My Husband’s Double Life (2018 Lifetime)

My Husband’s Double Life (2018 Lifetime)

Stars:  Amy NuttallDaniel LapaineChloe Sweetlove 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Sabrina suspects her husband Fletcher’s possible infidelity with his numerous business trips to Paris, she discovers he has another wife and reveals illegal business dealings with his father-in-law, Sergey, which he will stop at nothing to protect. Now it’s not only her marriage that’s on the line but her life.


The movie begins with a woman on a roof standing dangerously close to the edge, trying to get a cell signal. (Doesn’t she know she is in a Lifetime movie?!?!) A man sneaks up behind her and pushes her over, sending her plunging her to her death. “You should have stayed in New York.”

Cut to three days earlier; we see the same man. His name is Fletcher, and he travels to Paris for work. He is absent from his daughter Zoe’s life, and his wife Sabrina is struggling to keep up with everything with him traveling so much for work. Fletcher seems concerned for his wife, who almost died giving birth a year ago. 

Sabrina notices a $500 charge on their joint account from a lingerie store and suspects her husband may be cheating on her. He is not only cheating on her; he is living a double life in France. (As the title suggests.) Sabrina takes an unplanned trip to Paris to see what her husband is up to. Fletcher gets a call when Sabrina is in town, and he is upset that she surprised him. He asks her to go sightseeing while he is working. A shady man name Sergey does business with Fletcher. Fletcher doesn’t want Sabrina to meet him, but they do at dinner. Then Sergey is obsessed with Sabrina and tries to kidnap her. 

To keep his wife safe, Fletcher has a sexy day in their hotel room and then asks her to stay put for the rest of their trip while he works. Sabrina doesn’t do that and shops at a lingerie store and asks around about Fletcher’s business. Then she gets a car and visits the other woman’s house. Bridgette answers the door with a baby. (Bridgett is Sergey’s daughter!)

Sarina cries in the car and then angrily confronts Fletcher, who can’t clear things up. He denies having a mistress and promises to clear things up. Sabrina doesn’t like that and teams up with Fletcher’s assistant. They learn he is laundering money for the French government. The assistant sneaks into the office to get evidence to give to Sabrina. Sabrina serves as the lookout and sees Fletcher going into the building. She follows him and sees Fletcher push the assistant off of the building. He thinks the assistant is his wife. 

For some reason, Fletcher brings Zoe to Paris and sends her to stay with Bridgett. Sabrina gets a call from a family friend and asks if Zoe made it to Paris, alright. Sabrina rushes to Bridgett’s house to get her daughter. 

Fletcher sees Sabrina and drops his coffee. He is shocked to see his wife alive. He admits to planning on killing Sabrina so he could have his Paris life with Bridgett and his new baby. Sabrina is disgusted with him and says she will give him a divorce and get full custody of Zoe. Then she presents the evidence that he is embezzling money or whatever. He grabs her and drags her to a basement laundry room. Fletcher ties her up and tries to hang her with a rope. Zoe hears the whole conversation and burst into the room, allowing Sabrina to grab a shovel and hit him with it. He begs for his life, like a little bitch. Fletcher sucks.

Sabrina comically chases Fletcher around with the shovel, and they end up by an empty pool. They run into Sergey, who has Zoe captive. Sergey tells Zoe everything, and she cries. Fletcher attacks Sabrina, and they struggle sending Fletcher to fall headfirst into the empty pool with a stupid sounding “Argh!” (Wow! This guy can’t even die right.)

Zoe and Sabrina drive away. The end?????????

Side Note

Minority Report: None

Avoid this movie at all costs. Terrible. 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime


  1. I read all your synopsis articles. I like them but as a retired educator, your writing just seems to have a great amount of incorrect spelling and grammar. Having each synopsis proofread by an educated professional should really improve your writing.

    1. Thank you for reading and for being a teacher, I have so much respect for your profession! (Ummm, hello, Dorothy Zbornak!)

      I would actually hear this a lot in school. “Good content. Poor grammar/spelling” or “Go to the writing center.” My writing philosophy is write with reckless abandoned and fix the mistakes when you’re sober. (Haha)

      I use an AI proofreader but it is no comparison to a human! Please send me notes I’m always looking to improve and correct, especially on these older articles.

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