The Wrong Boy Next Door (2019 Lifetime)

The Wrong Boy Next Door  (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Vivica A. Fox, Calli Taylor, Travis Burns

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After troubled teen Katie is sentenced to house arrest, she falls for an attractive young man named John who has just moved in next door. While their affair seems harmless at first, Katie becomes increasingly convinced there’s more than meets the eye with John.


A boy sneaks around an abandoned house. A man named Franklin (Jason-Shane Scott, who, like Ms. Vivica A Fox is also in a lot of the wrong movies.) shows up and asks vague questions to the boy. The boy tells Franklin that he is done and “didn’t sign up for this.” I think they might be house flippers, but I’ve been watching a lot of HGTV. Franklin won’t let the boy leave and hits him in the head with a hammer.

Another boy moves to town, his name is John, and he becomes obsessed with a girl named Katie. Katie is a bad girl! She vapes on school property, drinks vodka from the bottle, and gets suspended. Ms. Vivica A Fox shows up, and this is playing a detective. Ms. Vivica A Fox works with Katie’s mom, who is super embarrassed and grounds Katie. 

Katie and her friend Sam talk about boys. Since Katie is on house arrest from her mom, she has nothing to do but stand on her front porch and ogle the boy next door lifting weights in nothing but his underwear. John lifts weights and grunts, and the camera pans on his body longer than necessary. I’m here for it, though! 

The next day, Katie ogles John while he is doing yard work. He catches her looking out the window and comes over to her house. They attempt to flirt with the following dialogue: 

Katie: “I’ll get you something to cool you off.”

John: “What if I prefer something.. Warmer?”

Katie: “You don’t miss a beat, do you?”

Terrible writing. At least John has his shirt off and is sweaty this whole scene. We learn that John is in town to take care of his grandma’s house and flipping it so he can earn enough money to go to college. Katie doesn’t want to talk about college and rubs his sweaty body while they make out on the kitchen counter. (Can I go on house arrest, please?) On his way out, John steals Katie’s keys, which are by the front door.

Later that night, after telling a neighbor that he will smash his face in, John keys into Katie’s house. He is almost caught by Katie’s mom, but isn’t and leaves… maybe one of the most pointless scenes I’ve seen in a Lifetime movie. The NEXT day, John breaks in again, and this time nobody’s home. He puts nanny cams around Katie’s house in clearly visible spots. Not the usual places; he puts one on the wine rack?

Back in school, Katie’s teacher asks her to not be on her phone in class. Katie is like “this phone?” and throws the phone at the teacher’s head. The principal and Ms. Vivica A. Fox tell Katie’s mom that she will have to be on a one-month house arrest or risk facing Jail time. Katie is upset that she is going to have to wear an ankle bracelet. (Truly, I’m so down for being house arrested and watching Lifetime all day.) Katie cannot leave the perimeter of the house for more than 60 seconds. Detective Vivica A. Fox shows them how the ankle bracelet works and gives her life advice because that is what Vivica A. Fox does. 

John is thrilled that Katie is on house arrest and watches her on his nanny cams set up around the house. While Katie is working with her tutor, John works out with his shirt off again. Sam comes over, and Katie tells her all about John and her “bitch tutor.” Katie is the worst. Sam’s boyfriend stops by, too, but John threatens him with a box cutter before he can even make it to the driveway. Sam leaves and tells Katie to be careful, little does she know.

At night, Katie overhears yelling. It is John and Frankie. Frankie wants to flip the houses faster and threatens that he will look for a new partner if he has to. Frankie is also not pleased about John hanging out with Katie. 

John keeps hanging out with Katie, tho! They make out on the couch, and Katie checks his phone while he goes to the bathroom. John is not pleased with Katie over this and yells at her. Then he is even less happy when she brings up the argument she overheard. 

Sam comes over and tells Katie that her boyfriend got threatened by John with a knife. Sam tells Katie to be careful again. Katie hatches a scheme and orders binoculars online. Since she can’t leave the house, Katie has Sam ask around the school to see if John Link as a student. Sam gets an old yearbook from a girl whose sister used to date him. The girls looks exactly like Katie.

The tutor comes by and tears Katie a new one over how bad she is doing at homeschooling. John watches the whole thing on his nanny cam. He then kills the tutor in her car for speaking down to his woman. John is creepily watching Katie sleep every night. Katie is doing some stalking of her own and keeping tabs on John with her new binoculars. She even sets a time for sixty seconds and runs over to his house to see if she can get in his apartment in time. She doesn’t and sets off her alarm.

Ms. Vivica A. Fox stops by to investigate and pretends she believes Katie’s lies. (She says she was gardening and must have stepped out of the boundaries.) They sit down, and Ms. Vivica A. Fox tells Katie that she sees a good girl in her somewhere and wants her to treat her mother and herself better. Taking her advice, Katie breaks it off with John.

John has messed up his relationship with Katie and his job with Frankie. When a prospective buyer comes to see the flipped house, and it isn’t ready, Frankie freaks out on him. John tells him that he doesn’t want to work with him anymore. Frankie tells John that he knows he killed people to get their houses and will use it as blackmail to keep him on the job.

Katie is still wanting to know what John is up to and send Sam over to investigate. At first, Sam finds nothing out of the ordinary, some weights and things. Then she finds the old lady’s room with Frankie’s dead body in the bed! Katie sees John coming home and tells Sam to get out, but Sam can’t. Sam hides by the body and makes a run for it once John leaves again.

Sam and Katie call Detective Vivica A. Fox, and she goes over to investigate. She doesn’t find the body, it is a mannequin in the bed. (Frankie, has been moved.) Ms. Vivica A Fox lectures Katie on the risks she is taking with her job investigating all of Katie’s theories. (Which are right.) Katie’s mom doesn’t believe her, either. 

In the middle of the night, Katie gets a call from her mom’s cell phone. He kidnapped her mother and is holding her hostage at the school. Katie breaks her house arrest and runs to the school. John admits to killing the tutor and to stalking her. Katie tells him that she understands why he is upset and asks him to come with her to the place they first met. John is super into the hard to get routine and follows her to another hallway. The cops show up because of Katie’s ankle bracelet. John tells her that he will find her, and she punches him in the face. John runs off before Ms. Vivica A. Fox can catch him.  

The movie ends with Ms. Vivica A Fox saying the title of the movie. “I guess you chose the wrong boy next door!” 

Side Note

Minority Report: Sam’s boyfriend. The principal and Ms. Vivica A. Fox

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives, extra knife for so much male shirtlessness.)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime


  1. Okay so I’m a little late to watching this one, but I’m trying to go through all your better rated movies. This one wasn’t bad, but had a lot of useless scenes like you mentioned. My one major thing about this movie was the OBVIOUS cameras he put up! Like if this was my house I’d see them immediately! Come on Lifetime lol

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