Four Christmases and a Wedding (2017 Lifetime)



Four Christmases and a Wedding

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Stars: Arielle Kebbel, Corey Sevier and Markie Post

Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When event planner Chloe (Arielle Kebbel, Midnight Texas, UnREAL) is hired to plan the local Christmas Festival, she is beyond thrilled to embrace the challenge. Professionally, everything is going great, but much to the dismay of her mother (Markie Post, Christmas on the Bayou), Chloe confesses she has given up on ever finding Mr. Right. That all changes the night of the opening of the festival when she meets Evan. The two begin a whirlwind romance, but as Christmas Day nears, Chloe learns that Evan is being transferred overseas for work. What follows is three more Christmases where Chloe and Evan cross paths at the annual festival, but each year something — or someone — stands in the way of true love. Will a touch of Santa’s magic on their fourth Christmas Eve finally bring them together?


Chloe is an event planner, who paints her designs in water color. She is brushing off advances from her co-work Ted and impressing her boss with her had work… water color painting.

Chole’s Mom wants her to date more and find a man and go on some actual dates, because it isn’t going to just happen. That is exactly what happens, when she goes on an ice skating rink and falls on her ass. A handsome stranger helps her up and to the wall to safety. She can’t get her words out, but she is convinced he is the man of her dreams. (Despite having, what appears to be, a girlfriend.) She immediately runs into him again at the Christmas Tree lot and learns it wasn’t his GF but his sister, and that his name is Evan. (And he works at a dog shelter.)

In comparison to a Hallmark Christmas Movie, Lifetime moves at a breakneck speed. We get the whole Christmas Festival, Meet Cute, and Christmas Ball, and a GOOD Kiss in the first 20 minuets. What could be left to cover? The BIG twist should happen at the ball, however we have over an hour and a half left…

Turns out Evan has a big Job is Oslo and he will be gone for a year. Unfortunately for Chloe, the timing is off and they part ways, but not before Evan thanks her for giving him one of the best Christmas’ in a long time.

The next year, Chloe is back at the Christmas Fait that she has successfully (This time with her weirdo co-worker). Evan is back in town, this time with Raquel his new sister? Nope. It is his new girlfriend, who talks with a funny accent, has severe bangs and is vegan. (She is the worst, apparently?) Everything this year is compared to last year, at the ball Evan dances with Raquel and send Chloe into a tailspin. She can’t deal and goes into the kitchen to eat her feelings.

The NEXT next year, we find out that Chloe is dating her creepy co-worker and her Mom lives in Florida. Evan is back in town and has broken up with Raquel. His job is transferring him back to the states. The timing is off again! Could this be the year?

At this years Christmas ball, creepy co-worker breaks up with her (with a gift that looks suspiciously like a engagement ring.) He actually gives a pretty reasonable break up speech, and now I feel bad calling him the creepy co-worker this whole review. Evan (OF COURSE) oversees this happen and mistakes it for an engagement and runs off.

The NEXT NEXT next year, we see creepy co-worker is now dating last years intern and Chloe is moving on from the job. She makes a Christmas wish with Santa and he tells her to keep her eye on the sky, and then laughs maniacally as he walks away.

When Dasher, the dog that brought them together in the beginning of the movie, brings them together all those Christmases later. The two realize that the timing is right, neither are engaged or married and both are available to be in love!

The NEXT NEXT NEXT next year, we get a wedding! Four Christmases and a wedding.

Side Note

Pre-usual Lifetime’s POC ratio is much higher than Hallmark. Although they were still relegated to co-worker & boss roles.

Took me till the end how the title of the movie played into the story… WOW! I’m out of it today. (I honestly kept thinking of that Reese Witherspoon & Vince Vaughn movie, Four Christmases.

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Overall rating

πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ (2 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷🍷(3 glasses of wine required)

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