He is out for revenge. 

Six weeks earlier, Jennifer speaks at her father’s funeral while drinking a water bottle full of water. Donna is concerned about her daughter because she has a history of addiction but is taking her father’s funeral as a “day off.” (I’m not sure that is how it works.)

Meanwhile, Alex and his brother Colin are out at a party. Alex is the bad boy in the family and lives in his younger track star brother’s shadow. Jennifer shows up at the random party in the middle of the day and beer bongs? BEER BONGS. Then she makes out with a guy named Tyler and gets behind the wheel. She throws the car in reverse and runs over Colin, and is knocked unconscious at the wheel.

The doctors say that Jessica needs to be detoxed from alcohol because she is an alcoholic. Donna is shocked and can’t believe her little girl is an alcoholic. She looks into rehab options. Jessica wheelchairs herself to Colin’s parents in the hospital and apologizes to them. Colin’s father tells her to “go die somewhere.” 

Jessica and Donna lawyer up and enter her into rehab. Alex and his parents wait by Colin’s bedside. Alex cries and looks like a psycho. He vows, “I will not let Jessica walk away from this.” He then punches a corkboard.

Alex poses as a staff member after getting the van delivery driver fired for drunk driving. He takes over the post and spends more time in the rehab center spying on Jessica as she does trust falls. He introduces himself to Jessica and flirts with her a bit. Then he sneaks into her room while she is showering and plants alcohol bottles, pills, and other paraphernalia to frame her. She catches him and talks to him while she is in a towel. He charms her into not saying anything to the rehab nurses. The front desk nurse finds out and calls the delivery service. She asks for a new driver because Alex crossed a line. (He is fired from the driving service.) 

Donna meets with the family to go over legal documents for Colin’s medical bills. She sees Alex and recognizes him from the rehab center. Donna rushes to rehab to warn her daughter. It is too late because Alex gets there first and lures Jessica to his car to talk. He kidnaps her and drinks a beer while he drives. Jessica begins to realize that she is in trouble. 

Alex takes Jessica to a remote house and forces her to drink with him. She cries and asks what he wants from her. Then she plays the piano while Alex slams the lip on her fingers and screams FASTER. Alex calls her a “Pretty Little Addict,” which is the movie title, so I love that! Colin calls his brother repeatedly to find out where he is. He eventually gets through and distracts his brother long enough for Jessica to smash Alex in the face with a wine bottle. She screams for help. Colin reluctantly calls the police on his brother. 

Jessica is saved and is back in the hospital. She visits Colin and gives him an inspirational speech to get him to walk again. She joins him for his first steps? What happened to his parents, and don’t they still hate her? Alex goes to prison, and Jessica is sober. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Doctor, Police Officer, Judge

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime

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