Jingle Around the Clock (2018 Hallmark Channel)

Jingle Around the Clock

Stars: Brooke Nevin and Michael Cassidy.

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

When Elle Bennet (Nevin) decides to reunite her college friends for a special Christmas celebration, her plans are thwarted by an opportunity at work she can’t pass up — spearheading a Christmas campaign relaunch to prove she’s ready for a career-altering promotion. Much to her surprise, she’s forced to team up with advertising campaign ‘fixer’ Max (Cassidy), who has a completely different take on the Holidays. But as Elle and Max work together and learn more about each other’s Christmas traditions, they unexpectedly find themselves falling for each other. With the help of a little Christmas magic, will Elle pull off the perfect Christmas reunion and find the love she’s been searching for?


Elle is planning a Misfit Christmas with her co-worker Jake and their friends at her friends coffee shop… It isn’t work related. Elle is trying to get a promotion and taking weekend work with her boss. She has a crush on coffee shop guy and they bump into each other while checking their emails on their phones.

At work her boss gives her an opportunity to work on a new ad before Christmas. On a call the next morning, Elle tries to convince Maxell (a NYC bigwig) to use social media to sell cookware. Her boss is so impressed she puts Elle and Max together on the ad. Turns out Max…. is COFFEE SHOP GUY!! (He is in Chicago helping his mom with her ornament stand.) They jump right into business talk and Elle tells him that he is a little to curt in correspondence. He is surprised by the feedback and in person is more easy to work with.

They make Christmas wreaths in some sort of competition to see who’s idea they are going with. Max wins and celebrities will endorse the cookware. (Including Julia Wise from Road to Christmas?!?! Mind blown.) Julia Wise has to back out because she is busying being surprised by her sons in another movie, but Max and Elle keep planning for the ad. They get closer and talk about their lives, Elle was raised by her Grandmother who died a few years ago and Max’s dad passed away but he has a big family and spends the holiday with them. (His sister, Oakley, is also helping plan the ad and the company holiday party.)

The next celebrity Rachel Richards also backs out. Elle and Max (and tagalong litter sister) are back at square one. They revamp the idea will make a series of videos with REAL people, starting with Elle. Her co-worker friend shows up to the shoot and talks Elle up and also falls in love with Oakley.

Cue montage of failed attempts of Elle making a video. She is cute and once she gets to the baking, she does a good job. No flour fight, which you know bums me out, but the recipe circle is up and running! Don’t forget Elle is up for the promotion and it turns out that Max is also up for the same promotion. They both want to be creative director.

Elle agreed to go help decorate Max’s family tree. (His mom invited her.) She attempts to back out but of going but Max insists. While decorating they have an adult conversation about being up for the same role and agree that the best person for the role should get the job. (Max does tell her that he would be fine if she got it and was his boss BTW, which is huge.) They all decorate. (including Oakley and co-worker.) The drink spiked cider, I never thought I’d see the day Hallmark acknowledged that booze exists.

After helping the mom with her website for her ornament making business, the family plus Elle and co-worker go outside and put presents in a sleigh our front. Fiona calls and wants Max and Elle to up their recipe circle. They put mom to work and the family makes green bean casserole in a montage. The videos will now feature traditional holiday recipes. The numbers are in and the campaign is a big success.

Mac asks Elle is she is dating her co-worker and she is like “Hell no!” They go skating around the smallest ice skating rink I’ve ever seen and almost kiss. They are interrupted by her misfit friends who invite them both to go caroling with them.

Caroling happens and the lips sync up!

Elle has the interview, Misfit Christmas, and the work holiday party all on the same day. Elle wakes up late and rushes to work, she is sad when she passes by her friends cafe because they are setting up for the misfit party. In the elevator ride to work Elle and Max hold hands and wish each other luck in the interview. Elle prepares all day for the interview but overhears Max talking in his interview and she thinks he is stealing her ideas. He doesn’t understand how she could think that about him. They have an argument. Turns out Max resigned from the company and was giving Elle a leg up for the interview.

In her interview. Elle is nailing it and then gets emotional after seeing social media pictures of her friends. She shares a more human side and wins the board over by relating to them on a personal level. She then excuses herself to spend time with the people that matter most to her.

Outside the office she runs into Max. Elle admits that she overreacted to what she heard and jumped to conclusions. They both apologizes and Max takes her to her friends, who are at the work holiday party. Max, Oakley and Elle’s friends set up a surprise. She is so happy and overwhelmed by everyone’s support. She renames Misfit Christmas to Family Christmas.(Cause she has no family.)

Max will be helping his mom with her business and staying in Chicago. Elle and Max kiss in the snow outside of the party.

Side Note

Minority Report: Fiona the boss (who was well written and more dynamic than normal POC roles), Kate, her husband, and baby. Elle’s other mysfit friend, Ryan. (Who may be gay?), board member.

Props to Zac Hug, who wrote three of these movies this year. If you are ever in Chicago, hit me up.(winky face.)

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄🎄 (4 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

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