The Wrong Crush (2017 Lifetime)

The Wrong Crush (2017 Lifetime)

Stars:  Ricardo HoyosLesli KayVictoria KonefalVivica A. Fox,

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A rising high school track star ran from a troubled past when her behavior, fueled by alcohol and drug use, helped contribute to the death of her best friend and put a huge strain on her relationship with her mother. She had hoped all of that is past until she meets a new admirer who is a recent transfer student. Despite making it clear that she is in a committed relationship, this new stranger is constantly bumping into her and tries to seduce her. Now she has to keep this new crush in check before her past comes back to haunt her


A teenage girl named Amelia is rushed into a hospital after a traumatic car accident. She tries to recall what happened and is concerned about her friend Joy. Everything fades to black.

Two years later, Amelia has recovered and is running through some wine vineyards or something. Nightmares terrorize her, and running is the only thing that keeps her demons at bay. Amelia is in group therapy and has an estranged relationship with her mother, Tracy. While her mother is out, Amelia feels like someone is following her. 

Ms. Vivica A. Fox works with Tracy in a nursing home. Amelia visits Tracy at work and tells her mother is that she has been an absentee parent. They argue, and Tracy is a coldhearted bitch. She thinks her daughter is making up being followed and doesn’t have time for her daughter’s troubles. Yikes! This relationship is toxic.

Speaking of a toxic relationship, while at school, Amelia meets a new cute boy at school named Jake. Could he be THE WRONG CRUSH?!? (Most likely.) There is a problem; Amelia already has a boyfriend named Scott. They make out a lot. Later, in the library, Jake and Amelia run into one another, she tells him that she is in a relationship. He shamelessly flirts with her anyway.

Someone in a gas mask and gloves breaks into Amelia and Tracy’s house and puts cameras all over the place. 

Back at school, Amelia sees Joy’s parents watching her practice track. The parents are angry and vengeful. They watch Amelia living the life that Joy can’t and blame Amelia for Joy’s death. It is intense!!! The movie flashes to Joy and Amelia drinking and driving in the car. They off the road on an old dirt path with the headlights off. They get into an accident, and the car crashes into a ravine. Amelia’s life was spared when she was flung through an open passenger side window. 

Jake suddenly joins Amelia’s support group. Jake explains why he has come to the session. His experience is eerily, similar to Amelia’s. His twin brother died in a car crash too. They bond over the loss of their loved ones and talk about ways that they cope with grief. Jake is probably just lying to get close to Amelia. He does other shady things like plant drugs in Scott’s locker to get him expelled and has been working with Joy’s parents to find evidence that Amelia has relapsed, therefore violating her probation. 

When Jake gets fired by Joy’s dad and is threatened to be exposed as a 20-year-old pretending to impersonate a high schooler, he kills the father. Then he takes his shirt off, and knife fights the air in a room full of pictures of Amelia. Joy’s mother tries to tell Amelia about the arrangement, but gets cut off and called crazy!

Tracy gets a call from the police about Scott being a drug dealer. She can’t trust her daughter and mocks Amelia. Tracy can’t believe her daughter because of their past. These scenes are pretty difficult to watch. A mother gaslighting her daughter is just cruel.

Jake and Amelia go for a jog together, and she twists her ankle. He massages her foot, and they flirt some more. They bond over their bad relationships with their parents. Jake goes in for a kiss, and Amelia strongly reminds him that she has a boyfriend. Lauren tells Amelia that she needs to steer clear of Jake. (Too bad he is monitoring the call and watching them on his nanny cams.) 

Scott is home alone suspended and is surprised when Jake stops by. Jake tazers and ties Scott up. Using Scott’s phone, Jake calls Amelia and tells her that he is tracking her and wants her to meet him at the spot where Joy died in the car accident. Amelia rushes to save her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, still absentee mother, Tracy, gets a visit from Joy’s mother. Joy’s mother warns Tracy about Jake, but it is too late. Tracy is finally concerned, and the two women set out to find Amelia. When Tracy gets out her phone to open a tracking app, Joy’s mother exclaims, “THERE IS AN APP FOR THAT?!” (My eyes have never rolled so far back in my head.)

While Jake is waiting for Amelia, some dogooders almost blow his cover, offering to help change his tire. He refuses their help, and they are spared a Lifetime murder. Amelia and Tracy both arrive at the scene. We get maybe 90 seconds of walking. Jake wants to run off with Amelia, and as they are talking, Tracy hits Jake in the head with a large rock TWICE. Jake loses his balance and falls off the cliff and to his death. 

Cut two mother and daughter running together. They are happy now, but I think they secretly still hate each other. Then everyone gathers for a memorial for Joy. It is two years too late.

Side Note

Minority Report: Doctors and Nurses. Jake, Amelia, Gwen, Dr. Griffin, Melissa, Coach, Lauren, Scott. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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