The Wrong Tutor (2019 Lifetime)

The Wrong Tutor  (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Vivica A. Fox, Nate Wyatt, Li Eubanks

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When star high school athlete Eric needs help with his school work, Emily convinces Eric’s mother Carol, that she is perfect tutor for her son but she has other reasons to that stem beyond helping him with his homework.


At a high school party, Eric, a varsity soccer player, and his girlfriend, Jes, are drinking. She gets too drunk, and he puts her to bed, but not before reciting the alphabet backwards to prove he can drive. He, of course, gets arrested and charged with a DUI.

At school, Eric is followed around by a blonde girl who takes pictures of him with her pink cell phone. She overhears Eric talking to the coach about needing help in Math so he can get a scholarship. 

Eric goes home to his mom, Ms. Vivica A. Fox, who is looking like she is all about business! She is going to be traveling for work and doesn’t approve of Jess for getting Eric a DUI. She goes in on Eric, and he tells her to leave him the hell alone… umm, I’m sorry, do not talk to Ms. Vivica A. Fox that way, Eric!


The girl that was following Eric is a transfer student named Emily. She offers to tutor him because he failed a test in their calculus class. She asks him to introduce her to his friends in exchange, and then they set a date to study. Emily walks off, and Eric shouts after her.

“Don’t you need my address?”

Emily keeps walking because she doesn’t need to know his address, she already does. Emily picks him up, and Eric tells her about his DU and opens up about his dad passing away. Emily tells Eric that she doesn’t have any parents, and she lives with her grandmother. After successful tutoring, Emily admits that she was spying on Eric and asked to be transferred into his class. Eric is not creeped out by this and thinks that Emily likes him. He tells her that he has a girlfriend and she says she knows. Then Emily watched Eric from his bedroom window and carves “Eric + Emily” in a heart on a tree.

The next day Jess and Eric invite Emily to lunch with them. Eric decides it is not a good idea, and Emily goes to leave. Then, she sees Jess take out an EpiPen and learns that Jess is allergic to bees. Emily goes home and makes out with a picture of Eric on her phone.

At another high school party, Eric is peer pressured into drinking by his friend, Tony, and Emily. Jess shows up at the party and judges him for drinking and THROWING HIS LIFE AWAY. Depressed and now drunk, Eric sits alone, and Emily sees her opportunity. They have more heart to heart conversation about losing parents. Then they kiss?!?! Eric stops the situation before it gets out of hand. He tells Emily that he is too drunk and shouldn’t have kissed her. Emily is offended and leaves the party, not before choking a boy named Tyler for hitting on her and calling him a “dead bitch.”

Emily stalks Eric a little more and then goes home and cuts Jess out of pictures with Eric and replaces them with her. 

The next morning, Emily picks up Eric like nothing happened. Eric tries to explain himself, and she asks him to forget it ever happened. They decide to keep their tutoring relationship going. Of course, Emily is lying and puts bees in Jess’ car, landing her in the hospital. Emily goes to visit Jess, and Eric is not into it. He tells Emily to leave him alone, and Jess is not her friend. Emily spins it around on Eric and gaslights him into thinking he is out of line.

Ms. Vivica A. Fox is back from her business and is chatting with Emily in their kitchen. Eric is creeped out and tells Emily to SERIOUSLY leave him alone. Then he wants to know what she and his mom were talking about. Ms. Vivica A. Fox loves Emily because she isn’t Jess. He catches Emily when she says Jess was stung by wasps… which she was. (But everyone else was saying bees.) He kicks her out of his house and his life. Emily leaves, but she steals his house key first. 

While Eric is out of the house, and Ms. Vivica A. Fox is away on business, Emily lets herself into their home. She walks around, REALLY slowly and smells his clothing and lies in his bed.

Eric tells Jess that he thinks Emily is behind the bees and that she has a crush on him. Jess isn’t surprised by the crush news or that he believes she was trying to killer her. Eric confesses to kissing Emily at a party. That is why he thinks she is doing all this. Jess is mad about the kissing and still doesn’t think Emily would try to kill her. Eric is overreacting. 

At nighttime (we know this because we hear an owl, haha.) Eric is sleeping, and Emily walks into his bedroom and stands over his bed. She strips down to her bra and panties and gets in bed with him. Eric wakes up and drags her out of bed. Emily tells him that they are destined to be together. He demands to have his key back and throws her out the front door.

Jackee Harry and the soccer coach sit down with Eric and tell him that Emily is accusing him of sexually harassing her. They tell him that they have to take the allegations seriously and that he should stay away from Emily. The coach shows Eric the report and then tells Emily that he takes the accusations very seriously. 

Jess looks up Emily’s social media and tracks down the boy who she used to date. The boy tells Jess that Emily wasn’t his girlfriend, she was his tutor. He then tells her that Emily took it to a stalking level, and he eventually had to call the police. Jess is happy to learn that Emily is dangerous, and her boyfriend isn’t crazy. (Emily witnesses the whole thing, and text the boy pretending to be Jess. She kills him in a park in the middle of the night.)

Ms. Vivica A. Fox gets a call from Emily. Emily tells Ms. Vivica A. Fox that her son and Jess are doing drugs. Ms. Vivica A. Fox finds the drugs in her house and talks with Eric. Eric tells his mom that Emily planted them and is trying to kill Jess. She tells him that he is delusional and a liar. 

Eric and Jess learn about Rob (Emily’s ex) being murdered. They decide to go to Emily’s house and sneak in to talk to the grandmother. They sneak around the house and realize Emily has been living alone, and her grandma is in a retirement home. As they are snooping on Emily’s laptop, they don’t hear that Emily has come home and has brought her knife. 

Emily won’t let them go. She doesn’t want Eric to leave her like her mom did. Then she calls Jess a bitch and tells Eric that he will never be safe from her. Emily promises that she will find them and runs off. The police show up and are of no help.

One year later, Emily is now named Jordan and has her eyes set on another high school jock.

Side Note

It is nice to see a male actor in the typical “gaslit female” role. 

Minority Report: Both romantic leads, Ms. Vivica A. Fox, Eric’s mom.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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