Our Nanny’s Killer Secret or The Wrong Nanny (2017 Lifetime)

Our Nanny’s Killer Secret (2017 Lifetime)

Stars: Lindsay HartleyFreya TingleyBrody Hutzler

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When adopted Blake McGill finally finds her birth mother, Stella Armstrong, and discovers she has the picture-perfect family life with a loving husband and newborn twins, Blake goes to great lengths to make her way back into the family as their new nanny. She’ll do anything to fill that dark void that longs for her mother’s affections, and no one can stop her, even if it means murder.


Blake and a John Krasinski knock off sit in a car reviewing photos. She hired him to help her find her birth mother, Stella Armstrong. After Blake gets the information, she needs she stabs and murders the poor John Krasinski knockoff and drives off. Then her boyfriend, Oliver, breaks up with her. Blake is having a bad day. 

Lifetime KWEEN, Lindsay Harley plays an overwhelmed new mother, Stella. She and her husband Tanner have two infant twins. Stella is on a mommy group, and they are planning a fundraiser for Pancreatic Cancer. (Stella’s mother died from the disease.) Meredith is the mean girl of the movie and doesn’t like Stella’s idea but goes along with it. With a gala now to plan Stella posts for a nanny online.

Meanwhile, Blake runs into Oliver’s new girlfriend, Kristen, at a restaurant. She murders her too. Blake has some anger issues. Then she applies for the nanny job and schedules an interview. 

Blake’s interview goes well; she essentially offers to be Stella’s assistant. Stella likes Blake and is happy; they are so familiar with one another. Blake is great with the babies too. Stella asks for her references. Blake has a plan for that and does three different voices on three different cellphones. Very elaborate!

The plan works, and Blake is hired as a live-in nanny. Tanner and his friend Walt come in from a workout. Walt is a detective, and he calls Blake a teenager. (Which makes her mad.) Blake is also curious about Walt’s daughter Julianna who is like a daughter to Stella. Walt gifts Tanner an old-timey gun, which will probably come back. Blake gifts them a gun case that can’t be opened but can be displayed. 

For some reason, Blake stalks Meredith and finds out she is having an affair. When Meredith is rude to Stella, Blake confronts her about the affair and blackmails her into having the fundraiser at Stella’s house. Stella is excited, and we get a cute planning montage. 

Julianna stops by to work on college applications, and Blake is clearly jealous. Julianna notices Blake’s rude comments but tries to keep things positive. When Julianna writes an essay about Stella being a great mother figure, Blake excuses her self to dice a green pepper angrily. Afterward, Julianna talks to her father about Blake being aggressive towards her. Walt is going to look into it. Later, he notices some cuts on Blake’s arms, and this she is harming herself. He brings his concerns up to Tanner and Stella, who brushes it off. 

An acquaintance of Stella’s that listed as a reference comes home from abroad early. To keep her from blowing her cover, Blake kills her too. 

Stella sits down with Blake to get to the bottom of why she is mistreating Julianna. Stella opens up about a baby she had when she was a teenager that she gave up for adoption. It was a closed adoption, and Stella is just happy the child is given a better life than she could provide. Blake screams at Stella that it was irresponsible and runs to her room to stab a pillow repeatedly. 

While on a date night, Stella and Tanner get a call from Walt, who looked into Blake. He warns them that she is dangerous and has been lying about who she is. Stella and Tanner rush home to find their boys left alone and a doctored family photo where Blake cut out her face and inserted it into the picture. She also finds the survivance cameras Blake put around the house.

Stella tells Blake to get out of her house, and Blake asks if she would kick out her daughter. Stella cries and apologizes for everything Blake has been through in life, but she can’t have a mentally unstable person in her house. Blake calls her a selfish bitch and knocks things over. Tanner comforts his wife the best he can.

Next, Stella visits Blake’s adoptive mother. The mother shares that Blake has always been troubled and has a history of stalking. They have tried therapy and medication, but Blake is not on them anymore. The adoptive mother advises that Stella call the police.

The fundraiser is in question, and Stella wants to cancel for the safety of her guests. Tanner promises that he will hire Walt for the day as security. The night starts fine, but as Stella is giving an impassioned speech, Blake sneaks up on Walt and hits him in the head. Stella finds him and knows that Blake is in the house. She calls 911 and breaks open the gun case with the old-timey gun.

Stella pulls the gun on Blake and stops her from killing them all. When was Juliana locked in a closet? I missed that completely. Blake is taken away by the police. Then Meredith calls Stella a classless idiot and creates a scene. Stella goes into a speech about bullying. Then she makes out with her husband.

Everyone has a BBQ, except for Blake. She is in jail.

Three months later, Blake pretends to take her medication in a mental hospital but hides the pills under her bed. She draws pictures of Stella and her family while humming like a child. Creepy!

Side Note

Minority Report: Stella, Julianna, Walt, Shelley. 

Previously named The Wrong Nanny. Probably changed because Vivica A. Fox was not involved.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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