The Wrong Man (2017 Lifetime)

The Wrong Man (2017 Lifetime)

Stars: Jessica MorrisRib HillisVivica A. Fox |

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After the untimely death of her grandmother, an estranged young woman returns to their home to slowly discover the friendly, handsome man caring for her grandfather isn’t at all what he seems to be.


Ms. Vivica A. Fox creeps up the stairs of an old library and flips through some pages. She finds a gun and clutches her pearls, shocked! Then someone grabs her from behind.

Two weeks earlier, we see a blonde woman jogging. (So we know it is a Lifetime movie.) The woman’s name is Kim, and she is a writer. Ms. Vivica A. Fox is her editor and BFF who give straight forward advice. As Ms. Vivica A. Fox is telling Kim to get a life, Kim receives a call that her grandmother has passed away. 

Flash to an out of town funeral. Kim’s grandfather has Alzheimer’s disease and doesn’t remember her. It is heartbreaking. A handsome man named Joey invites Kim to stay at her grandfather’s house while she is in town and apologizes for her loss. (Especially so shortly after her parent’s tragic car accident.) Joey and Carrie are caring for her grandfather. A few other men introduce themselves. A man named Gary and a neighbor named Nick; they both have opinions about Joey. Nick, in particular, advises Kim to look out for any strange behavior from Joey.  

Kim struggles with seeing her grandpa deteriorating. The grandfather suddenly recognizes Kim and calls her” Kimberby.” They hug. Joey helps Kim get settled in the guest room; he lives in the guest house outback. Joey apologizes again for her loss, and they embrace. He updates her on the day to day operations (and medication) for the grandfather. Joey is an expert he has been helping for six months. As they do a tour of the house, someone watches them on a nanny cam. 

In the middle of the night, Kim sees Joey from her balcony window. He is shirtless and oiled up, leaning on a wall sexily. She comes out on the porch in lingerie and waves to him. They send flirty texts. Joey is very hot.

The next morning Kim goes into her grandmother’s room and looks at her jewelry. Then she does some stretches in the yard. Joey watches her from his window and throws on a shirt to join her on a jog. They race each other and laugh, collapsing on the ground. (I like an active couple, I think it is cute.) Someone watches from a distance. It could be Nick, the neighbor. 

Ms. Vivica A. Fox calls Kim to check in on the book and gets a funny feeling about Joey. She asks her assistant, Jason, to look into Joey and make sure everything is okay. 

When Fred, Kim’s Grandfather, tells her that the police came to his house twice. Kim is worried about the multiple visits and stops by the police station to check into it. The detective says nothing out of the ordinary happened and gives her his business card, just in case.

Joey and Kim go our for some wine and then come home to get hot and heavy. Joey takes off his shirt, and we see strong male backs and humping. So does Nick, the neighbor who watches the whole thing on his laptop. 

Nick “runs into” Kim on another jog and checks in about Joey. She tells him about dating Joey, and he says that “everything happens for a reason.” 

On the night of their date, Carrie watches Frank. Joey and Kim are dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant. Joey shares memories of Kim’s grandmother and talks about being an at-home nurse. They toast their wine and are interrupted by a waiter named Mitch. Mitch is convinced that Joey is someone named Shawn. Joey laughs it off. Later, he finds Mitch in the parking lot of the restaurant and kills him.

The name situation is not a laughing matter for Kim. She visits the nursing home that Joey said that he worked. No one there remembers him or Carrie. Kim calls Ms. Vivica A. Fox and tells her about Shawn. Ms. Vivica A. Fox has her assistant look into that name too. 

Carrie is leaving the house when Kim comes home. Kim confronts Carrie about the lies and demands to know how they got the job in the first place. Carrie is frazzled but insists that they are doing an excellent job of caring for Fred. Kim fires Carrie on the spot. Then she goes inside to talk to Joey. Joey explains that he was applying for the nursing home’s job and met Kim’s grandmother, who hired him, thinking he worked there.

After being found out, Joey goes over to Nick’s house. They know one another and are working a con together. Joey killed Kim’s grandmother by pushing her down the stairs. When Fred dies, Joey stands to inherit the house, which is worth a lot of money. Nick is the brain behind the operation, and Joey is the muscle. When Nick gives Joey a reality check and asks him to stop sleeping with Kim, Joey murders him and then watches Kim on the nanny cams. 

Kim talks with her grandfather, and he remembers the last thing Jane said to him, which was, “I think he’s here.” Then she sees a body being wheeled out of Nick’s house. He is dead, and it is an apparent suicide, according to detectives. When Kim learns her moved in only six months ago, a light bulb goes off. Kim fires Joey, but her grandpa has a fall, and Joey will stay for at least another night.

In the middle of the night, someone is lurking around the house. Kim gets out of bed and looks around but sees nothing. The next day she finds a letter from her grandmother begging her to come back home. Sadly, she never got the letter. 

When Kim officially fires Joey, he gives her the will for her grandmother and deed for the house. The house is in his name. He wants to start a life together and tells Kim that he deserves it for taking care of her grandparents when Kim couldn’t be there. Kim calls him crazy, and Ms. Vivica A. Fox confirms it. (Well, her assistant, Jason did.) Ms. Vivica A. Fox rushes to Kim and leaves her a voicemail.

Fred is lucid and tells Kim that her grandmother and Joey got into an argument over the deed. The grandmother wanted to leave the house to Kim, but Joey wouldn’t let her. 

Ms. Vivica A. Fox is in town and snoops around. We are back to the start of the money where she finds the gun. It is Joey who grabs her. He ties her up and leaves her. 

It is nighttime now, and Kim gets a call from Joey telling her he loves her. Kim warns him that she will go to the police and have her grandfather share what he knows with the cops. Then she gets the voicemail from Ms. Vivica A. Fox and realizes her friend is in trouble. 

Joey attacks Kim and delivers his villain monologue. He killed his abusive grandparents when he was a kid. He admits to killing Kim’s grandmother and wants to start a life with Kim and her grandfather. Kim cries, and Joey laughs, saying that he feels so much better. Then he tries to kiss her, and she kicks his ass down the stairs. 

Kim wheels her grandpa out of the house but is stopped by Joey with a gun. The grandpa cries while Kim and Joey scream at one another. (Poor Grandpa!!!) Joey talks about his fantasy life with them and he feels that he deserves their love. Kim shuts that down and makes him angry. Just as he is about to kill them, Ms. Vivica A. Fox shoots him and says, “I told you he was the WRONG MAN!” (Badass, Ms. Vivica A. Fox.)

Kim cares for her grandpa, and he seems to be very happy. (Which makes me happy!) They watch games, shows together and yell at the screen. It is maybe the happiest ending of a Lifetime movie. Yay!

Side Note

Minority Report: Ms. Vivica A. Fox, Carrie, Jason, Detective, Nurse.

The shirtless content was excellent!

Should be called “The Wrong Caregiver.” 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 (5 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime


  1. Whoever wrote this synopsis about the movie needs to learn how to use spell check as well as keeping facts straight. You called Fred, Frank in a part of the synopsis and I found other typos too.

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