Lethal Soccer Mom (2017 Lifetime)

This movie, somehow, made soccer even more boring than it already is.

Lethal Soccer Mom (2017 Lifetime)

Cast: Christina CoxSarah GreyTanya Clarke

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Starting over at a new high school is a challenge for former soccer team captain Cameron, especially when faced with a new coach who has a deadly vendetta and refuses to play by the rules.


Coach Rhonda gives a pep talk to her women’s soccer team. The team is excited, except for one blonde player who left her shinguards in the locker room. She is Tonya Hardinged and hit in the leg and taken out for the season.

Cut to MORE blonde women. Cameron and her mother Kate, have moved to the rival town. Cameron has to start over at a new school and is bullied by a girl named Hailey. (Who is the captain of the soccer team and dates a boy named Paul. Coach Rhonda sees Camerons potential and pits the two soccer stars against one another on the field. 

After a pep rally, the school mascot pushes Cameron down the stairs violently. Then stands over her body creepily. Cameron is pulled off from the first game because they think she might have a concussion. Cameron is convinced Hailey arranged the attack to get her spot on the field. (Ugh! All this sports talk.)

Coach Rhonda seems to be favoring her own daughter… who is Hailey. It is nepotism for sure. The coach even messes with Cameron’s grades to get her suspended from the team. 

At lunch, Cameron and Hailey get into an argument and sent to the principles office. The girls are assigned to clean up graffiti in the bathrooms. They bond over the pressures of soccer. Coach Rhonda really pushes her daughter, and Hailey doesn’t even care about soccer. The mother wants her daughter to have a better life than she did at any cost. 

The coach attempts to drug Cameron to take her out for the season, AGAIN. This woman will stop at nothing. Umm, she is also sleeping with Paul, Hailey’s boyfriend? Kimmy (Hailey’s friend catches them making out while passing by and peaking into the window.) This coach is not very discreet about hooking up with STUDENTS. Kimmy tells Hailey, who brings it up to her mom, Coach Rhonda says it is a lie and practically calls her daughter an idiot.

Paul is a mess. He is sleeping with the coach, breaks up with Hailey, and then kisses Cameron. Cameron doesn’t fall for his charms and sets him straight. She also learns that Paul is the one who pushed her down the stairs. Cameron uses the info to blackmail the coach into giving her a passing grade. Coach Rhonda smugly says no, then she turns Cameron into the principal. Kate picks up Cameron from school and grounds her daughter.

Cameron continues to look into Hailey and realizes that her handwriting is on a test that she failed. Cameron retakes the test and is back on the team.

Meanwhile, Paul and Coach Rhonda break up, and then he is hit by a car. Cameron witnesses the hit and run; the car looks very similar to Hailey’s car. 

Soccer happens. Then it is the BIG game, or whatever. Coach Rhonda punches Kimmy in the face and ties her up in the boiler room. Cameron shows up to play but is injured by Coach Rhonda. The game goes well? The coach tells Hailey to foul her own teammate, and Cameron is out of the game. 

After the medic exams Cameron and clears her for play. Coach Rhonda beats her with a bat and chases her around the school while wearing a hoodie. Rhonda slams Kate in the face with the bat as she passes her in the hall. (So rude.) Hailey comes to Cameron’s rescue and pulls her mother off of Cameron. Then Cameron kicks the coach in the face. I guess Rhonda is arrested? Who knows.

Cameron gets into college, not sure if she got a soccer scholarship. This movie was very dumb.

Side Note

Minority Report: Kimmy, some extras, 

Also known as: A Deadly Vendetta or Sidelined

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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