The Mistletoe Promise (2016 Hallmark Channel)



The Mistletoe Promise 
Starring: Jamie King (Model/Actress? Host of MTV’s House of Style, back in the day!)

A chance meeting between two strangers who share a disdain for Christmas results in The Mistletoe Promise, a pact to help them navigate their holiday complications – together. But as they spend more time with each other and experience the magic of Christmas the phony couple discovers there may be more to their contract than business.

When this movie started off with a group of mall carolers who were not only singing annoyingly, but also unsynced with the audio to video… I knew we were going to need more wine.

Jamie King plays Elise who has a job, where she sits at a desk while wearing turtlenecks/scarves on her skinny skinny body. Elise meets Nick (Luke Macfarlane?) in the food court of the mall, because it’s the 80’s…? Christmas stresses them out!!! Elise has a annoying ex-husband and Nick told his boss he had a date to the office Christmas party. NATURALLY, they agree to fake date and make a “Mistletoe Promise.” This is a contract with items like “No Drama” and “Hand holding when it makes sense.”)

The fake relationship goes through ups and down, as they do. (Including Elise & Nick singing and attempting harmonies!)There is an email scandal where Elise’s server is hacked and her secrets are exposed! (Very timely, Halmark.) All this leads to Elise having a nervous break down (delivered by Jamie King as robotically as it is written)

Nick: What’s happened?

Elise: Me! I haven’t been happening in years! My life is frozen. I’m in a personal and professional stupor. My life is business. My life is strictly businesses!!!

We get it Hallmark, women should take care of their husbands and families and not work, OKAY! No spoilers here, I won’t ruin the surprise. Will Elise leave her job to be with her man? IDK. I will say that the movie ends as all Hallmark movies should. With the title:

(Under mistletoe, on a snowy porch)
Elise: Mistletoe?
Nick: Promise.
(Music swells as they kiss……)

Overall rating
🎄 (1 Christmas Trees)
🍷🍷🍷(3 glasses of wine)

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*images via: Hallmark Gold Crown Media

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