VC Andrews’ Fallen Hearts (2019 Lifetime)

VC Andrews’ Fallen Hearts  (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Annalise Basso, Jason Priestley, Chris William Martin

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Based on the third book, “Fallen Hearts” follows Heaven (Annalise Basso), now happily married and ready to settle back in her hometown. But after a trip to Farthinggale Manor, Heaven is persuaded to stay. Lured by her grandfather Tony Tatterton (Jason Priestley) to live amidst the wealthy and privileged Heaven seems to have it all until the ghosts of her past rise up once more, threatening her precious new life.


Are we REALLY doing this again? Why am I watching these movies? I hate them… does anyone like these?

We get some flashes of what happened in the previous movies. Heaven is living with her grandfather (who I don’t remember ever seeing.) back in the cabin. The grandfather thinks his wife is still alive, and Heaven pretends to go along with it. She finds out that her father sold her and her siblings when they were younger and enacts her revenge. She dresses up in her mother’s wedding dress and goes to the circus. (her family works for the circus if you forgot.) Her father is so distracted when he sees Heaven that he leaves the lion cage open. The lion gets out and kills Tom, Heaven’s brother, and it is all her fault. As he dies, he begs her to forgive their father.

 Heaven is now reunited with her father and sister at the funeral for Tom. Heaven meets her father’s new son, Drake. She also makes enemies with her sister, Fanny, for not getting Fanny’s daughter back. Logan is back again, and he is still putting the moves on Heaven. He asks her to marry him again, this time in a barn. Heaven says yes, and I think I’m supposed to care. 

Wedding planning happens, and Heaven is upset that her father RSVPed no to their wedding. She also gets a rejection from Tony, her step-grandfather. Tony would like to throw them an engagement party, but we never see that because the wedding happens? I think?

Just married, Logan and Heaven visit Tony’s mansion, new pool, and hedge maze. Heaven has memory flashes of her and Troy’s scandalous affair. (He is her uncle, let’s not forget.) Jillian, Heaven’s grandmother, isn’t doing well (but still drinks martini’s!) She mistakes Heaven for her daughter. She wanders around their fancy mansion, confusing time, and people. Jillian even mistakes Heaven and Logan’s fancy party for her and Tony’s wedding, and all the party-goers look at her sadly. (I’m just looking at her martini and wanting one.) Later, Jillian kills herself by taking a bunch of pills. No one care.

Fanny is putting the moves on Logan, and Heaven catches her. They argue, and Fanny places doubts in Heaven’s mind about her relationship with Logan. Something else places doubts in Heaven’s mind when she is walking alone in the hedge maze. She sees Troy… ALIVE.

Troy tells Heaven that he faked his death because they cannot be together. Then they, of course, have sex. (VC Andrews’ is messed up.) The next morning Heaven and Troy say goodbye. She cannot continue the relationship with Troy because she is married… oh, and also he is her uncle. (WTF!)

Apparently, everyone in this series is garbage, because we then find out that Logan had an affair with Fanny. Fanny is pregnant with Logan’s baby. Heaven doesn’t know if she can forgive Logan but goes to her mother’s grave to talk it through. She realizes that she can forgive him because she has also had an affair and will never tell him.

The couple agrees to move on and pay Fanny money to raise the baby as long as she is quite about the truth of who the father is. Fanny demands to get paid more for lying. She asks for $2,500 a month. In the literal next scene, Heaven learns that she is pregnant too.

Luke, Heaven’s father, and his wife died in a car crash. She inherits Drake and adopts him. Drake moves into the mansion with Tony. Heaven goes through Tony’s office and finds out that he kept Luke away from Heaven’s wedding. Tony bought the circus and sold it to Luke for a dollar in exchange for writing off his daughter so Tony would have her all to himself. Heaven storms off, and Tony chugs a bottle of whiskey. In a drunken stooper, Tony tries to sleep with Heaven. She beats the shit out of him and tells him that she will never come back.

 Fanny turns Drake against Heaven and plans to get custody of him from Heaven. Heaven and Fanny go to court. Great, a legal drama. Fanny takes the stand in leopard and pregnant as hell. She also confesses that Logan got her pregnant and paid her to keep it a secret. She also comes clean about the reverend getting her pregnant and Heaven abandoning her. Heaven’s lawyer calls the reverend to the stand to assassinate Fanny’s character. It almost works, but Fanny tells the lawyer that Heaven is not even related to them and will get legal custody. 

Before court, Heaven offers to give Fanny one million dollars for custody of Drake. Fanny tells Heaven that no one has ever loved her, but agrees to take the money. For some reason, they agree to be sisters even though they aren’t blood-related. They have their babies on the same day. Annie and Luke.

Annie receives a package. Inside the box is a wooden replica of a cabin Troy and Heaven conceived her in. Heaven promises to give her daughter a better life. If VC Andrews has anything to say about it, it won’t be.

Side Note

I feel like these actors are getting worse and worse as the series goes on. 

Minority Report: Still not one POC in this series. Not one. 

Incest and rape should not be plot devices.

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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