A Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding (2018 Netflix)

A Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding

Stars: Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Alice Krige

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Synopsis (via Netflix)

A year after helping Richard get to the throne, Amber is about to become his wife. But is she really made to be queen?


We are right back in it with a traveling/relationship montage. Amber and Richard are long distance dating. It is almost like in Miss Congeniality 2 when Gracie Hart become famous… I hated that. Amber goes on talk shows, magazines, and inundated with paparazzi.

Back in Aldovia, Amber introduces her dad to everyone in the castle. He is a fish out of water and a New York stereotype. Cool! Princess Emily is still in a wheelchair, despite walking in the last movie. (If my memory serves me.)

Richard is caught up dealing with political things that I don’t understand, something about adding tech and money going missing. Amber has to stop her blog to keep up perfect royal appearances. Then we meet Sahil who speak in the third person, wears outlandish outfits, and is extremely rude to Amber’s dad. He is helping her plan the wedding. (He designs a wedding dress that looks like a martini glass!) I’m living for this villain.

Amber isn’t into the wedding planning and all the tradition. It just doesn’t feel like her. She facetimes with her friends from back home and they are appropriately jealous and unsympathetic to Amber’s royal people problems. Richard is also has royal people problems, the citizens don’t like his new ideas and PROTEST. WITH SIGNS!

Cousin Simon (who tried to take the crown last year) shows up and everyone gets angry close ups. He looks a mess and apologizes. He has bad intentions, but Richard says it is Christmas and he forgives him. Everyone literally rolls their eyes.

Amber talks to her dad over a Coney Island Dog and it is actually a touching moment about missing her mom at the holidays. When you add a wedding to that it is too much for her to handle. Her dad giver her a locket with a picture of her mom in it so she is with her this year. (What took him so long to give it to her?)

At a play rehearsal for Princess Emily is playing a princess and is about to kiss the cute boy (her opinion not mine.) when the lights are turned off. The workers at the theater have gone on strike because of Richards new changed. They kick everyone out and put a REALLY big lock on the door, haha. Looks like the play won’t be happening.  

We get some romance in this damn movie! After it snows Amber and Richard ride in a horse drawn carriage to pick out the perfect Christmas tree. We even get a cute series of them picking trees in the forest and Edward can’t see a difference. To add to the holiday things, since we haven’t gotten too many. The royals go tobogganing in real snow.

Amber is all in the Christmas spirit now, she invites Princess Emily’s class to perform the play at the castle and then decorate Christmas cookies at the palace. The cookies are a mess!! She is so happy she writes on her blog, but her friends tell her it has censored down by her handler. All the royal traditions are not making Amber and Richard happy. They take a official royal portrait and look miserable. (Sahil and the handler are pushing their agenda on them, but they can’t tell them how they really feel.)

Andy and Melissa (Amber’s friends arrive) they are there to party for a bachelorette party. She asks them to skip the party and help her figure out where all them missing money is going. They sneak around the palace and grab a Christmas card that had clues to someone who might have more details as to what is going on. They go to meet Earnest at a Pub. He lost his job and has been drowning his sorrows. Amber gets amazing notes which include the word “Medowlark” and “fishy” scribbled on a notepad. The paparazzi show up and Cousin Steven shows up to get them out of the bar quickly. He is now helping them crack the case. Finally we get a bachelorette party which includes Andy painting his big toe pink… that is it!

When Amber goes to Richard and her handler with her news. They are appalled that she has stepped out of line and doesn’t know her place. Richard doesn’t stand up for Amber and she has had enough. She goes missing.

Princess Emily tells her brother that he has been duped by his staff and they are embezzling money or something. They are also intentionally driving a wedge between him and Amber.

Richard goes to their cabin and finds Amber. She tells him that she can’t live in a fishbowl and he tells her he will sacrifice everything for her and wants her to not give up anything. The country needs them. They storm back to the palace and demand changes for the wedding. Protocall be damned. They also find the guy who was stealing and send him to the dungeon.

Christmas tree lighting happens and then a pitchy version of singing “Noelle” happens.

It is finally time for the wedding that we were promised. I’m not a fan of Christmas weddings because it is rude to have them. This one is pretty. Amber is herself and wears sparkly converse shoes.  They kiss and she is QUEEN! She even gets a red crown.

All the B-story lines wrap up and pair everyone off for some reason.

We get a ballroom dance and then a conga line? Oh boy.

Side Note

Minority Report: Sahil, Amber’s friends.

Blooper reel at the end needs to be a thing in all Christmas movies!

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷(3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Netflix

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