You Killed My Mother (2017 Lifetime)

You Killed My Mother (2017 Lifetime)

Stars:  Carlena BritchAshley JonesSeamus Patterson

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Disturbed teenager Jo Fay loses it and attacks a nurse at the hospital when she is told her critically ill mother won’t qualify for a liver transplant due to her chronic alcoholism. Years later, when she is released from a mental institution, Jo seems normal but harbors a ferocious rage to take revenge on everyone she blames for her mother’s death.


Jo Fay (what a name!) wears a headband and skinny jeans, as she rushes into a hospital with her mother who is crashing. When the doctors don’t let her stay with her mother, Jo Fay throws on a lab coat and walks back with a clipboard. Her mother is an alcoholic and needs a liver transplant, but is denied due to her addiction. 

Dr. Miriam is called by a nurse to look into other options. The nurse breaks the news to Jo Fay, who grabs a knife and almost kills the nurse. When the nurse frees herself, Jo Fay screams, “I’ll kill all of you.” Then we get a title card. 

Jo Fay is thrown in juvenile detention or something. She has flashbacks to her stepfather, who was a bad guy. (He trained her on how to kill people with deadly concoctions.) Her time in prison wasn’t wasted because she has formed an online relationship with Bobby, Dr. Miriam’s son. Jo Flay goes by Jenny and starts a new life, set on revenge. (She even has a serial killer wall with yarn, maps, and photos.)

Her first hit is the nurse. Jo Fay turns on the stove and blows out the pilot light; then, she unscrews a lightbulb to kill the nurse upon entry. The nurse notices someone has broken in and calls 911. The carbon monoxide suffocates her before she can hang up the phone, and then the house burns down.

Next, she kills an actor with a terrible “Italian” accent by poisoning his drink. He wanted her to become a prostitute, and she wasn’t having any it. Then she steals money from a safe.

A lady detective questions Dr. Miriam. Dr. Miriam has mostly been focused on Bobby’s comic book career. Bobby is spending more and more time with Jenny AKA Jo Fay, and they even get it on an talk about moving with one another.

Next, Jo flay shoots a drunk Real Housewife in a parking lot. I wasn’t following this storyline. RIP tho! (Maybe she was Dr. Miriam’s husband’s ex-wife.) David, Dr. Miriam’s husband, is implicated in the murder. 

Dr. Miriam sees a picture that Bobby drew from Jo Fay or “Jenny.” It somehow jogs her memory. (Even though she never met Jo Fay in the hospital.) Dr. Miriam asks her assistant Danielle to look into it. Danielle quickly pulls up surveillance video, and Dr. Miriam is sure that Bobby is dating an unhinged woman. 

Jo Flay hides Bobby’s phone, so his mother can’t interrupt her. She asks Bobby to run away with her and live the perfect life. He doesn’t want to leave his mother behind. To make it up to her, he gives her the picture he drew; this makes Jo Flay angry. She smashes him in the back of the head and ties him up. She is going to kill Bobby because Dr. Miriam has to lose everything she has ever loved. Bobby begs for his life. Just as she is about to shoot him, she is stopped by someone named Jimmy, who is hot. (I think she dated him or something? I’ve had too much wine for this one.)

Dr. Miriam tries to reason with Jo Flay and agrees that it was her fault that Jo Flay’s mother died. Before she can shoot Dr. Miriam, the police gun her down with an array of bullets. Bobby is saved! Yay?

Side Note

Minority Report: Detective, Danielle, 

Bobby was way too young looking, what happened to thirty-year-olds playing teenagers? 

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺ (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2017 Lifetime

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