Trapped Sisters or 12 Feet Deep (2017 Lifetime)



Trapped Sisters or 12 Feet Deep  
Starring: Alexandra Park, Nora-Jane Noone, Diane Farr, & Tobin Bell (from the Saw movies!)

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)
Inspired by true events (Aren’t they all?), sisters Bree and Jonna get trapped beneath the fiberglass cover of an Olympic-sized public pool after it closes for the holiday weekend. They find themselves at the mercy of the night janitor, Clara, who sees the trapped sisters as an opportunity to solve a few problems of her own.

Bree and Jonna are sisters! Bree has got her shit together; she has a fiancé, a J.O.B., and a nasty scar on her (well-toned!) arm. (The scar is so repulsive that is scares the kids at the pool.) Jonna is the “bad girl” with tattoos and heroine needles in the glove compartment of her car. They are basically Jessica and Ashlee Simpson.

Apparently, these sisters have agreed to meet at the pool at closing time for some QT. When the manager tells the sisters that the pool will be closing because of “the holiday,” Jonna (Ashlee Simpson Sister) gets sassy with him and rolls her eyes. To which the manager responds, “Some people need to learn to read.”

Jonna’s response? “Some people need to kiss my ass

While getting out of the pool, Bree (Jessica Simpson Sister) realizes that her engagement ring isn’t in her bag! The sisters dive in to retrieve the ring, and while they’re doing so, the manager closes the pool cover on them. (I used to work at a pool and let me tell you, I’ve never seen a pool close down that fast. He literally closed the cover, shut off the lights, and walked out.) They come up from the bottom of the pool to discover they are covered with a thick fiberglass sheet. They scream and bang on the cover, like you do! Bree is determined to get out. She checks the lane lines to see if she can remove the metal hooks and even attempts to lift the drain grate off the pool floor to use to smash through the cover. All the while Jonna is just telling Bree she is stupid and judging everything without helping. At this point I retitled the movie Bitch Sisters in my head.

Now trapped, the sisters have nothing to do but reveal their deepest darkest secrets. Turns out before they were Trapped Sisters, they were estranged sisters and haven’t seen each other in three years! Bree admits that she is diabetic and “needs her shot,” oh, and that she might have seen their father burn to death from a cigarette falling into the sofa. (This explains the arm scar, she tired to pull him out of the fire? IDK.) Jonna is VERY shocked and upset.

“How could you not tell me you had diabetes!!!” Jonna wails.

Not be outdone, in classic little sister form, Jonna admits that she has tried to kill herself and that their father abused her. Then she decides she just can’t take it anymore and attempts to kill herself with a broken off piece of fiberglass. Thankfully the cleaning lady arrives and they are SAVED!

Unfortunately for the sisters, this is a CRAZY cleaning lady who has been wronged one to many times. As she rifles through their belongings and demands the password to Bree’s phone and then eventually her ATM pin number. Bree keeps giving the cleaning lady the info she is requesting.

“I’ll tell you, but only if you promise to let us out!” Bree shouts while shivering.

Of course, the cleaning lady doesn’t let them out and leaves. Then she returns because there was only $80 in Bree’s account. (Maybe she isn’t so perfect… maybe she is poor!) The sisters trade the engagement ring for their release, and they stab the cleaning lady in the ear with the fiberglass shiv. When all that doesn’t work to get them out, the sisters simply reason with the cleaning lady, telling her she isn’t a bad person and they understand her life is unfair… it works and the cleaning lady agrees to take off the cover. But she doesn’t know the new code and abandon them again.

Bree is in bad shape from her diabetes, leaving Jonna to save them. Jonna does the EXACT SAME THING Bree was doing at the beginning of the movie. She successfully pulls off the grate and breaks the fiberglass. We don’t actually see the sisters get out of the pool. We jump to Jonna giving Bree “her shot” in the butt,when the cleaning lady returns with a gun! This is when I started chugging wine, so I don’t really remember how it ends. I guess they talked the cleaning lady down by telling her to leave and promising they won’t tell on her.

The end!


Side Note
Having seen 47 Meters Down (The sleeper summer hit featuring my fav, Mandy Moore.) It is tough to take this lifetime version seriously. 47 meters is way deeper than 12 feet (Only 3.6 meters…) and an ocean has sharks, which are way scarier than a cleaning lady.

From what I could find, this movie is actually inspired by true events. The director claims no one incident but and amalgamation of multiple incidents. He is also afraid of pools, so… yeah.

Since being trapped under a fiber glass cover would be a boring movie, a lot of obstacles were thrown at the sisters. I now present…Perils of the Pool!

  • 12 feet deep! Eeeek!
  • Your hair can get caught in the drain. (Which is why swimmers wear swim caps, I guess!)
  • The pool heater could be turned off.
  • Over chlorinated water…
  • And of course…. killer cleaning lady.

Overall rating
x1f52a.png.pagespeed.ic.HMLmHeH3BN.png x1f52a.png.pagespeed.ic.HMLmHeH3BN.png (2 Knives)
🍷🍷🍷(3 glasses of wine required)


*images via: IMDB

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