Babynapped (2017 Lifetime)

Babynapped (2017 Lifetime)

Stars: Kaitlyn BlackDavid GallagherAlexandra Paul

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A week after she gives birth, Ashley dies in a fatal car crash, and her newborn has gone missing. Devastated, her husband, Brian, fears that there is something more devious behind the accident and the whereabouts of his child.


Inspired by a true story, oooo! 

A woman is having a baby in an ambulance, and it isn’t going well. Her husband, David, is anxious but encouraging/loving. (Which is nice.) The woman has the baby and is immensely relieved; her baby isn’t crying and not doing well. The moan starts freaking out because the baby is not breathing, and they take the baby away. The baby does, and this movie is somber!!!! Did we have to see a baby coffin and the mother emotionally gutted at the funeral?

The woman’s name is Kristin, and she has terrible nightmares and post-traumatic stress. Kristin still thinks her baby is alive and has been kidnapped. David is frustrated and attempts to reason with his wife. She insists that her baby is alive and blames David for everything. Kristin kicks him out and tells him that she should have never married him. 

Months later, Kristin tries to move on with her life, but she can’t stop thinking about babies. At a client’s house, Kristin bonds with an adorable baby in a bow. Kristen has a BFF named Ashley, who is pregnant at the most challenging time for her friend. Kristin tells her friend that she is also pregnant with an old college boyfriend she hooked up with named Jeremy. Ashley doesn’t remember Jeremy from college, which is weird. They are excited to have babies at the best time and raise them to be best friends.

A pregnant montage happens with Lamaze classes and so many shots of fake pregnancy bellies under oversized sweaters. Kristin is a little wonky with the details about doctor’s visits, and she won’t let Ashley touch her belly when Kristin goes to the doctor with Ashley to find out the sex of the baby. When the doctor asks Kristin to hop on the table to find out her baby’s sex, Kristin flat out refuses. 

Brian, Ashley’s husband, (The dorky kid from 7th Heaven.) calls and tells Kristin that his wife is in labor. After belittling Jeremy and informing him she is using him, Kristin rushes to Ashley’s bedside. Ashley gives birth to a healthy baby girl, and the delivery has no complications. Now it is Kristin’s turn; only she isn’t pregnant. We get that, right?

Ashley leaves town to visit her mother, Doris. (Caia Coley, LMN MVP.) When Ashley doesn’t arrive at her mother’s house, Brian and Doris become concerned. Brian has made some bad business deals and is in trouble with the mafia or something. He gets beat up and is probably the reason for her disappearance. Brian and Doris drive around town, looking for Ashley and the baby. They eventually call the police. As Brian is driving back home, he sees his wife’s car wrecked on the side of the road. Detective Breuer (Stephanie from Baywatch) informs Brian that his wife has been killed in the crash. The baby is presumed dead, and Detective Breuer thinks Brian is responsible. At the scene of the accident, there were no skid marks. The collision looks staged.

Kristin “has her baby,” and it is coincidentally a baby girl too. Jeremy leaves Kristin saying he has “done his part.” Kristin attends the funeral with her new baby, and David confronts her. He tells her that she had no right to kick him out the way she did. He also knows that since birth, she is medically unable to have children again. Something strange is going on, and he is going to look into it.

Years later, Kristin has moved to Hawaii and now has a toddler-aged daughter. She is living her best life until Detective Breuer shows up to question Kristin. Ashley’s death wasn’t from the car crash; she was, in fact, poisoned. Detective Breuer has been doing her homework. David had feelings for Ashley, thus making Kristin jealous. Also, Jeremy has a criminal record… for murder. There is also surveillance footage of Ashley and Kristin together the night of the accident at a gas station. Kristin starts freaking out and screams at Detective to leave her alone to live her life. Kristin kicks her out of her house angrily.

Detective Breuer ain’t no fool. She steals Kristin’s glass to run a DNA test. Brian and Doris are waiting in the cop car; they hired the Detective and are also in Hawaii. The DNA test results come back and confirm that Kristin’s daughter is actually Brian and Ashley’s daughter. Kristin was never pregnant.

Brian chases after Kristin, who is on the run and a remote part of the island. Detective Breuer gets there first and tries to reason with Kristin. Brian shows up and makes matters worse. Kristin has a flashback to the night that her baby died and remembers the pain she felt. It doubles her over, and she cries that she wants her baby back. Kristin runs away and straight off a cliff. (What the hell?) Brian and Doris are reunited with the kid. The end. 

Side Note

Minority Report: EMT, Doctor Harvey, Doctor, Anna,

Marvista joint.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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