A Lover Scorned (2019 Lifetime)

A Lover Scorned  (2019 Lifetime)

Stars: Rose Bianco, Kody Christiansen, Emilie de Ravin

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Neglected housewife Brooke meets younger insurance salesman Jake and a steamy love affair ensues. Unsuspectingly Brooke is lured into a bloody plan of murder. As she unravels her partner-in-crime’s sociopathic tendencies, she’s forced to play the game of ultimate deception or become a victim herself.


Brooke is a housewife who just wants her husband, Steve, to love her. She works out alone in her large mansion and talks to her mom on the phone to keep her company. She finally gets a visitor when, Jake… (from State Farm?) stops by to inform her that her life insurance policy has been increased to 15 million dollars. (Because her husband would be so distraught if he died he wouldn’t be able to work.) While Brook signs the ipad (High tech, Lifetime!) Jake consumes her with his eyes and complements her. Jake has boyish good looks and a beauty mark. He realizes he is about to cross a line and leaves abruptly promising to never see her again. 

Finally out of the house, Brooke walks around town with her friends. (Who only talk about BJ’s and orgasms.) 

Jake gets out of the house too, to a gay bar?!? Then later a skate park?!?!

Brooke meets Jake to sign more papers, but it turns out to be a surprise date. He orders champagne and asks how Brooke would feel if Stevens died. He tells her that it is for insurance purposes, but I’m pretty sure it is because he wants to kill him for the money. Jake tells Brooke that he rented a room and asks her to come upstairs with him. 

Cut to a really silly sex scene with Brooke and Jake. (Lots of shots of Emilie de Ravin making O faces.) They are having a full blown affair. Including midday trist, talking about panties, oh and plotting Brooke’s husbands death.  

Brooke meets up with her BJ obsessed friends and tells them that she is planning on divorcing Steve for her new boytoy. They tell her that she should really rethink that decision. (One of the friends also has a TERRIBLE southern accent,) Brooke doesn’t take their advice and tells Steve that she wants a divorce. He begs her to stay with him and promises to make more time for her. They go to a mountain resort to get away for the weekend

The weekend doesn’t go as planned. Jake shows up and tells Brooke to take a hiking trail and he will kill her husband. Brooke goes to bed and Steven stands outside alone, until Jake walks up and the KISS!!!! Steve and Jake are lovers and they are going to kill Brooke on the hiking trail. 

While hiking, Steve makes up an excuse to go back. (He forgot his headphones.) Brooke is left alone to traverse on the WORST GREEN SCREEN I HAVE EVER SEEN OF MOUNTAINS. Brooke runs into Jake on a cliff and asks him if he did it. We don’t see what happens and then we get Steve and Jake standing on the same cliff talking about the money. Brooke pops out and argues with Steve about betraying her. Brooke and Steve stand by the edge and Jake has to make a decision, he pushes Steve off the cliff and makes it look like an accident.

 Jake and Brooke cool off their relationship while the detectives look into Steve’s death. Wong, Jake’s boss, thinks that he is sleeping with Brooke and hires a detective to look into it.

After his funeral, Brooke looks on Steve’s ipad and finds a sex tape he made with Jake. She saves it to a flash drive and hides it in some cereal. She then runs around town in park sunglasses while being trailed, poorly, by the detective. Brooke loses the detective and meets Jake at a church. They have sex in the church by some stained glass and THEN she confronts him about having sex with her husband. Jake responds but I truly don’t understand what is happening in this movie anymore. Something with insurance and a man in a black mask? IDK!

The detective shows up to Brooke’s house with a search warrant. The police find nothing but Brooke’s BJ obsessed friend shows up and tells her that she is pregnant with Steven’s child. The BJ friend wants the insurance money for her future son. 

Brooke just bakes cookies and brings them to her back accent friends house in a ploy to lure BJ friend over. She gives BJ friend half a million dollars and drug laced cookies? Brooke has some master plan but it is taking too long to pan out and I honestly don’t care.

This movie is so complicated and confusing. The overly loud background music did not help. 

Jake breaks into Brookes house with a gun. She calls the police and records his conversation with her. She gets him to confess everything and then she shoots him with her gun? (WTF?) As jake dies, Brooke tells him that she loved him. 

Brooke gives the sex tape to the police and the recorded confession. She is smug with the police and plans a trip to vegas. Brooke give her maid a bunch of money. Before she leaves her trip Wong shows up at her place. She tells him that whatever he thinks she did, she did. What that is, I couldn’t tell you.  

Side Note

If Steve and Jake actually killed Brooke, this movie would be a total “Pour it Up.”

Minority Report: Wong, Jake’s Boss, the detective, the maid.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪   (2 Knives, I added and extra knife for gay content)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime


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