Family of Lies (2017 Lifetime)

Family of Lies (2017 Lifetime)

Stars: Christa B. AllenMary Alice RisenerPeyton Wich 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When their parents are killed in a mysterious car accident, Emily and her younger siblings move to a new small town in Louisiana. But when strange occurrences start happening, the family can’t shake the feeling that they’re being watched. As Emily unravels the mystery behind her parents’ deaths, she soon realizes that she must be willing to protect the family she has left by any means necessary.


Teens run through the woods and are chased by a man with a gun. The teens scream for Emily, who is close by with a gun too.

Four weeks earlier, Emily struggles to find a job out of college and vents to her parents before they leave for a week-long trip. Emily is left to take care of her younger teenage siblings, Lexi, and Ethan. The parents don’t make it far and are run off the road by another car and brutally murdered by criminals looking for something.

Emily is now raising her younger siblings and trying to keep up with the financial burden. Emily relocates her family for a job opportunity. It is perfect timing because the criminals try to break into their old house to find whatever flash drive they are looking for. At her new Job, Emily meets a facilities manager named Max, who has tattoo sleeves. He follows Emily around her house and watches her. Then he ends up dead. Emily researches his social media and finds a picture with her father. Emily overshares with her new boss, Shane.

Lexi also has strange things happening to her while at cheerleading practice. Her mother’s necklace ends up on a tree, and a car is following her around town.

Intruders break into the new house, and Emily runs out with a shotgun and screams, “I’ve got a gun!.” Her brother isn’t far behind, and he yells, “I’ve got a bat.” It is adorable. The intruder runs off, but the siblings are on high alert.

Emily gets a weird text from an unidentified number that reads, “Hi, Pumpkin.” She asks who it is and the texter days they are her father. Emily rushes to a motel to meet them and finds a murder scene. She comes home and talks to her siblings, telling them they need to be careful because someone is after them. No duh, Emily. Shane spends the night to help them feel safer, but Ethan finds Shane rummaging through their things in the middle of the night.

Emily and Shane look for evidence while at work, but he is shot in the back and dies. Emily calls the police and learns that the work location is vacant, and her job is a ploy to lure them into the criminals. Then she goes home and looks in the attic finding a life insurance policy and a file on the criminal who killed her parents. The lady criminal who also worked with Emily at her new job shows up with a gun and takes the file; then, she laughs at them and explains why she killed their parents. 

Who knows why. This pay off is so stupid. 

Back in the woods, Emily uses her father’s sharpshooter training to take out the bad guys and saves her family. Her parents are alive and show up and tell their kids that they faked their own deaths. They were the ones that had been breaking into the house and leaving the necklace. They also killed Shane.

The family is starting over, and they are a FAMILY OF LIES. Haha, so dumb.

Side Note

Minority Report: Detective, Security guard, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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  1. It would have been delicious if Catherine Bach had been cast as the mother opposite John Schneider. Talk about kissing cousins!
    South Louisiana does not pass for Iowa. Not remotely close. Maybe north Louisiana, but still too many trees.
    Some of the scenes brought me back to my man years living in New Orleans.

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